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Styling Curly Hair: Common Mistakes And Tips To Maintain Healthy Curls

Styling Curly Hair: Common Mistakes And Tips To Maintain Healthy Curls

Fashion Blog Fri Dec 25 2020

A common myth about curly hair is that they are effortless, and one doesn't need to comb and style them regularly. Little do people know that the beautiful looking curls can become unmanageable if proper care isn't provided or wrong methods are used. If you are one of those girls who inherited natural curls or opted for them later, I'm sure the struggle is not unknown to you. As much as the hair can help you rock any look, the background maintenance could be frustrating. But why does it happen? Why does your hair become frizzy and look damaged when you have been looking after it properly? The answer lies in your hair-care routine itself. Check out some common mistakes people with curly hair make and learn how to style curly hair without destroying its quality.

Common Mistakes

Even if you employ all the advised strategies for healthy curly hair, there could be some blunders you are making without realizing them. It's not too late; read the full article below and see if there's anything you can relate to.

Using Sulfate Shampoos

The most lathering shampoos generally contain a generous amount of sulfate, which might look very effective cleansing agent but is only manipulating the texture of your hair. What you need to do is, select a shampoo that contains all-natural ingredients and preserves the oils your scalp releases rather than washing it off. If you often get frizzy, dehydrated hair after a shower, it's time to consider the red flags and switch your shampoo ASAP.

Brushing Your Hair

I mean, come on! Why would you want to brush the beautiful curls and obliterate their pattern? Brushing not only disturbs the form of your hair but also makes it frizzy and pulls the strands apart as if you have been electrocuted. Choose a wide-toothed comb to remove the knots of your hair before rinsing and after applying conditioner. 

Not Using A Leave-In Conditioner

When you have curly hair, special care has to be taken. You can't just shampoo and leave your hair without providing it nourishment. Many conditioners present in the market but for curly hair, choose a good quality leave-in conditioner that protects your hair for the long term. Such a product will prevent sun damage, reduce frizz, and keep your hair hydrated.

Not Applying Styling Products At The Right Time

To understand how to style curly hair in the desired way, you should know when and how to apply the curl products. The correct time is- right after the shower. This way, the cuticles will absorb the product before becoming dry and define your curls properly. Don't overdo the massaging as it would result in additional frizz and separation of strands in the curl locks.

Rinsing Your Hair The Wrong Way

If your hair is way-too voluminous at the top, try washing it with your head back as it would flatten the hair and make it look chicer. The other way round, if you want a puffed hair top, wash it upside down. 

Diffusing Your Curly Hair The Wrong Way

One of the most vital tools a girl with curly hair can own is a diffuser. With a regular blow dryer, there are chances of intense heat damage. For dispersing the hot air from a blow dryer properly, a diffuser is the best device you can use. Read the following information and know-how to diffuse curly hair appropriately.

Choose The Correct Type Of Attachment

Diffusers nowadays come with different attachments. If you have short curly hair, select a hand type diffuser so that your hair falls through it nicely, providing even drying out. For longer hair, opt for a diffuser that is wider and round enough to cover all of the lengths.

Heat Settings

Keep the heat as low as possible. Yes, it would take longer to dry out your hair, but at least your hair would not be dry in the end, and you can retain the shine. Keep the dryer/diffuser at a reasonable distance from your hair to avoid burning. 

Parting Hair And Applying Protectants

Separating your hair into four parts is an excellent way to start. For healthy hair, avoid instant drying after rinsing with a heating device. Let your hair air-dry up to 30-40%, and then put the diffuser to use. How to diffuse curly hair without causing heat damage? Well, that's what thermal protectant products are for! Do not forget to apply a heat protectant before carrying out the drying process. It would not only form a shield against the hot air but also provide long term defense against UV rays and pollutants.

How To Take Proper Care Of Your Curls

Here are some tips to help you tackle the struggles that come with curry hair. 

Tip 1: Detangle your hair from the bottom to the top with a wide-toothed comb. Brushes are for straight hair; curly hair is more fragile and prone to breakage. Start removing the knots at the end first and pave your way up to the scalp. Generally, this would avoid pulling hair from the tip. 

Tip 2: Tie your hair in a loose bun while sleeping and use a satin pillow cover. Sleeping with open hair would lead to losing the form of your curls and pulling of strands, resulting in breakage.

Tip 3:  Avoid high ponytail hairstyles that involve pulling your hair backward tightly. Such styles might result in receding hairline and damaging front locks.

Tip 4: Go for regular trims to get rid of split ends. If your hair is bifurcated at the end, the curls would always look frizzy and untamed. Get timely trimming done to remove split ends and for profitable growth of hair.

Tip 5: Never use your regular towel for hair! It would make your hair extra dry and soak all the moisture. Instead, use a tee-shirt or microfiber towel to tie your hair after rinsing it. 

Tip 6: Invest in a decent hair mask. Apply a kind amount of hair mask to nourish your hair with essential vitamins and make the curls extra bouncy. Run cold water while rinsing it off, as it would seal the friendly substances in your hair.


Achieving shiny, voluminous, healthy, and bouncy curls is an arduous task. A simple step can make your hair game strong or turn it into a disaster. Now that you know how to style curly hair properly and how to diffuse curly hair without inflicting damages, I hope you flaunt those locks without any worries.

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