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2023 Guide: Hair Weave Length Chart

2023 Guide: Hair Weave Length Chart

Last updated date Tue Nov 21 2023 By William Brown

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To avoid miscommunication with your hairstylist of hair weave supplier, it is best to know the hair weave length chart, how to measure weaves, and the weave hair lengths in the market. This way, you can keep your options open while choosing the right hair weave for you.

How To Measure Weave Hair Lengths

Wavy or Curly Hair Weave

Straight, wavy, and curly hair weaves are never the same length in the weave hair length chart. That's why knowing how to measure your weave hair is essential.

To measure wavy or curly hair weave correctly and accurately, make sure to stretch your hair weave from root to tip. First, grab your hair weave and comb it. Combing your hair weave helps with stretching your weave without unwanted damage.

Next, grab a tape measure or a ruler next to your hair weave. Flat lay your hair weave and gently stretch it from root to tip, making sure you are keeping tabs on the measuring tape. You can also read about curly hair length chart from us to know more about measuring process.

Straight Hair Weave

Technically speaking, a straight hair weave is much longer than wavy and curly hair in any weave hair length chart. Since it is straight from root to tip, it's easier to measure as it is. When measuring a straight hair weave, all you need is to lay your weave hair flat and grab a measuring tape next to it. As easy as that.

It is best to keep in mind that when ordering a hair weave with texture, especially if you want to try a wavy hair weaver, always add at least an inch or two longer. If you want a curly hair weave, be sure to add at least a four to six inches allowance to cover your desired hairstyle. Moreover, you can also refer to out hair wig length chart before getting one to make sure that you get the right choice.

As you probably know, there are numerous kinds of hair extension lengths for you to choose from in the hair weave length chart. Following the hair weave chart, there are three classifications of weave hair lengths: short, medium, and long weave hair lengths. Aside from that, if we refer to the weave hair chart, lengths commonly start at 8 inches and go up to 32 inches.

Let's talk about the three classifications of weave hair lengths, their differences, how many bundles you need to use to achieve your full-on hair weave, and other unique characteristics of each classification in the weave hair length chart.

Do you know what weave hair lengths are most sought during summertime in the hair weave length chart? Yes, the short weave hair. During the sticky and icky time of the year when everyone's enjoying their free time on the beach, you will see countless women flaunting their short hair.

Let's start with the short weave hair lengths. If we refer to the weave hair chart, weave hair lengths start at 8 inches up to 14 inches under the short hair classifications. This hair weave typically around your neck area if the weave texture is straight but isn't over the shoulder, according to the hair weave length chart.

Short Weave Hair Lengths (8-14 inches)

Characteristics of Short Weave Hair According to the Hair Weave Length Chart:

If you know the hair weave length chart, then you know that one of the most well-loved characteristics of short weave hair is that it gives your hair a fuller and bouncier look. Aside from that, short weave hair lengths aren't prone to tangles and are easier to manage and maintain, unlike longer weave hair.

One of the advantages of short weave hair lengths is its ability to highlight your best features, and it is always almost perfect for every face shape. Short hair gives a nice youthful, and energetic feel.

Do you want to know if short weave hair lengths are flexible? The answer is yes, don't underestimate short hair's capability to re-create countless hairstyles like curly short bob, and wavy blunt cut, and the classic of all, pixie cut. Especially now that summer is ready to stay, it's best to keep your hair fun and bouncy as you enjoy the rest of your summer.

If you want to opt for short weave hair lengths, two to three bundles of weave hair are usually enough to cover a full-on hair weave.

Investing in weave hair means knowing every detail about your chosen weave. It might sound so simple, but if you look at it from a new perspective, it's not just about the perfect hair weave. A rule of thumb in hair weave length chart: when choosing hair weave is not to add too much length than your natural hair.

Of course, it's already given that you would want to add length. But sometimes, doing so doesn't provide a justification for your desire. If you have naturally short hair, maybe opting for medium weave hair will help you achieve your dream look. Medium weave hair lengths are around 16 inches up to 22 inches or 40 cm to 55 cm in the hair weave length chart.

Medium Weave Hair Lengths (16-22 inches)

Characteristics of Medium Weave Hair According to the Hair Weave Length Chart:

This weave hair length isn't too short or too long, a perfect choice if you want to enhance your natural hair without complicated hairstyles or aftercare. Typically, straight medium weave hair lengths are around your armpit. When it comes to styling, this weave hair don't really limit the recreating styles.

If you are after the bouncy and thicker weave hair look, then medium weave lengths are the best option for you. It suits and blends well with natural hair and creates a voluminous look. Since it's not too short or too long, tangle free is possible with less hassle in aftercare.

If you are considering medium weave hair lengths, you only need at least 4 to 5 hair bundles to get the bouncy and voluminous look.

Last on our list would be the long weave hair lengths. If we refer to the weave hair chart, long weave hair start at 24 inches up to 32 inches, around 60 cm to 80 cm. According to the weave hair length chart, long weave hair lengths are around the waist area, which is pretty long.

Long weave hair lengths have been one of the most popular in the hair industry for years. No woman can resist not flaunting their healthy, voluminous, and bouncy long hair. Not to mention, long hair is timeless. You won't have any problem when it comes to recreating hairstyles since you have a longer mane to accommodate countless hairstyles.

Long Weave Hair Lengths (24-32 inches)

Characteristics of Long Weave Hair According to the Hair Weave Length Chart:

If you ask me, long weave hair lengths are the most flexible hair lengths there are. Since there is almost no limit in terms of hairstyles and even haircuts, you can enjoy the perks of having a long mane. However, since you have long hair, your hair is prone to tangles, shedding, and becoming fluffy.

Not to mention, complex aftercare is a must if you want your long hair to look natural and healthy. There will also be recommended hair products specifically for long hair weaves that you must use. Other than that, you can still enjoy your beautiful long hair.

If you are considering longer weave hair, you will need five to seven hair weave bundles to achieve the desired fullness and natural look.

Weave Hair Length Chart

After knowing how to properly and accurately measure different weave hair lengths and the popular weave hair lengths. Weave hair length chart is a type of hair extension length chart. It is only fitting to know the hair weave length chart. Focusing on the weave hair chart, this is where you will definitely know what the differences in lengths between a straight, wavy, and curly hair weave are.

Not having an ounce of a clue where your weave hair stops contributes to your confusion. Learning each length and different hair weave textures will come in handy in your next salon visit. We will focus on three weave hair textures in this hair weave length chart: straight, wavy, and curly.



The Weave Hair Lengths

Straight Hair

Wavy Hair

Curly Hair




Below the ear

Above the ear





Below the ear





Below the ear



Upper back






Upper back




Shoulder blades


Upper back



Mid back

Shoulder blades




Mid back”

Mid back

Shoulder blades



Lower back

Mid back

Mid back



Lower back

Lower back

Mid back




Lower back

Lower back





Lower back







Nothing can beat the feeling of confusion and possible regret when choosing the best-suited weave hair length for you. That is why knowing the weave hair chart and the differences between lengths of hair weave proves a vital role in making you feel at ease without having an instant regret right after.

Weave length is just as important as the texture, as it depends on these two how your weave will naturally blend with your natural hair. Let our hair weave length chart help you in your future hair journey. Have a nice hair day!

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William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.


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