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Which Is The Best Hair Dye For Brazilian Weave And Hair?

Which Is The Best Hair Dye For Brazilian Weave And Hair?

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Fri Oct 15 2021

Often, people buy hair that is either Brazilian or a different color than their natural hair. Since most women don’t know the best hair dye for Brazilian weave, it could be a problem. Often people love hair extensions that have colors similar to their natural hair. Thus, you need to know the best option for dyeing or coloring the hair. If we follow the popular opinion of the professionals, then everyone must avoid dyeing their weaves at home by themselves. The fact is there are a lot of things that can go wrong and damage the extensions. Thus, you must contact a hairstylist who knows the best way to dye Brazilian weaves.

Should We Dye The Weaves At Home?

Although dyeing the weaves can be risky, the process becomes easier when we follow the best tips shared on the internet by experts. Thus, you can dye the extensions, and the process is not as difficult to learn as rocket science.

If you want to dye the Brazilian weaves, we explain the best ways to achieve the desired result. The reason for dyeing could be a want to change the look for the summer. Some people choose to dye Brazilian weaves because they want them to look natural, just like their actual hair color. It doesn’t matter the reason; you will require certain things before starting the dyeing process.

4 Best Hair Dye For Brazilian Weave

1 - Garnier Nutrisse

This dye comes from a popular brand Garnier. You don’t have to compromise on the quality. This dye provides an even and natural-looking color to the extensions.

2 - L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference

L’Oreal has brought the best hair dye for women who like to wear Brazilian weaves. There are more than 50 shades you can choose from. Moreover, this dye makes the hair shiny and soft.

3 - Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Color

If you are looking for a hair dye that is not too costly, then Revlon hair dye is the best option. You can apply this hair on the hair weaves and the natural hair to get the best result.

4 - GarnierOlia Bold

Those who want the hair dye to last after several washes should use this hair dye offered by Garnier. This hair dye is a permanent solution for people who are looking for ammonia-free hair dye.

What To Use With The Best Hair Dye For Brazilian Weave?

1 - Hand Gloves

The ingredients mixed in the dye include chemicals that can change the color of your nails. Moreover, these dyes can affect your skin. These dyes include harsh chemicals that can cause serious reactions. One must wear a pair of plastic gloves so that their hands stay protected.

2 - Foil

You won’t place the Brazilian weave on the floor or table while applying dye. Thus, you should get foils to place weaves. If you want to use a foil given from a store, it is not a bad idea. However, we recommend you use hairdressing foils as an alternative.

3 - Mixing Bowl and Applier

You should add the bleaching powder or dye to the mixing bowl. Applier is required for the application process of the dye on the weaves.

4 - Comb, Brushes

Once you have applied the dye completely on the weaves, take a comb or brush to spread the dye on each strand of the hair thoroughly. This process is important to get even and natural-looking hair.

5 - Hair Products

The essential hair products required for the dyeing process are shampoo, conditioner, dye color, and its developer. However, you will need to add bleach to this list if the desired result is lighter than the actual color. In simple terms, you should add every hair care product used for natural hair to this list.

6 - Old Towels

Since the process will include washing the weaves, you will need towels to remove extra moisture. Moreover, you have to place the extensions on the towel to let it air-dry.

7 - Brazilian Hair

We can’t forget to mention the main accessory required in the entire process. You will need Brazilian hair to dye and get the desired color.

How To Dye Brazilian Hair?

Firstly, you need to get the best hair dye for Brazilian weave. Then, follow the steps mentioned below to get the desired result.

Detangle And Wash

If you want to dye or simply wear the weave, detangling is the first step that shouldn’t be skipped. Take a wide-toothed comb and untangle and remove any knots that might cause problems during the dyeing process. Continue combing the hair until it turns smooth. In case you are not using virgin hair, the weaves must be washed properly.

You need to remove every buildup from the extensions that might be caused because using hair care products. If you dye the extensions without removing buildup from previous uses, it might block the dyeing procedure and give an uneven result.

Mix It Up

After preparing the dye and developer, you have to blend them and create a light solution. The quantity of the dye or bleach will decide the appropriate quantity for the developer. Additionally, you have to determine the consistency based on the length of Brazilian hair that needs to be dyed.

For long Brazilian hair, you have to stir the solution until the consistency becomes light. It is important to note that the developer and dye after getting mixed are potent for only 30 minutes. If you apply the solution after 30 minutes, it won’t be as effective in providing the result. Thus, you must be ready to apply after mixing the developer and dye.


Something worth remembering is those who want to get lighter and brighter colors should first bleach the hair. Those who want to turn the extensions darker can skip the bleaching process.

Bleaching Process

Firstly, mix the bleaching powder in a bowl with its developer. The length of extensions will decide the quantity of bleaching powder. Measure the bleaching powder using a spoon. Add the same amount of the developer in the bowl. Mix the ingredients thoroughly. Wear hand gloves to protect the hands from harsh chemicals.

Place the Brazilian hair on the foil paper. Make sure the strands are curled or include any knots. The extension should be smooth for the application process. Start applying a generous amount of bleach from the tips of the hair extension. Leave it dry. The time will depend on the desired result. You should rinse the hair extension after 15-30 minutes using cool water. Leave it to air dry.

Dyeing The Weave

If you want to color only the tips, tie the hair using a rubber band to make the application process easier. Place the Brazilian hair on the foil paper. You should ensure the hair strands are smooth and untangled before applying the best hair dye for Brazilian weave. Use an applier to put a generous amount of dye from the bowl directly on the strands that need to be colored.

The weave should be saturated before you plan to comb the hair strands. Once the hair extensions have been immersed in the dye, you can brush the strands. Additionally, flip the hair extension to ensure the dye has been properly applied on the opposite side. Leave it for 45-60 minutes before rinsing it using cool running water.

Use a towel to remove excess water from the extensions gently. Place the extensions on an old towel so that it dries quickly. You should be delighted after getting the desired color of hair extension.


We hope now you understand about the best hair dye for Brazilian weave. You must be ready with products before starting the dyeing process. If you want lighter or brighter hair extensions, make sure first to bleach the weave.

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