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3 Best Headturner Taylor Swift Curly Hairstyle That You Can Do

3 Best Headturner Taylor Swift Curly Hairstyle That You Can Do

Fashion Blog Wed Jun 22 2022

Taylor Swift's looks changed drastically, just like her genre of music. Do you remember how she looked back then? She was a blondie with a tight coil, making almost every girl want to achieve. For other eras, here are 3 easy Taylor Swift hair curly that you can do.

Taylor Swift Hair Curly evolution

Although she remained blonde throughout her career, the texture of her hair differs. Her classic coils showed a fun teenager that matches her music. People noticed the tightness of Taylor Swift hair curly in 2008, where her hair is volumized but shows a bit more softness.

Everyone was surprised by an unexpected change in her hair in 2010. She attended the American Music Awards 2010 with sleek, straight hair and full bangs. She looked different but still rocked the hairstyle. Furthermore, this year started the total charges that she still wears now. 

The Red era brought her curly hair back but much softer than before. You might also notice how often she keeps wearing hats as part of her performance, which she doesn't usually do in other albums. 

She finally cut her hair in 2014 into a wavy bob, which people saw at MTV Video Music Awards 2014. In 2016, Taylor Swift cut her hair even shorter with a sleek look for Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2016. It was the last time she tried straight hair so far as she went back to Taylor Swift hair curly.

In 2018, she tried to get her old tight coils back. Although it was not as tight as before, it was still perfect for her. She even opted to do her romantic, sweet updos, just like when she began her career. Her last, totally different hairstyle was in the Folklore era with Taylor's wavy bangs and tied hair that matches her album.

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How to have tight Taylor Swift hair curly?

There are different ways to have a Taylor Swift hair curly. Furthermore, there are other eras that her hair went through, so start with picking what you want to achieve. Let us start with the tight coil from the first bloom of her career.

  1. 1. Dampen your hair with a fusion of water and coconut oil to help restructure your hair.
  2. 2. Apply heat protectant to add shine to the result.
  3. 3. Grab random sections of your hair and blow-dry its roots to add volume.
  4. 4. Start ironing your hair with a curling wand - iron small sections for tighter curls. Do not touch the curled hairs while it is cooling to last longer.
  5. 5. Retouch any bottom ends that are not curled enough.
  6. 6. Apply hairspray for the curls to last longer.

This style will look best for long hair. You may use blonde hair extensions to add length and volume if you have short hair. If you want the soft Taylor Swift hair curly, do the same steps but with more significant portions of hair to curl. You may also finger comb the curls after for a softer effect.

How to have Folklore Taylor Swift hair curly?

Her recent look for her album Folklore and Evermore is more focused on her bangs than her hair. She keeps her hair either braided or in a bun. Her bangs are also curled, creating a messy fringe that matches the aesthetic of her album. 

  1. 1. Dampen your hair for more structured curls.
  2. 2. Grab small sections of hair and curl them. The goal is to have a natural kinky hair look. 
  3. 3. For the fringe, curl small sections rather than curling them together. It will create the messy bangs look that Taylor Swift has. Make sure to also curl in different directions.

Now, for her hairstyles, there are two ways you can style your hair. First is the space buns in the Folklore album.

  1. 1. Part your hair in the middle. Leave the fringes on the front.
  2. 2. Braid either the right or left section first.
  3. 3. Twist the braids into a low bun on the back of your head. Pin it in place.
  4. 4. Do the same for the other half.

For the Evermore album, she had her hair french braided on the back. If you know how to do French braids, this part is easy for you. However, if it is your first time doing braids, here is how you make a French braid.

  1. 1. Leave the fringes and some face-framing hair in front before you braid your hair.
  2. 2. Grab a section from one end of your fringe to the other and part them into three.
  3. 3. Do one round of regular three-strand braid where you cross the right section into the middle and do the same for the left.
  4. 4. Gather a portion of your hair on the right side, ideally in the same line as the braid, and cross it with the right section in the braid. Do the same for the left side.
  5. 5. Repeat the process and do a regular three-strand braid when both sides have no loose hair.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Taylor Swift’s real hair?

Taylor Swift is a natural blonde, and she never changed it. However, her hair differs in the era. Taylor Swift hair curly is natural, just like her teen years. She even wished to have straight hair way back in high school. As she gets older, her hair naturally straightens out.

2. Does Taylor Swift wear hair extension?

Like other celebrities, Taylor Swift also occasionally wears hair extensions when performing on the stage. Her hair is not naturally thick and volumized. You might notice how thin and patchy her hair is in some pictures due to excessive hair extensions.

3. Is curling hair bad? 

Curling hair can dry your hair if you do it every day, making it more prone to breakage. As much as possible, avoid this problem by not using your hair more than once a week. You may also use a heat protectant to prevent heat from damaging your hair.


Taylor Swift is a great singer and has an outstanding style. No wonder many people want to mimic her new fashion trend every album release. If you wish to have tight curls or the latest trend, follow these three manageable Taylor Swift hair curly that you can do.

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