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14 Hair Styling Tips & Ideas For Blue Ombre Hair With Hair Extensions

14 Hair Styling Tips & Ideas For Blue Ombre Hair With Hair Extensions

Fashion Blog Mon Nov 09 2020

Starting from holidays to new regular office days, you can select your style your way. Apart from stylish clothes and makeup, you can experiment with your hair as well. Ombre hair is a marvelous trend, which is growing popular among US women of all ages recently. It is a process where the dark hair color is faded into less light shade. Along with the balayage highlights, the color looks delightful. From 2013, women prefer blue ombre hair or even indigo colors to golden or brown highlights. Moreover, when it lightens down, the shade does not look messy. Many people do not like to apply bleach or chemicals to their hair. For the hair, extensions are beneficial.

Different Shades Of Blue Along With Hair Style Tips

There are many shades of blue that you can try on your hair. You can follow these trending blue ombre hair color shades and change your look anytime with or without extensions;

Bluish Purple On Pig Tail Hair Style

It is complete attention-grabbing color. No matter what your skin tone is, you can surely rock in this color. With the simple pony or pigtail, the bluish-purple looks attractive.

Long Bob HairCut

Kylie Jenner has created an epic look with the raven locks. You can surely get inspired by her hairstyle and go for a blue ombre wig or even an extension. If you have pale skin, then you can choose flattering metallic blue on your long hair.

Simple Hair Styles

Any woman with a pale skin tone can go for this color. The shade is mesmerizing and gives your hair a look from lighter brown to bluish.

Pixie Ombre Style

Recently short hair is again coming back in style. Ladies, if you want to flaunt your short pixie haircut go for a natural blue ombre with sideburns. These sideburn highlights can give a beautiful frame to your face. Moreover, if you want, try a few front bangs with it to complete the style statement.

Pastel Blue Shade For Wavy Hair Style

You can transform your childhood fairy fantasy and create your look. The pastel blue color is soothing on mainly blonde hair. However, with silver tips, in the end, it gives a playful look. You do not have to style much in this style. The waves of your hair will look better if you go for loose curls.

Hair Bangs

The vibrant electrical green tinged with blue can give you an instant rebel and bold look. You can keep the blue tip with green highlights. If you have soft curls, then the blue ombre hair will appear wonderfully. You can try short bangs in the front with this color. The choppy bangs will look cute. Moreover, due to the greenish tinge, the blue shade after fading will not look worse.


Women who have naturally dark hair can choose dark green or aquamarine blue to match their style. The color is light and blends well. Moreover, it gives a slight aqua tint to your hair.

Waterfall Braid

It is another hairstyle that is similar to the Cinderella look. Again, if you want to go for any dates or bohemian styled parties, light blue with a black base will look perfect on you. Box braids are also a brilliant option to try on.

Half And Half Hairstyle 

If you want to keep a subtle hair look, then go for half-and-half style. The black hair roots with blue ends can brighten up your appearance. Moreover, this looks classy. In this type of ombre color, two shades are mixed or blended so that the color remains light during sun exposure.

Violet For Gray Hair

You can also experiment with dazzling violet and blue. The smooth transition of color is the only thing that you need to take care of. For that, you should always go for decent hair color protecting conditioners. Violet, silver or even ash color goes well if you already have grey hair. You will rock the look with a tinge of these colors.

Touch Ups

For long wavy hair, you can always do simple styling like touching up blue or icy blue ombre at the ends. The best advantage of this hair-coloring pattern is you have to maintain the lesser section of your colored hair.

You can also try coloring the hair layers. For instance, you can leave a gap in the upper part and start coloring the ombre shade from the second wave.

Brown Hair Ombre

Brown tips are gaining popularity. You can try to apply a teal ombre hair shade. Moreover, it is beneficial for you as you will not have to visit the salon much to fix deposits of blue ombre. It gives a natural fresh look. For any beach party or office gathering, this color will look perfect.

Magenta & Blue

For that striking Instagram or Pinterest worthy photo, you can try the magenta with blue ombre. It gives a phenomenal model look, and even with the aesthetic background, you can get attractive pictures.

Braid Style Blue

Ladies, now pop up the blue shade on your hair by simply braiding your hair strands. For a sharper look, you can keep the hair in loose braids like mermaid style or even tighten it up according to your preference. The process can uplift the color correctly inside the hair locks.


Coloring your hair is fun. Blue ombre hair or red are always adventurous colors to style and experiment with your looks. In this context, you should never forget to take care of your hair too. Many women are not naturally blonde. In such cases, the blue fades away quickly. Therefore, you should apply color protectant shampoo and conditioner to maintain the shine of your hair.

On the other hand, hair extensions are gaining importance everywhere in the world. It is a beautiful idea to flaunt your different hairstyles without any hair damage. Blue or pastel blue ombre colors can turn a contemporary hairstyle into a fancy look instantly. 

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