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Are Hand-Tied Extensions Bad For Your Hair And Scalp?

Are Hand-Tied Extensions Bad For Your Hair And Scalp?

Fashion Blog Tue Nov 16 2021

Although each one of us wants our hair to be good, most people don’t possess healthy, thick, and voluminous hair strands flowing from their scalp. Fortunately, hair extensions were introduced in the beauty industry to solve this issue. There are several types of extensions available in the stores with their pros and cons. In this guide, we will explore hand-tied extensions bad for your hair.

What Are Hand Tied Hair Extensions?

Hand-tied hair extensions are a type of wefted hair. Hairstylists install these hair extensions on their client’s hair through the sewing or weaving process. They usually follow the method that is used to stitch a hole in a sweater. Although these extensions are not directly sewn in the scalp, the hairstylist will directly sew them into your hair.

They might use an invisible bond through the help of tiny beads or braids. The volume of your locks can significantly increase after using this weft process. The best thing about hand-tied hair extensions is that they provide a natural appearance. Moreover, it will not be difficult to install or costly to maintain. You will have to pay the hairstylist for the installation process based on the discussion. 

Are Hand-Tied Extensions Bad For Your Hair?

Mostly, hair extensions are not good for people who have fine hair because they add slight stress to their hair. Compared to all types of hair extensions, you might deal with the smallest damage while using the hand-tied method. Those who get the hair extensions installed by professional hairstylists will have to face minimum pull on their roots because they know how the install it correctly.

Extensions cause damage based on the amount added to your natural hair. The chances of heavy and dense hair are more when you have installed many hair extensions. However, excessive extensions will include additional weight and stress to the roots forcing the breakage of natural hair strands.

Those who are considering getting extensions should first get a consultation from a professional hairstylist. You have to explain hair concerns, hair goals, and lifestyle to a hairstylist experienced with hand-tied extensions. Most people start with a few wefts to increase length and volume. They begin to learn the maintenance process through trial and error.

When experts install hand-tied hair extensions, your scalp and roots won’t have to deal with the damage. The factors that determine the quality of ties are the professional appointed, the number of extensions added, and the quality of natural hair.

Are Hand-Tied Extensions Bad For Your Hair?

The least thing that hand tied extensions damage

Hand tied extensions make you beautiful but they have the ability to cause harm to your hair. While you get the hand tied extension installed by the hair stylist, you will feel hurt. Somebody can not suffer from this pain, so they have to give up.

Although hand tied extensions do not use glue or keratin tape, they still can damage your scalp and natural hair because of their tension. This damage often comes from inexperienced hair stylists and flawed methods.

Do Hand-Tied Extensions Work On Short Hair?

Although hand-tied hair extensions give good results on shorter hair, hairstylists might have to do some crafty maneuvering for the installation process. During installation, you have to ensure the short hair has been styled and hidden properly o that they don’t stick out or give an unnatural appearance. Finally, the hairstylist should blend the extensions with your natural hair to give the desired result.

Are Hand-Tied Extensions Bad For Your Hair That Is Thin?

No, hand-tied hair extensions can add the desired volume and length to naturally thin hair. However, those who have underlying hair loss issues while having thin hair should avoid using hand-tied hair extensions. Moreover, women who have too thin hair won’t be able to hide bulky wefts. If you choose heavy extensions, the natural hair could be strained, resulting in an undesirable final appearance.

What Is The Cost Of Hair Extensions?

The price of hair extensions will depend on the hair goals, quality, and location. Generally, the starting cost of a good quality hair extension is $200, excluding the wefted hair extension. The price of hair extensions increases based on the cutting style and color. You might need to get a consultation from a hairstylist to understand the cost of the hand-tied extensions.

Those who wish to increase their volume through the help of extensions might require 4-8 wefts. Women with fine hair typically require more than 8 wefts. Hence, they have to invest in more hair. If you buy costly and quality hair extensions, they can be reused for several years without any damages.

With time maintenance of these extensions might force you to spend more money. Most women have to pay to tighten a row or install and remove the hair extensions to prevent the chances of causing hair damage. Therefore, the price of hair extensions differs, and you might find the weaves that require limited adjustments.

Hand Tied Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

Before the installation process, it is important to know are hand-tied extensions bad for your hair. The result largely depends on the weight, color, and choice of professional for the extensions. Here are the pros and cons of hand-tied hair extensions:


Versatility with permanent changes

When rows lay flat to the head, the extensions are undetectable.

Chance to flaunt the desired look by adding volume and length to natural hair


Cost is high

Not suitable for everyone

Long term use can damage the natural hair

Hair Loss From Hand-Tied Extensions

You might have to deal with hair after using hand-tied extensions. There can be several reasons behind hair loss, as improper installation, friction, increased stress, or underlying health issues.

Everyone must take a break during the installation processes to allow the scalp and hair to be free. You should regularly shampoo and gently cleanse the scalp before and after using hair extensions. If you are dealing with the balding issue, avoid using hand-tied extensions because it can increase the problem.

You might need the help of a trained hair loss professional to solve the issue. Alternatively, contact a medical representative to discuss the hair loss problem in detail. Other types of hair extensions can solve the problem and give a better result.

How to avoid hand tied extensions damage

As you know, The hand tied extensions damage comes from the tension. To minimize the hand tied extensions damage, you should reduce the tension and treat your hair root well. These following steps will help you better:

  • Cleansing: Ensure that your hair is clean. Oil and dust do not damage your hair, but they make your hair look bad. You should use shampoo and hair conditioner that do not contain sulfate. Sulfate is one of the harsh cleaning chemicals that make your hair cuticles dry and lead to tangle.

  • Detangling and Brushing: After a long time using, your hair will be frizzy and tangled. Brushing is another way of taking care of the hair and keeping it healthy. It’s important to brush the hair at least once or twice a day or else it will result in hand tied extensions damage. You should brush from the bottom to the top to get rid of breakage. 

  • Applying Product: Every evening before bed, work 3-4 pumps of hair oil or serum through your hair from mid-shafts to ends. Then put your hair into one or two low, loose braids to prevent friction and tangles. Secure with an elastic band. After shampooing, apply a natural oil to your strands (ie. olive oil, jojoba) and scalp that will help provide hydration without weighing the hair down. On days when you don't wash your hair, alternate between coconut oil and apple cider vinegar to cleanse and restore moisture on oily hair with added shine


Can I color my hand tied extensions?

Yes. Generally, when you get hand tied extensions on, it is almost like your natural hair. You can restyle it into the texture and color that you want. Or you can buy dyed and styled hair extensions before installing them on.

Do hand tied extensions damage your natural hair?

It will not damage your real hair. However if you do not treat them well, they can cause your hair loss to become more extreme because of its stress and friction.

How do I sleep with hand tied extensions?

- Choose the right pillowcase: Mic hair recommends you to have a soft pillowcase. The best material is silk. With this silk pillowcase, you do not have to worry about tangling.

- Do not go to bed when your hair is wet. 

- Place your hair in a protective style before best.


We hope we have explained hand-tied extensions bad for your hair. You should first check the quality of natural hair before considering hand-tied hair extensions. If you are dealing with a hair loss problem or any other hair-related issues, then hand-tied extensions won’t give a desirable look.

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