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The Right Way To Install A 360 Lace Frontal Closure And Aftercare Tips

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Tue Dec 08 2020

A 360 Lace Frontal Closure is the new popular thing today which gives your hair more options. Do you know "how to sew in 360 lace frontal"? You can now rock any hairstyle, any time, without worrying about your wig falling off or getting out of place. But when we talk about its installation and care, things become tricky. Keep reading the article to find out the proper know-how of installation and care of frontal closure.

What is 360 Lace Frontal?

A 360 Lace Frontal is one of the hottest trending hair extensions. This hair is a full lace frontal. The number “360” means it will cover your head fully, from temple to temple. People love this hair extension too much because of its convenience and its beauty.
This 360 lace frontal or 360 lace frontal wig is made to install to your hair easily. At MIC hair, It is made from 100% human hair and sewn into a transparent/HD lace. With transparent or high-quality HD lace, it will help you to have natural-looking hair.
Mic Hair 360 lace frontal

How to Sew In 360 Lace Frontal in the right way.

A 360 Lace Frontal Closure is very easy to use since the lace has a perimeter of the ear to ear measurement and it covers the whole head. It also helps in attaching the weave and blending it into your natural hairline perfectly. The whole process of how to sew in 350 Lace Frontal could be categorized into two heads: 

1 - The pre-process of sew in 360 lace frontal

Choosing the product of the right quality is the first and most crucial step. If you want straight hair, it would be less voluminous than curly, so select the texture accordingly. Large-headed people will need more bundles to sew in for the weave, so the choice of the product should be made depending on your head's size. Select the product which has the apt length of hair you want, keeping your height in mind. 
Before starting with the installation, you would need to shampoo and condition your natural hair well and might need to pluck some of the hair at your hairline.
360 lace frontal
Bleach the knots. Give the lace a tint, even your skin color, for proper blending. You will have to braid your hair or put it in cornrows for a flat natural looking scalp.

2 - The Process of how to sew in 360 lace frontal

Installing the 360 Lace Frontal Closure could quickly be done at home without going to a salon and spending hours on it. Follow the guidelines how to sew in 360 lace frontal to achieve the best look:
Step 1  Put two wig caps on your natural braided hair and sew them down. Remove the excess material by cutting them off. 
Step 2  Now, place the 360 Lace Frontal on your head and align it properly with your hairline—Tuck in all the baby hairs in the back. Sew the frontal with the outside of the wig caps to secure it.
Step 3  Attach the desired number of bundles to the frontal closure to cover the open spaces, if any. Use a C- curve needle and a thread to sew in the bundles. Start from the back working in an upward direction.
Step 4  You are ready to glue the lace now. Use a good quality adhesive to attach the wefts. Put some hairspray to secure the position first and glue the lace in the front, over the ears, and the back. Let it dry for 5-7 mins. 
Step 5  Cut the extra lace from all around the head. Trim the lace very close to your natural hairline and seal it with styling gel or adhesive. Make sure to apply gentle upward pressure in the back while gluing it. You can use a concealer to blend the lace in the front after removing the unwanted lace, and you are all set to go!

When your 360 lace frontal is installed, you can freely style it without worrying about damaging your real hair. 
The best thing about styling a frontal closure is, anyone can do it even if they don't have experience in styling a wig. You can always attach artificial wefts according to your need. Various DIYs could be done on the product creating hundreds of versatile styles. Some hairstyles you can refer to when using 360 lace frontal such as space buns, half up half down, and high ponytails... The back is so natural that you don't have to worry about wearing the hair in a high ponytail; a professional bun or updo is very much feasible.

How to take care once installed 360 lace frontal 

Appropriate Caring and Maintenance of the 360 Lace Frontal Closure would increase its longevity. Use the right quality products to nourish it. As the product is made up of 100% human hair, you will pretty much have to do everything you do to take care of your hair. 
Choosing the right products: Start with selecting a less chemically aided shampoo and conditioner. The hair products you find at the drugstore or shopping mart are very alkaline and have a high alcohol content that makes the hair dry. Provide proper hair masks frequently to enrich the nutrition content of hair.
Drying and Combing: Wash the hair regularly at least twice a week to keep it soft and clean. Reduce the use of a blow dryer. Let the hair dry naturally and style it later. For the long life of the product, you can always use natural styling methods like braiding and lessen heat damage of straighteners and curlers.
Instead of a regular brush, use a round brush to avoid pulling the strands. Never brush the hair starting from the top. Begin combing or brushing slowly from the bottom, detangling hair, and gradually reaching the top. Don't apply a lot of pressure as it would lead to the breakage of strands.
Drying and Combing 360 lace frontal
Bleaching: If you bleach the hair, use a neutralizing shampoo later to wash off all the chemicals. Never leave chemicals in your hair! They would damage them and make the hair look frizzy and less lustrous. The same goes for dyeing and coloring.
Sleep Routine And Daycare: You don't want the hair to become frizzy and tangled when you wake up. To avoid that, settle the hair in a bun or wrap it in a scarf when you are off to bed. Apply a heat protectant before going into the sun to prevent damage. 
Whether you need an invisible,  natural-looking hairline or want the convenience of parting the hair in any direction, the frontal closure would enable you to achieve it in no time. If you follow the tips on how to sew in 360 lace frontal at the preceding, the product will remain healthy for a much more extended period giving you the best looks every day. 

Where to buy the best 360 lace frontal wig

There are many vendors that supply 360 lace frontal. However, the number of high-quality vendors is not large. In order to get a natural-looking look, you have to buy good material - good hair wigs of hair weaves. 
Come to MIC hair and place your order now. We are the top hair vendor in Viet Nam which allows global delivery. The 360 lace frontal is one of our best-selling extensions with many colors and textures.
360 lace frontal MIC hair Vietnam


Styling your natural hair every day could be very tedious and un-awarding, damaging them irreparably in the longer term. It is not hard to answer how to sew in 360 lace frontal. You can quickly get celebrity looks lasting for weeks using a 360 Lace Frontal Closure. Without spending 4-5 hours in a salon, this product can provide you with trendy, ultra-fashionable hairstyles at a very reasonable cost. This article is our answer to the question of how to sew in 360 lace frontal. Shop for a quality frontal closure, and you will never be disappointed with the results. Get yours today and explore the pool of versatility.



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