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How To Hide Extensions And Make It Look Naturally Beautiful?

How To Hide Extensions And Make It Look Naturally Beautiful?

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Fri Oct 29 2021

Do you know hair extensions are used to solve every problem related to hair? Hair extensions are available in the store in different lengths and textures. You can easily wear them to get an instantly gorgeous and perfect look. However, those who have short hair usually want to know how to hide extensions and make them less obvious. Women who have short hair generally feel sad for not owning shiny and long beautiful hair. They can’t try various hairstyles that girls with long hair can create instantly. Moreover, they get confused on how to look different at parties and function because of the limited choice they have with short hair. In case you find these situations relatable, then read this article to find a solution.

Why Hair Extensions Don’t Blend With Your Short Hair?

Not every hair extension is created equally. Moreover, some people choose short hair extensions over long ones. Various reasons can affect the hair system and create problems in the blending process. Women with short hair find the procedure of customizing hair extensions extremely complicated because they don’t easily fit their natural locks.

You need to learn the best way to make hair extensions appear real in short hair. We understand that you wish to customize the hair extensions so that it combines with natural hair. Additionally, women usually deal with various common issues while purchasing hair weaves for short hair. Before buying an extension, you should think about the weight and length that will look beautiful and natural. 

When people with short hair buy heavy hair extensions, they will surely face problems getting the desired result. Furthermore, you should ensure that there is a good amount of extension to match the short hair. The hair extensions should combine effortlessly and appear naturally beautiful. Let’s explain how to hide extensions for people with short hair.

How To Hide Hair Extensions In Short Hair?

1 - Cut Extensions To Properly Blend With Short Hair

One needs to be extremely careful while cutting the hair extensions. You should cut small amounts of hair so that there is less chance of making a big mistake and getting undesirable results. Don’t cut wet hair extensions. You need to ensure the extensions are completely dry. Make sure the color of the hair extension matches your natural hair color.

How To Start Cutting Hair Extensions?

Use A Comb To Remove Tangles

Brush your hair extensions properly and thoroughly to get rid of any tangles and frizz. You should pull back the majority of the hair extensions while leaving a small part at the bottom. Backcomb the small part of hair extensions before laying it flat. Then, you should fasten it down using pins.

Securely Put The Hair Extensions On Your Head

Whether it is clip-in extensions or any other type of weave, you need to install it properly. Since now you can see that the hair extension is longer than natural hair, be ready to cut it.

Cut The Hair In Layers

After locating the short layers of natural hair, you can easily start cutting the long extensions. Firstly grab a small section of hair in your fingers. Then, take a scissor and start cutting the hair in layers. The important thing the beginners have to keep in mind is keeping the scissors open while moving them to cut the hair. You should continuously cut the hair extensions to get the desired result.

Moreover, you have to be careful so that the real hair doesn’t come in the cutting process. Those who don’t like layers can choose a pixie cut. If you are confused, get help from a professional because confusion can cause mistakes and ruin the extensions.

2 - Select A Suitable Color

Before learning how to hide extensions, you need to ensure those hair extensions are of the right color. You must get hair extensions that perfectly match the ends of the natural hair. Even people who have naturally dark hair color will find the wefts that make the crown around the head occupied.

The hair extensions must blend easily with the bottom compared to the top. To match naturally dark hair, you can choose to clip in one chocolate brown and another chestnut brown color so that it doesn’t look obvious that you are wearing a hair extension.

3 - Curl Or Straighten The Extensions

You can use this trick while wearing any type or length of hair extension. Combine a small part of the hair extension with your natural hair. Then, use a curler or straightener to combine them perfectly. You can hide the extensions between the natural hair strands by using this simple process. 

Moreover, when you use a straightener or curler, the hair extensions look more natural while you save a lot of time styling and getting a different look. You can accomplish desired hairstyles and elevate the appearance after using these hair styling tools.

4 - Hide The Bases

One needs to understand how to hide extensions in short hair when they frequently change hairstyles. While installing the hair extensions, you might see that some short edges are visible below the weaves.

You can easily find a solution by taking the bottom part of the hair and pin it to the head. Another best alternative is covering the bottom parts using a beautiful braid. The main thing to remember is that the extensions should not look obvious and unnatural.

5 - Pile Them Up

You can pile the wefts and place one after the other weft. Although this is a small technique, it can add much-needed volume to the weft, and the look can seem naturally beautiful. Additionally, you can clip the wefts in the original hair to get a better level of blunt.

6 - Make A Lovely Braid

If graceless layers are visible under your hair extensions, people will easily recognize them because it seems more obvious. You can avoid this incident by cutting the part of your hair from the middle of the ear to ear.

Additionally, one should create a gorgeous braid. Then, properly pin the braid to your head. Creating a braid is the best idea because you don’t have to hide the bases by touching the hair regularly. You can freely move because the hair extensions blend more naturally.


We hope now you understand how to hide extensions and make them appear natural on short hair. Although cutting hair extensions is one of the best ideas, you should get the help of an expert when it seems like there is a chance of making a mistake. One can easily create a braid to hide extensions easily in short hair.



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