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3 Hairstyles for 10 inches Sew-in Weave Hair

Fashion Blog Sat May 30 2020

Transform your look with two bundles of our virgin weaves and wear the look you’ve always wanted to have. At the same time, you need some short hair inspiration to change and don’t want to cut your hair off? Here are 10 inches sew-in weave hairstyles that is the hottest short weave styles for you to try!

10 inch straight bob


Even with your straight bob, you can make another style out of it. A short bob is as delicious as it gets for a woman of any age. When you look at this style, what do you see? It sends out the elegance yet confident vibe. So, you can hold part of the hair to a high ponytail then let the ends flow to catch up with the other part of the hair to a sleek and straight flow. You could use human virgin straight weave hair. Be sure you choose the right length, though, because there will be other longer versions. You will need just a few bundles for it. Three bundles are enough for anyone with an average head. There’s beauty in laying the edges; don’t forget.


10 inch curly weave


Curly hair remains attractive for one reason; it mimics the black women’s natural hair. If you wear the curly hair, then you won’t look as though you are using a weave. The hair length makes it appear even more natural than any other style. Do you want such hair? This curly hair type of hair is on our website. But again, the length varies and you can choose the 10 inches or any other for personalization. This hairstyle will give you more freedom and luxury as you easily maintain the hair beneath. So, you can create a side-swept style, tie the hair to a ponytail or let it flow in every direction as it would.


10 inches body wave style


Even the body wave style always makes you look so natural in your hairstyle. There are many women with naturally beautiful waves like this one. When it’s short, the style is even better. The body wave style here makes the style playful.

Although you can use the style for all the professional looks, it equally fits the casual functions. Looking at her, you could bet she is wearing her natural hair.

The side parting, on the other hand, goes to create more structure for the style. We have such fantastic hair at different lengths. Consider this piece of 10 inches body wave weave.

Although it comes in burgundy, it will fit your usual hairstyle if it matches your skin tone.

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