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4 Simple and Efficient Steps on How to Wear A Wig with Long Hair

Fashion Blog Thu May 26 2022

Hair is every woman's crowning glory, they say. Well, hair here doesn't mean your natural hair. Some brave and bold ladies want to look different by wearing a wig, whether they have short or long hair. The more eager you are to change your look with a wig, the sexier you become. Read on and learn how to wear a wig with long hair on your own. There are expert hairdressers you can approach to help you wear your best-chosen wig fitted for an occasion. However, going to a salon to try a new look with a wig might be expensive. You might consider learning how to wear a wig with long hair instead. It is still not a bad option to wear a wig independently.

How to Wear A Wig with Long Hair: What are the things you need?

Before going to the steps on how to wear a wig with long hair, you need to prepare the items you'll be needing. Putting it on comes in handy if you have the following things ready:

·   Wig

·   Hair Bands

·   Bobby Pins

·   Hair Tie

·   Wig Cap

Once you have the things mentioned above, you can start working on the steps on how to wear a wig with long hair.

4 Simple and Efficient Steps on How to Wear A Wig With Long Hair

Wearing a wig is not complicated unless you have naturally thick and long hair. You might be having trouble concealing them. So, read on and learn how to wear a wig with long hair.

How to Wear A Wig With Long Hair: Step 1. Choose your wig

While some are not particular about what wig to wear, you must still consider this step. You need to choose the correct wig that best fits your head size and desired look.

Also, make sure that the wig you will use is a quality wig.

How to Wear A Wig With Long Hair: Step 2. Choose the right hairstyle

Several hairstyles keep your thick long hair from messing with your wig. Some of these hairstyles include pin curls, braids, and ponytails.

Here are two of the easiest and most efficient ways to hide your long hair.

Hairstyle #1 Braids

Braids are one of the most common hairstyles that people with thick and long hair do before putting on their wig.

Here's how you do it.

1.   Divide your hair into two sections using a comb, and ensure no loose strands.

2.   Start braiding. But do not overdo it. Just keep it simple and not too thick. Your goal is to keep your hair intact to conceal your natural hair easily.

3.  Tie the braid but keep it loose-fitting. This will make it easier for you to wrap the braids around your head, making it look neat when you put on the wig cap. Bobby pins also help you in keeping those strands look neat.

Hairstyle #2 Ponytails

A ponytail is one of the simple hairstyles you can do to wear a wig with long hair. It conceals your natural hair easily.

If you choose this hairstyle, you may prepare a couple of hair ties like cotton-wrapped elastics and those little colorful rubber hair ties for kids to help you with the process of how to wear a wig with long hair.

To start, do the following:

1.   Tie your hair loosely to make it more flexible and easier to flatten.

2.   Then, pull the tail over your head, almost touching the end of your hair to your forehead. Don't forget bobby pins are always of great help. You can use them to lock those loose hair strands.

Keeping your long hair fixed on your head before wearing a wig prevents strands from falling out of the wig.

Whichever hairstyle you choose, you must remember that the main goal is to keep your hair as flat as possible before putting on the wig.

Pro tip: The secret of perfectly wearing a wig is to have a perfect base.

We have to perfect the ways of wearing a wig to look fab and not horrible, right? Ready for your new look with your new wig? We will go to the next step.

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How to Wear A Wig With Long Hair: Step 3. Put the Wig Cap on

It is highly recommendable to use a wig cap before wearing a wig. This will make you feel comfortable and confident while keeping your natural hair secure and concealed underneath the wig.

In this step, you may need to find an alternative for wig caps. Some wig enthusiasts have their preferences. While some use wig caps, the others use a hair net or the end part of an old pantyhose.

It doesn't matter which one you will use. What matters most is your natural hair must be kept intact. You may wear the wig cap once your braided hair or ponytail is fixed. 

Wig caps are designed to fit just right on your head. 

Ensure that the wig cap will cover all the hair on your head. Double-check your head's back part and see if all the hair is kept properly and tightly. Do not forget to check the hair above your ears, too. The wig cap must fully cover them.

To check if it's properly worn, your hairline must align with the front edge of the cap before you wear your wig. You may also check on the sides for any hair that is loosened.

How to Wear A Wig With Long Hair: Step 4. Look Fab, Wear that Wig!

After those easy steps, you can now wear your chosen wig on top of the wig cap. Here's how to put it like a pro!

1.   Before putting it on, turn the wig upside down.

2.   Slowly put it on your forehead.

3.   Stretch a little to pull the wig at the back to fit on your head.

4.   Adjust and secure it on your head. 

Depending on your chosen wig's length or length, you can still style as you please. You got that new look wearing a wig, even if you have thick and long hair.


No one and nothing can keep you from showing your style by wearing a wig you love. Choosing the best wig that suits you will always depend on the confidence you wear along with the wig.

Pair this with the steps above on wearing a wig with long hair, and you will get a fabulous look!

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