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12 Best Hairstyle Ideas For White Ombre Hair Extensions With Exclusive Tips

12 Best Hairstyle Ideas For White Ombre Hair Extensions With Exclusive Tips

Fashion Blog Mon Nov 02 2020

White ombre hair is currently in vogue as it offers versatile looks to appear stylish and party-ready. However, if you do not want to experiment with bleach on your hair, you can flaunt it using hair extensions. Along with protecting your hair, you can achieve a long hair look or a voluminous look by using the ombre hair extensions. Meaning you can still have a fashionable look even if you have short or thin hair using extensions. Also, growing long hair is a long process, and fashions keep changing, so extensions help complete the long hair look according to the trend. Moreover, if you do not know or doubtful if the white ombre look will suit you, relying on extensions is the best option. Check out the latest trending hairstyles using the white ombre hair extensions below.

Box Braided Hair

The two tones white ombre hair extension without any clips is suitable for box braiding your hair. You can customize the braid thickness easily and create multiple braids as per your choice. When you choose a top color similar to your hair color, it gives a smooth transitioning dual-toned look.  

Pig Tails

The same type of extensions mentioned above is excellently suitable for pigtails. As they are easily bendable into braids, you can create almost any braided look using them. When it is ombre, it looks fabulous as you create the braids with double color.

Loose French Braid Style

After you put in your clip-on white ombre extensions, you just need to braid it into Rapunzel style by styling your front part before you braid; as the front part is styled and the back of the head part is a little messy in this style, your clips are well hidden, and the ombre hair adds gorgeous style to your braid.

High Ponytail

Many women who use extensions dread one style that is the high pony. Here I will reveal a little secret for a high pony using the white ombre hair. You partition the hair as usual at your nape for applying the clip partition but apply it in the opposite direction. 

You will clip it on with the extension going towards the center rather than downwards. Clip-on the rest of the extensions as usual and do your pony. No one will ever be able to tell you to have your extensions on even when you wear a high ponytail. Enjoy your thick and voluminous pony.

Layered Hair Look

Achieve the beautiful layered cut look by pinning on the extensions level by level and leaving your hair loose. You can choose stunning curls to look or the complete straight look, depending on your hair texture or the way you want to look. Choosing the curl size is also possible. 

Go for the loose gracious curls or the tight playful curls in a snap. After all, that’s the magic of extensions. The white ombre hair extensions add a super cool look to this hairstyle.

High Bun

Another discrete way of putting your hair extensions on for a high bun is to use single clip hair extensions. Make a small pony by partitioning the hair on the crown, with most of the hair left out all around. Clip-in these single extensions all around it, facing towards the center from all sides. 

Now pull in all the hair from every side into a pony and do the bun. This method is also useful for the high pony. As the extensions are well hidden in between, you will have a complete natural-looking hair base with no bumps. The ombre hair worn into the high bun will create a stunning look and requires no further embellishments.

Low Loose Bun

That wedding mood buns with a romantic accent are very feminine but do not look good if your hair does not have volume. Add your extensions and make a low ponytail, then do the bun of your choice. Let the ombre add more drama to your romantic look. No doubt it will inspire several ladies to try it out in their next chance.

Front Braid Bohemian Look

If you want a front braid look to seem well blended with the extensions on the back, consider adding few single hair extensions to the front part where you are planning to braid. That makes the look complete but take care to add the extensions in the direction you are braiding. 

Clip them on and add the extension hair naturally into the braid, and there you go. Consider loosening the braid using your fingers for a more sophisticated look.

Short Pixie Cut

Even if you have a pixie cut, you can still add suitable hair extensions to your cut and create a different style. You are not interested in color your hair; then the ombre extensions add color to your hair.

Curled Hair

The highly curled hair extensions give your hair complete transformation. However, make sure to blend them well into your natural hair. You may need to curl your hair depending on the style you choose and the natural texture of your hair. Also, consider adding a few extensions in front using single clips for extra volume and fall effect.

Crown Braid

This hairstyle depicts your ombre hair wonderfully as the tone at the bottom goes up as a braid and shows both the colors of your hair beautifully. When planning to create a different look that accentuates your white ombre, this is the go for style.

Half Up/Half Down

Another sexy yet simple style that gives reasonable control over your hair and shows the complete length of it. This one minute style gives you ample opportunity to display your white ombre hair extension in style.

As a final note, all I would like to say is you can style your hair to any kind you want with the right type of extensions and a little technique in applying them. All the little tricks provided in this article are pretty much what you need to know about creating super stylish hairstyles using extensions. 

Once you start using them, you will soon figure out how to adapt them to your favorite hairstyle. Extensions are comfortable, and ombre adds fun along with style to your hair.  Pick your white ombre extension or use what you already have and show off your new hairstyle awing everyone around you.

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