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4 Ways How To Remove Lace Front Wig

Fashion Blog Sat May 28 2022

When you wear a lace front wig, you hope that the lace will stick to your skin, as a little detachment can already reveal the hair extension. The problem starts when you don’t know how to remove it. Follow any of the four ways how to remove lace front wig

What is a lace front wig?

A lace front wig is a common type that people mimic their natural scalp and hairline. This kind of wig has a more realistic appearance on your forehead, where it has lace. It is more special than a regular cap wig as manufacturers individually place the strands in the skin-toned lace instead of wefts.

Because the hairs from this wig look naturally growing, you can make and manipulate artificial baby hairs to go with your look. Depending on how you take care of this wig, it mostly lasts on your head for six weeks. You may also reuse it for years. The question is, how to remove lace front wig?

How to break adhesive from lace front wig?

One typical way to remove the lace front wig is to have a bond remover solution to break the adhesive. There are available products in the market that you may buy, and it is simple to apply.

Comb your damp hair away from the hairline to reveal the lace.

Secure your hair with alligator clips or a hair tie.

Apply a bond removal solution around the lace. Make sure to saturate the areas with glue.

Rub the solution with your fingers to get the product into the adhesive.

Once the lace front wig is loose enough, gently lift the lace with the help of a rattail comb underneath the raised area.

Undo the wig clips and remove the lace front wig.

Do not force it if you feel like the glue is still pulling your skin when you try to remove the lace front wig. It might tear the lace or harm your hair and skin. Apply more bond remover until you do not feel any pulling sensations anymore.

How to remove lace front wig using Vaseline?

Vaseline is known to treat dry skin and chapped lips. However, you can also use it as a glue remover. This method how to remove lace front wig is more of a hack for those who want a gentle solution without the use of alcohol.

Spread an ample amount of Vaseline around your hairline where you glued the lace.

Leave it for 2 minutes.

Check if the glue detaches from your skin by gently lifting the lace.

Remove the Vaseline on your hairline with a warm, wet towel.

Repeat the process if deemed necessary until you can remove the lace with little force.

The emollient ingredient from the Vaseline acts to break the glue or adhesive slowly. Thus, you may also use emollient oil to do this method.

How to use baking soda mixture on lace front wig?

If you clean your house, you know baking soda is your friend. However, it can also do more than remove stains. You may use a baking soda solution to break glue on your hairline. Here is how to remove lace front wig with a baking soda solution.

Mix baking soda with warm water and salt in a container to make the solution and mix properly. Add enough water until the mixture is runny.

Once the mixture is well incorporated, transfer it to a spray bottle.

Spray the mixture around your hairline where the lace is. Make sure to saturate the areas with glue.

Cover your head with a shower cap. Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes. 

Gently lift the lace off your hairline and unclip the wig clips.

If the lace is not coming off, repeat the process once again.

This method might take a while, but it is still a great hack for those who already have these three ingredients. It is still worth it as the mixture is not harsh, and you may do other things while waiting.

How to use conditioner to remove lace front wig?

This last method on how to remove lace front wig is convenient as you have what you will need. Conditioner might be a great product to keep your hair moisturized, but it is also a great way to soften the glue that attaches the hair extension to your forehead.

Spread a significant amount of conditioner over your hairline and scalp where you glued the lace.

Massage the product to your lace front wig until all the lace is saturated. 

Leave the conditioner for a few minutes.

Rinse the conditioner with warm water.

Lift the lace gently.

Repeat the steps until you are satisfied with the result.

This trick is cheap to do as you will only need the conditioner. Furthermore, it will make your natural hair healthy and maintain the quality of your lace front wig.

You can refer to this video below:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the best way how to remove lace front wig?

The best way how to remove lace front wig will still be by using a product meant to break down the adhesive. It will give you instant results and lessen time consumption. However, if there are no available products, a baking soda mixture is the best method.

2. Why do I have to remove the lace front wig?

It would be best to let your natural hair and scalp breathe once in a while. When you wear your wig, you will not be able to clean your head very well. Dirt and gunks will build up, irritating you and damaging your hair.

3. Can I rip the lace front wig off gently? 

Ripping off the lace front wig without treatment is not advisable. The lace is attached to your forehead via glue. Aside from it will hurt you in the process; it might tear your skin and the lace of the wig. 


You feel gorgeous when wearing a wig, but it is heartbreaking when you have to take it off. It could be painful if you did not do the removal correctly. To ensure your and the hair extension’s safety, follow any of the four ways how to remove lace front wig.

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