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Sew In Lace Front 101: Everything You Must Know

Sew In Lace Front 101: Everything You Must Know

Fashion Blog Tue Jul 26 2022

Say goodbye to leave-outs and blending to make the hair extension natural. If you are looking for a versatile way of having a complete hair look, try having sew in lace front. Not only does the frontal look natural, but it will also allow you to place your parting anywhere.

What is a sew in lace front?

Sew in lace front or a frontal is an excellent addition to hair extensions as it resembles your hairline and scalp. The lace part allows you to have any division you want and will still look natural even without leave-outs to blend the extension. The longer the lace front, the more realistic parting you will have.

Having a frontal allows you to have a new hairline, which means you can make your forehead a bit smaller. Thus, frontals are also famous for those who have a receding hairline. 

To make the lace even more realistic, you may style fake baby hairs that will appear as if it is growing organically. Since they will cover your hair, these hair extensions will also protect your natural hair from heat damage. 

How to wear a frontal?

Sew in lace front is an addition to the hair extensions you wear as it conceals their tracks. However, you will sew this piece in first before the weaves. It is not difficult to install as it follows the same thought as installing a weave.

  1. 1. Braid your hair in any protective hairstyle that you want.
  2. 2. Make sure that you have the sew in lace front in the correct size. Measure it from ear to ear. If the frontal is too long, you may cut the excess to fit it.
  3. 3. You may add a lace strap to both ends of the frontal to ensure the placement. This step is optional and can go directly to the next one.
  4. 4. Once the frontal is in place, start sewing the tracks to your braided hair, starting from one ear, following the edges at the back, and ending at the other. 
  5. 5. Do at least three stitches above the ear to add security to the placement. 
  6. 6. Glue down the flaps on the corners of the frontal.
  7. 7. When you sew your hair extensions, do not overlap the ends to the track of the frontal. However, do not sew it with a gap in the middle. You may sew the end of the hair extension around the edges of the frontal.

See? Installing sew in lace front is not that hard, especially if you get the hang of it. You might not feel pretty as you are trying to sew the tracks, but you will look incredible once everything is in place.

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How to remove sew in lace front?

After four to six weeks, it is time to take out your frontal. The removal process depends on how you installed the hair extension, whether you sewed it in or applied glued for a quick weave. Stitching may take time, but it is easier to remove than the adhesive for a quick weave.

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  1. 1. Keep in mind the placements of the stitches for more straightforward navigation. Look for loose threads around the frontal tracks.
  2. 2. To ensure these are threads, insert a finger in between and feel them.
  3. 3. Cut the loose threads.
  4. 4. Start tugging the frontal lightly once you cut the stitches. The removal should be more accessible by now.
  5. 5. Unbraid your protective hairstyle to remove the threads stuck between.

Removing the frontal once in a while allows your hair to breathe and hair to be clean. Furthermore, your hair keeps growing, making the frontal looser. Even though you have to remove the frontal and other hair extensions after weeks, you may reuse them for years as long as they are in good condition.

What to know when wearing a frontal?

The common misconception is that frontal and closures are the same. However, although their structure and application are similar, their functions are very different. The frontal covers the hairline, while the closure only conceals where the hair extension ends. 

There are different kinds of sew in lace front, from the color of the hair to the type of lace used. You may customize the frontal by yourself to make it more natural, especially if it is brand new. Some pluck the hairline to make it thinner and exaggerate the baby's hair. 

It would help if you treated your hair extensions like your natural hair. This way, you can ensure that your frontals are adequately taken care of by you. Since hair extensions cannot produce natural oil like your hair, they will need your help to keep the strands moisturized. 

The better you take care of your frontal, the longer you may reuse it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can leave my sew in lace front for more than six weeks?

You can leave your sew in lace front longer, but it will not be ideal. The accumulated dirt from the sweat and products will irritate your scalp. Your hair will keep growing, pushing the frontal away from your scalp and making it lose, which is not a great look.

2. How much does a lace front cost?

The cost of the frontals depends on many factors but ranges from $60 to $300. The longer the length, the more expensive it will be. Blonde hair costs more as it undergoes many processes. The hair can be synthetic or raw, which will also vary the price.

3. What is better, frontal or closure? 

They have strengths and weaknesses. For example, a closure may be more budget-friendly but will not cover your whole hairline. Thus, if you wear one, you must decide where to part your hair. Meanwhile, frontals have more coverage but will cost you more.


Installing sew in lace front is not that hard. It will last you for weeks, and you can try as many hair looks as you want without worrying about your hair extension. Just follow the steps mentioned on how to install one and remove it after weeks properly.

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