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The Curly Hair Guide: How To Get Well Defined Curls For Naturally Curly Hair?

The Curly Hair Guide: How To Get Well Defined Curls For Naturally Curly Hair?

Fashion Blog Sat Apr 10 2021

For all those, having curly hair, having frizz-free yet defined curls are the ultimate hair goal. All of you must be having hair goals. The dilemma is, how to get your hair free from frizz and attain voluminous ringlets that will make every other girl envious? To get started with how to define curls, develop a routine knowing the type of curly hair you possess that works for your ultimate hair goal-defining curls.

Hair types are not so difficult to understand. There are majorly four types of hair that are majorly referred to and connected with hair types worldwide. Type 1 is the simplest to recognize out of all being straight hair. Rest three types are the variations of curly hair, namely varying with the degrees of wavy, curly, coily, and kinky hair. Check this articles to know everything about types of hair.

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Why Is It Difficult To Maintain And Define Curly Hair?

From beautiful soft waves to the corkscrew type of kinky hair, each type of curly hair has its characteristics requiring specific styling products. It is most difficult for curly-haired to style their hair facing obstacles of defining the curls. Lack of hydration in hair can result in poufy and frizz-prone unruly hair. 

On top of it, curly hair types tend to become drier than the straight hair types as the natural oils of the scalp cannot travel as readily for curly hair. It is crucial to understand the hair type and how to define curls without going berserk every time you style them. 

Natural oils can keep straight hair more moisturized than curly hair without much effort at your end. But, first, understand how to go about it when you give moisture to your hair to have your curls defining become your ally. Here are some of the well-accepted and known tips that can help you understand the types and defining curls tips. 

Tips For Defining Your Beautiful Curls Of All Types

1. Shampoo Sparingly

One of the best tips for maintaining the hair's moisture is by shampooing curls only when it is necessary. Also, make sure to choose an abundantly moisturizing shampoo and conditioner combination to maintain the moisture. Depending on the hair texture and hair type, as curly the hair, as less, you should be shampooing them. 

Using nourishing shampoo will not only cleanse the hair but will also help in maintaining the moisture of your hair. To top it off, use dollops of moisturizing conditioner to combat curls' rough-dryness to make them softer and healthier. 

2 – Be Gentle When Drying Your Curls

It is a common practice to indulge in the incorrect ways of brushing ruthlessly for drying out the wet hair. Simply air-drying your hair will ensure that the hair will retain as much hair moisture as possible. Especially for combination hair types, it is critical to take utmost care of keeping the moisture intact. Think of it as less friction and damage from heating and help you understand how to define curls. Also, using a diffuser when using blow-dry will minimize the heat and disperse the frizz. 

Try squeezing the excess water from your wet curls using a very gentle microfiber towel of even a soft fabric cotton t-shirt. Doing so will maintain the moisture of your hair naturally without possible damage from the excess friction. Check this video on YouTube to know everything about how to diffuse while blow-drying your curls.

3 – Never Brush Curls 

Despite the common myth of using a brush to detangle your curls, try detangling with a wide-tooth comb on wet hair. Tangles are bound to happen given the structure and how the hair generally is especially curly. Detangling from roots to ends will only make your hair become messier and frizz-prone because of the excess friction. Therefore, go for detangling from ends to roots with very soft hands to get rid of tangles gently. 

Using plenty of leave-in conditioners before detangling will help in maintaining the moisture and easily detangle your curls. Brushing on dry hair will only be ruining your hair texture to cause friction and become extremely frizzy. 

4 – Do Not Touch Your Dry Curls

It would be stupid of you to touch your dry curls after using products to style and define your curls. Yes, they are indeed called touchable-soft, but that does not mean you should be touching them after they are set. Once you set your curls using the styling products designed specifically for curls, leave them alone. 

Doing otherwise will cause the product layer to break off and ruin your defined curls if you run your fingers through them. Innocent gestures like running fingers can cause your hair to become frizz-prone and friction curl patterns. Messing curls break your styling products to work in favor of your curls.

5 – Protect Hair While You Sleep

It is critical to care for your curls even while sleeping to maintain the natural shine and texture. One of the best ways to control the frizz is to protect your curls to keep the curly shape by forming small buns. Your head's shape will resemble a pineapple when you make small buns on your head, giving the process the name of pineappling. 

Secure these cute small buns with a soft and friction-free silk cap or a pillowcase. This way, you will be avoiding any excess friction plus any moisture loss as well. Revive your curls in the morning by nourishing them with a curl-defining product or oil. You can follow the tips from the following tutorial to manage your curls overnight. 


How to define curls can get on your nerves if you are struggling with defining them and styling them as you want to. It is all about the proper care routine for your hair without compromising on some curl-defining products and techniques. Styling routines can make a massive difference for your curly hair game. 

A curly hair journey will require you to manage the frizz and moisture to maintain the right amount of curl definition. Be it combination hair types like or plain wavy, make sure to follow these incredible tips to define your curls more beautifully. 

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