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How Long Does A Wig Install Last

How Long Does A Wig Install Last

Fashion Blog Tue Jan 16 2024

Wigs have become a popular and flexible accessory, letting people to express themselves via different hairstyles without making permanent alterations. Wig installations have gained popularity in the beauty business for a variety of reasons, including fashion, medical needs, and personal taste. One popular query is, "How long does a wig installation last?" The answer to this question is dependent on various aspects that determine the longevity of a wig installation.

How Long Can A Wig Install Last On Your Head?

A wig installation might last anywhere from one to six weeks. After that, you'll have to uninstall your wig and reinstall it from scratch. If you're wondering why there isn't a definite timeline for wig installation lifespan, stay reading since various factors influence how long your wig installation will endure.

How the wig was installed

The duration a wig install lasts largely depends on the installation method used. There are various methods; each method has its own set of pros and cons, and the longevity of the install can vary accordingly.
Glue or Adhesive: Wig installs using glue can last from one to two weeks. The duration depends on factors like scalp oiliness, climate, and the quality of the adhesive used.
Tape: Wig install using wig tape typically last between two to four weeks. The strength and quality of the tape play a crucial role in determining how well it adheres to the scalp.
Clips: Clip-in wigs offer the flexibility of daily application and removal. The longevity of clip-in installs depends on how frequently they are worn and how well they are maintained.
Sew-in: Sewn-in wigs are more durable and can last for several weeks. However, proper maintenance and regular care are essential to maximize their lifespan.
How the wig was installed

Quality of the wig

The quality of the wig itself has a big impact on how long the installation will endure. Wigs made of real human hair or superior synthetic fibers typically last longer than lower-quality alternatives. The wig's structure, density, and general craftsmanship help it resist daily wear and tear.

How much you sweat

If you use wig glue for your wig installation, the lifespan of the wig will be diminished every time you sweat excessively. So, if you sweat a lot, your wig will probably not last as long as the normal person's. To increase the life of the wig installation, consider using waterproof wig glue.

How To Make Your Wig Install Last Longer

When you have your wig installed, you're probably wondering how to maintain it in place for as long as possible. Unfortunately, if you don't take strategic precautions to make your installation endure longer, it won't look as good. This section will provide you with some useful suggestions to help you slay in your unit for as long as possible between installations.

Carefully brush your wig

When brushing or combing your wig, use one hand to keep the lace down. This will lessen the amount of stress on the lace, making your wig less likely to lift prematurely.
Carefully brush your wig

Avoid tangles

When your wig becomes tangled and knotted, you must comb it. The more knots you have, the longer it takes to comb. Every time you comb your wig, you risk accidently pulling the lace and loosening your wig install. So, it's best to limit the likelihood of your wig tangling.
Make sure your wig is completely dry before going to bed. Sleeping in a damp wig might result in knots in your hair. Wrap up your wig at night. Allowing your wig to flow freely at night while it is tossed and twisted can make it simpler to knot.

Minimize moisture exposure

For wigs installed using waterproof glue or adhesive, there is no need to prevent dampness to protect your installation. However, if the adhesive or glue you used is not waterproof, moisture is your biggest enemy. In that case, avoid strenuous activities and always put on a shower cap before getting into the shower. When your body temperature rises and you suspect you're going to sweat, calm down to avoid ruining your installation.


In conclusion, the lifespan of a wig install varies based on several factors. Understanding these factors and adopting proper care routines can help individuals maximize the duration of their wig install, ensuring a longer-lasting and enjoyable experience.

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