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Deep Wave vs Water Wave: What’s The Difference?

Deep Wave vs Water Wave: What’s The Difference?

Fashion Blog Fri Jun 30 2023

Nowadays, deep wave vs water wave has been getting much attention worldwide, especially for women with textured hair. Both waves may look the same, but the deep wave and water wave have distinct differences that set them apart. Let’s uncover the water wave vs deep wave, their importance, and differences, shall we?

What Is Deep Wave Hair?

Deep wave is a hairstyle that has a classic tight curl. When comparing deep wave hairstyles side by side with body waves or loose waves, you can easily see that deep wave texture is tighter. The gap between the two waves is about 0.4 inches.

What Is Deep Wave Hair?

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Characteristics of Deep Wave Hair

1. Wave Pattern:

Deep wave hair is a stunning and versatile hairstyle that has gained immense popularity in recent years. Characterized by its tight curl and distinct S-shaped waves, you won’t confuse deep waves with other textures because of their volume and dimension. With its resemblance to ringlets, the deep wave hair pattern offers a unique and eye-catching look that is sure to turn heads.

Whether you have naturally curly hair or are looking to achieve this captivating style using heat tools or extensions, understanding the characteristics of the deep wave pattern is essential. From its ability to hold curls for an extended period to its ability to create a soft and bouncy effect, this hairstyle allows for endless styling possibilities.

2. Easy to Maintain

The deep wave is perfect for you if you don’t have the time and energy to spare the extra mile for a hair weave. Deep wave only needs a little of your time to maintain its bouncy curls. Here is how you maintain deep wave hair.

Focusing on deep wave vs water wave, in a deep wave, all you need is to wash it, finger-comb it, then your curls will look as voluminous as ever.

3. Hair Length

As a result of the high demand, deep-wave hair is sold in Africa and the US in many lengths, from 10 inches to 32 inches. As the reports of some top vendors, the popular length is around 12-18 inches.

4. Longevity of Deep Wave Hair

Deep wave hairstyles can hold form very well. However, the longevity also depends on how well you treat your hair. To get the best performance and remain in the deep wave form, take care of your hair properly.

What is a Water Wave Hair?

The name already gives away its texture. So, a water wave is a wave that flows just like water. This wave is known to be sleek and effortless to style and maintain. Water wave hair is pleasing to the eye and has more relaxed locks than other hair textures. You can compare a water wave to a beach wave.

What is a Water Wave Hair?

Characteristics of Water Wave Hair

1. Wave Pattern

Water wave hair is a popular choice for those seeking a loose and natural-looking hairstyle. The pattern of water wave hair mimics the ripples formed in water, giving your locks a soft and effortless appearance. When we come to compare deep wave vs water wave, you can see curl texture of the water wave is looser and the volume is bigger.

2. Luxurious and Thick Strands

Water wave requires fewer strands of human hair to give a fuller and more voluminous look. Since water wave uses 100% healthy human hair, you won’t need much to achieve your desired look. Aside from that, water wave gives a natural look that blends perfectly with any hair texture.

3. Durability

Water wave hairstyles have gained immense popularity due to their ability to stay intact for extended periods of time, making them a go-to choice for individuals seeking long-lasting and hassle-free styles. The durability of water waves depends on the maintenance and quality of raw hair. If you take care of the water wave well, it can last for 5 -7 weeks.

4. Volume and Body

Water wave hair is absolutely stunning with its voluminous and full-bodied appearance. The waves bring a whole new dimension to your locks, making them come alive with depth and movement. It's like having your own personal red carpet moment, as those gorgeous waves add a touch of glamour and a bounce that's simply irresistible.

Deep Wave vs Water Wave: Which One Suits You?

Many people are confused when choosing deep wave vs water wave. Technically, there’s no better answer to this question than your “personal preference.” It’s all about what look you want to have; do you want to look younger or look like a stunning lady? There’s no right and wrong answer. It all depends on the outcome you want.

Based on your face shape and your style, you can choose your own best one. A deep wave is for women who has a round shape face, oval shape face, or heart-shaped face. While water wave is better on the diamond face and square face. Moreover, people with sexy styles are more likely to choose deep wave hair.

Deep wave is a complicated style. To get that wonderful hairstyle, you have to carry out many processes. As a result, you have to pay more to hairstylists to get deep wave hair.

Deep wave vs water wave: which one is for a busy woman? If you are a busy woman, you can choose a water wave, which doesn’t require much. You don’t need to spend a large amount of time on this hair to have a natural-looking appearance.

Deep Wave vs Water Wave: Which One Suits You?

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Did we finally clear the air about the question “Is deep wave and water wave the same,” and have we answered the difference between deep wave and water wave? There are more kinds of waves other than the two hair waves we’ve discussed in our deep wave vs water wave guide.

Hopefully, you finally understood the difference between water wave and deep wave, the differences in features and benefits, and the difference in looks. Familiarizing yourself with deep wave vs water wave will help you choose your future wave.

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