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How To Take Care Of Curly Hair - Ways To Manage & Keep It Healthy

How To Take Care Of Curly Hair - Ways To Manage & Keep It Healthy

Fashion Blog Mon Jan 04 2021

Women with curly hair often struggle to keep the curls intact and healthy. Most commonly, people ask how to take care of curly hair? They have to go through a series of hair care regimes every day to maintain the luster and shine. Curly hair has its personality starting from frizzy hair to untamable wild ends. We understand it is not easy, and therefore we are here to help you manage your curly hair better. Multiple products promise hydrations, nourishment, and zero-frizziness. But trust us, for curly hair, you will have to take a few extra steps. That involves the correct method of shampooing, drying the hair differently, etc. These steps will only help improve the hair texture and not give up on the quality and integrity of your curls. Let’s look at the tips to absolutely rock your curly hair.

How To Take Care Of Curly Hair?

As mentioned above, it is not easy to maintain a constant luster and health for your curly hair. For that, you will need quite a few steps that can improve and maintain your hair quality.

Follow A Pre-Shampoo Treatment

If you have frizzy hair, you must follow a pre-shampoo treatment. Moreover, this ensures less breakage and also keeps your hair soft. This step involves detangling the hair, applying a hair mask or a deep conditioning oil at least 20 minutes before your shampoo. To trap the heat, you can wrap a shower cap or towel around your hair. Commonly, this is perhaps one of the best methods of how to take care of curly hair. 

Do Not Shampoo Daily

Curly hair is naturally dry, and over-shampooing can further dry the hair. Depending on your everyday activity, you can choose to shampoo. Also, look at the ingredients of your conditioner. A good conditioner will ensure the moisture is locked in and your hair is well protected against dust and pollution.

Wisely Choose Your Shampoo

It is essential to know what ingredients are in your shampoo. The reason being, shampoos cause the maximum damage to your hair when you have all the wrong ingredients. Our suggestion is, use a shampoo that is sulfate, paraben, and alcohol-free. These elements can irritate your scalp. If you are not able to omit these, try to find one that has these ingredients in mild quantities.  

Detangle And Section Your Hair Before Washing

Another common best practice on how to take care of curly hair is to part your hair in sections and detangle it before washing. Nothing can be worse than having tangles and rubbing and scrubbing your hair with a shampoo. Usually, this can either lead to an unthinkable tangle or excessive breakage. Section your hair and then apply a small amount of shampoo or cleanser and work gently.

Avoid Extreme Hot Showers

We agree, showing with cold water may not be the most comfortable always. But cold water will promote the closing of pores, which will lock moisture in. Further, this will make your hair shiny and reduce frizz.  

Use A Lot Of Hair Conditioner

A lot of meaning, a lot. But there can be a balance between protein and moisture. Too much moisture can muddle up your hair. And too much protein can make your hair brittle and rough. Also, depending on the environment, you need to adjust the requirement of the conditioner. Many factors, like your water intake and diet, weather, season, dust, and pollution, can determine your conditioner's use.

Comb In The Correct Method

You need to detangle the hair with a snag-free comb and do it with all gentleness and care. After the shampoo, it is always advisable to gently detangle the hair, section by section, with a wide-tooth comb when it is wet and conditioned well.

No Usage Of Heat Styling Tools

Generally, this again is a no-brainer. Heat styling tools like- curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers should be as far away as possible while styling your curly hair. There are alternative tools like foam rollers that can be used to re-define your curls.

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How To Sleep With Curly Hair?

Let’s face it; your hair is at its worst state after waking up from sleep. That’s because, while sleeping, you do not have control over how your hair will be laid on the bed, and therefore most people wake up with tangles in their hair. Now the question is how to sleep with curly hair so that they have fewer tangles. Here are a few methods that you can follow to retain your curls and minimize damage.  

Using A Satin Or Silk Pillow Cover

As mentioned before, when you turn your head while sleeping, there is tension and formation of knots, which lead to breakage. It can happen when you are using a cotton pillow cover, even high-quality ones. Instead, you can use a pillowcase of satin or silk. The advantages are-

  • - It does not absorb natural oil from your hair
  • - Does not scratch your hair strands and make it rough
  • - Keeps the scalp cool and prevents sweating

All these will lead to less need to wash your hair.

Tie Your Hair Into A Pineapple

Another solution to how to sleep with curly hair is by wrapping your hair into a top-knot with a satin cloth to avoid knots and frizziness. Avoid using a hair elastic as that will lead to breakage. Do not pull the hair too hard; simply gather all the hair and make a pineapple. You can use silk or satin headscarf to tie your hair too.

Twist Or Braid Your Hair

A secure way to avoid more hair strands from rubbing against the bedding is by braiding your hair. You can simply part the hair and tie it into braids.

Using Hair Rollers

There are metals and plastic hair rollers available, which can be uncomfortable to sleep with at night. Instead, there are “sleep-in” rollers, which are mostly flex-rods that are soft and easy to sleep in. 


For people who can sleep with wet hair, this is one way of how to sleep with curly hair. Plopping involved wetting your hair, adding a cured gel, or any other curl-shaping product. And then you will have to flip the hair into a t-shirt and fold the cloth to behind your neck and tie the arms of the t-shirt into a knot. You can sleep with the t-shirt and wake up to beautiful curls.

You can wet your hair and tie it into a braid, too, before going to sleep to get a similar effect.

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On the one hand, it must to overwhelming to follow these many steps to keep your curls intact. But on the other hand, curly hair, if maintained well, has a different beauty. Curly hair looks fabulous, and you can rock it without making much effort. We understand it takes a lot of strategic thinking to take care of curly hair. But simple changes in the hair care regime can help you achieve shiny looking hair in the long run. 

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