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How To Braid Cornrows And Keep The Style All Day Long?

How To Braid Cornrows And Keep The Style All Day Long?

Fashion Blog Wed Dec 29 2021

Various hairstyles can enhance the entire appearance of both men and women. They are not only easily achievable but also manageable. Cornrows braids are on the list of these trendy hairstyles. Those who know how to get braids won’t have much issue learning how to braid cornrows.

The main difference between these hairstyles is that common braids hang from particular sections while cornrows braids are perfectly attached to the scalp. Cornrows are stunning and reflect the heritage of Africa using various popular braiding techniques. These hairstyles reflect freedom and allow you to create different design patterns.

How To Wash Hair Before Creating Cornrow Braids?

Use a good shampoo and conditioner to get extra shine, luster, and smoothness. Look for shampoos that are beneficial for damaged, dull, and dry hair. You have to hydrate the hair, stop hair fall, and repair the scalp before starting the braiding process.

You should wash the hair twice every week using shampoo to strengthen the hair strands and increase new hair growth. Shampooing is important to cleanse the scalp and reduce split ends. While applying the conditioner, massage the scalp for 15 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. Only use conditioners that are paraben-free and 100% safe.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Braid Cornrows

1 - Prepare The Hair

To add moisture and remove frizz from hair, you should apply a conditioner to damp hair after shampooing. Let it air-dry before braiding cornrows.

2 - Part Hair For Individual Cornrows Sections

To create desirable size sections, you should use the rattail comb’s tail end. You have to make smaller cornrows in the sections that are skinnier. Bigger cornrows will be easier to create in larger sections.

There is no particular method to part for cornrows. They can be created from backward to forwards, side, straight back, tiny braids beside larger braids, braids crossing over other braids. Hence, there are endless patterns for braiding.

3 - Divide Hair Section Into Three Parts

Just like you divide sections for any braiding technique, divide three equal parts of the hair’s first section at the hairline.

4 - Start Braiding A Small Section

At the hairline, you can start braiding a small section of hair. Those who are new to braiding can start with a simple cornrow style. Straight back is the most basic type of cornrows you can start with. Once you have gained knowledge, choose patterns and add extra hair for extreme lengths.

5 - Add Hair As You Braid

While continuing the braiding process, including the section of hair getting braided into the cornrow, this simple process turns a braid into a cornrow. You can use this technique to master how to braid cornrows and attach them to the scalp.

After selecting the three hairpieces for braiding, you have to pull the hair gently from the parted section and include it inside the cornrows after braiding. For a uniform look, you should add parts of hair evenly.

6 - Continue Braiding And Adding Hair

Keep adding more hair into the cornrow while braiding the section of hair till you move towards the end. Until the style is complete, you have to gradually pick up the hair to add in three sections from every side.

Based on the style, you can take 15 minutes to 4 hours to learn how to braid cornrows. As a beginner, you should avoid choosing a more intricate style. Once you start creating simple braid cornrows, the chances to create better patterns will become easier with time.

7 - Detangle Sections Of Hair

Those who are making cornrows on relaxed or straightened hair won’t have to detangle while braiding. However, women with natural or curly hair will have to detangle as they work their way down sections.

To ensure the braids are created uniformly and neatly, you should gently pull the fingers through the hair. Simply get a detangler brush that helps remove knots without causing breakage. To prevent breakage while detangling, you can create a mixture in a spray bottle of leave-in conditioner and water. Alternatively, use a mixture of natural oil and water.

8 - Continue Braiding

Since the braids are not attached to the head, one can continue the braiding process just like regular braids. Those who have long hair will have to braid after starting from the hair around the scalp consistently.

9 - Secure The Ends

You can curl the ends of cornrows around the fingers to prevent them from unraveling. These curls look best on people with natural hair. If you have straight hair, there might be issues with ends staying together. Hence, you should use barrettes or rubber bands.

10 - Repeat Around The Head

You have to repeat the same braiding technique around the head. While creating braids, it is extremely important to part section the same size for uniformity and balance.

11 - Completed Cornrows

A simple and basic cornrow hairstyle generally has straight parts and a uniform size. You should place silk or satin scarves or caps over the hair before sleeping. This hairstyle can stay protected for nearly two weeks. Women who want to take a break from heat styling and chemical treatments should choose cornrow braids.

How To Ensure The Style Stays All Day Long?

You can use a hair spray to cover all the hair strands and provide a shiny and smoother look. Check for hair sprays that can work in any weather condition and are suitable for long hair. Before applying the spray, you should shake the can and hold it upright. After applying the spray, let it dry, and don’t use a brush.


We hope now you understand how to braid cornrows and ensure the style stays all day long. You should wash the hair using shampoo and paraben-free conditioner twice every week to ensure the style looks shinier and smoother. Don’t use a comb or brush after applying hair spray. The hair spray should be suitable for long hair.

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