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Here Is How You Should Maintain Deep Wave Weave

Here Is How You Should Maintain Deep Wave Weave

Fashion Blog Fri May 14 2021

Wavy hair is always attractive in its way. Many women choose to have deep waves weave these days, as it always looks trendy and beautiful on anybody. Different types of deep wave weaves are available to purchase, and anybody can style their hair with these attractive wavy hair patterns.

Most commonly used deep wave weaves include Vietnamese deep wave hair, Cambodian deep wave hair, Malaysian deep wave hair, and Peruvian deep wave hair. The key reason why many women select this type of weave is because of the natural look it offers. Now, let us see more about how to maintain the deep wave weave to last longer.

What Is a Deep Wave Weave?

This is a type of hair that comes with natural-looking voluminous waves. Deep wave hair can give a beautiful, healthy appearance with much sheen. With deep wave hair, you can style your hair the way you want. If you take good care of the deep wave hair, it can last for 12 months which is a great advantage.

Benefits Of Using Deep Wave Hair

When choosing a hair extension, women might look for the best option available. Everybody wants their hair extensions to last long and would want to have a natural look. Moreover, the hair extension should give full coverage that also offers more volume and shine. Generally, this is what every woman looks for in hair extensions. 

Deep wave hair comes with healthy cuticles and ends. Thus there is no need to worry about the hair getting tangled too much. Deep wave hair is the healthiest hair extension you can find in the market. The deep wave weave looks shiny, and at the same time, it is thick. Any woman with diverse ethnic origins can choose deep wave hair to suit every woman beautifully.

How To Maintain Deep Wave Weave?

Now, let us discover some of the tips and techniques you can try to maintain your deep-wave hair.

Washing Your Deep Wave Hair

It is imperative to consider a few aspects when you wash your deep-wave hair. Before you wash your hair, make sure to comb your hair with a large-tooth comb to remove any tangles if present. When you choose a shampoo, try to get a chemical-free shampoo that does not make your hair very dry. Put on the shampoo all over your hair and wash your hair with water until the water runs clear. 

You can also try to pre-condition your hair before washing to reduce the drying time. But it is your choice. It is very important to use a good conditioner to give your hair more moisture and shine. Take some moisture-rich conditioner and apply it all over your hair in a downward motion. Always use your fingers to smear the conditioner onto your hair. Leave the conditioner on for at least 10 minutes.

Rinsing The Deep Wave Hair

Rinsing your hair is important to remove excess oil, dirt, and any product build-up. Run the water through your hair in a downward motion and use your fingers to rinse slowly. While rinsing, if you feel that some portion of the hair needs more moisture, then apply a little more conditioner wherever required. Rinse off all the conditioner from your hair. The water should not be slimy, and it should run clear. Till then, wash your hair properly.

Use Of Leave-IN Conditioner

After washing your hair, you can use a leave in conditioner to keep your deep wave hair shinier and moisturized. Usually, this is up to you to choose. It is not a compulsory step, but if you feel that your hair is a little dry, you can surely try some leave-in conditioner. Using it can surely help in reducing tangles, and you will get more defined waves.

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Brushing The Deep Wave Hair

Always remember that you should not use a paddle brush to comb your deep-wave hair. If you use that, your waves will automatically become loose. Also, a fine-tooth comb is not recommended for deep wave weaves.

It is suggested to use a wide-tooth comb to brush your deep wave hair to style it the way you want with those waves unharmed. Since your deep wave hair extension comes with lace closure, always start brushing your hair from the tips. Then you can gently brush your hair up to the roots.

How To Care For Your Deep Wave Weave While Sleeping Or Working Out

If you are using a cotton pillow cover, then cover your hair with a silk scarf. Else, there are high chances of losing the natural shine of your deep-wave hair. Using a silk pillow cover can eliminate this problem. Moreover, when you work out, try to cover your hair with a silk cloth or scarf.

Other Tips to Maintain your Deep Wave Hair

Before fixing the deep wave hair extensions, get some advice from your stylist. Do not ignore washing and conditioning your hair regularly. Always detangle your hair before washing, and try not to twist or rub your hair too much as it can spoil those beautiful waves.

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. You can try to swish your hair in a solution of shampoo and cool water to clean your hair to avoid more rinsing on the waves. Using a town, remove any excess water from your hair and leave your hair to dry naturally.

You can comb your wet hair with your fingers rather than using a comb. Once your hair is all dried up, use a comb. Besides, do not comb your dry hair often, as it can damage your deep-wave hair.


If you are using deep wave hair for the first time, you will surely have many doubts about its care and maintenance. I hope this guide on deep wave weave has given you ample information on how you can take it to last for a longer time. Since the deep wave hair extensions are original human hair, you can look after it just like your natural hair. 

Too much heat is not good for the hair, so if you are stepping out during hot summer, always cover your hair with a silk cloth. Moreover, if you want to dye your hair, you must consult your professional stylist to choose the right products. 

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