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2022 Guide For Beginners: Ion Hair Color Chart

Fashion Blog Sat Mar 26 2022

Want to achieve your dream hair color? Ion hair color might be for you. It works like a charm. You'll achieve your color goal in no time. Ion also has a wide selection of shades for you to try on. Want to try but don't know what color to choose? Lucky you! In this blog, we will talk about the Ion hair color chart.

What is Ion Hair Color?

Everyone wants the best for their hair, even you. You want to have a vibrant effect after dying without compromising your hair. And that is what Ion hair color is after. If you're an animal lover, Ion hair color is a perfect choice. It is a cruelty-free company that provides you with an exceptional hair dyeing experience.

Ion hair color has been popular for many years now because of its easy-to-use dyes and, of course, the effectiveness of its hair colors. It's simple because you only have to mix your hair dye and developer in a 1:1 ratio.

Now, you might want to give enough thought to what hair color you really want. How to use it? Apply it on your hair just like how you do it with your regular shampoo, leave it on for the next 20 or 30 minutes, wash. Now you are good to go - it works like magic. Remember, Ion hair color lasts up to 4 to 5 weeks maximum.

What is the Edge of Ion Hair Color to Other Hair Dyes?

What makes Ion hair color its edge over other hair dyes is its unique mix and match, the color range that provides customer satisfaction in terms of hair color. It complements their tone complexion as well. Plus, an Ion hair color chart is provided in each dye kit.

Ion hair color won't be as popular as now if they don't live up to their promise. Plus, you don't have to buy somewhere if you need other dyeing agents because Ion provides it all. From bleach, permanent hair colors, developers, toning shampoos, semi-permanent hair colors, and trendy pastel dyes.

If you think Ion isn't for you because of your complexion? Think again, honey. As previously stated, Ion ensures that your hair color of choice compliments your complexion. How? We'll get to it.

Ion Hair Color Chart

You'll see that every time you purchase an Ion hair color kit, the company provides an Ion hair color chart. What is it for? Well, it is a guide for you to check for the possible outcome of the color. This, of course, varies depending on your natural hair tone.

It is best if you actually had a hair dye in mind that you know would turn out perfect for your natural hair tone, most especially if the color of choice is two levels lighter than your natural hair tone.

Like many other hair dyes, you also have to use hair bleach if necessary. When to use bleach? When your natural hair color is darker, you want to dye it in a much lighter tonne. You can also repeat the Ion hair dyeing if desired results aren't achieved in the first process.

As for the Ion hair color rule on knowing the perfect shade right for you, always consider your natural undertone. Refer to the Ion hair color chart; you'll see neutral shades. This would help you determine what shades you should use perfect for your hair.

One more thing, if you have graying hair or even the white ones, try to figure out how significant the portion is. This is because you have to cover your entire hair for the best results. On top of that, you also have to consider having the suited developer for your hair. You can always consult the professionals working on Ion hair color if you are unsure.

How to Properly Use Ion Hair Color?

"What if I have read and referred to the Ion hair color chart, yet I still don't know what shade suits me best?" Do not fret. Ion hair color has an app that actually helps customers choose the suitable hair dye. It is called the Color Coder app. You can even add your photos to the app to showcase the hair dye you used.

If you are the first time trying the Ion hair color or actually dying your hair, you have to cover your entire hair, from tip to roots. To achieve the desired outcome, you must also let the dye sit in your hair for the next 30 to 40 minutes.

If you desire to cover your entire graying hair, be mindful. The time you have to wait after dying your hair changes depending on the amount of work. For developer volume 10, you'll have to patiently wait about 20 to 25 minutes before achieving your goal hair color.

Even though there have been many claims that Ion hair color is perfect even after having your hair relaxed or permed, it is in your best interest to take precautions to use it after two to three weeks of having your hair permed or relaxed. You can also consult Ion hair color via app or go to their nearest shop.

After referring to the Ion hair color chart, it would be best for you to do a little skin testing to check whether you'll have an allergy reaction. It is also strongly advised to thoroughly inspect your scalp and hair to see whether it can stand the chemicals that come with the hair color.

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Always have room for errors, mostly if you are a newbie in DIYing your hair color. Know that there are several reasons why you might not get your desired shade after dyeing. It could be because of your undertone, the wrong choice of shade, didn't bleach when necessary, incorrect developer usage, or your hair type. That is why the 2022 Guide for Beginners: IOn hair color chart is here to help.

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