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3 important tips to help prevent tangled hair

Fashion Blog Tue Apr 14 2020

With all the girls wearing the weave hair, the hair is twisted together is what often happens. Sometimes our hair is formed into small knots that makes it difficult to untangle. This problem always make us exhausted and feeling uncomfortable. If we do not untangle it in the right way, this might lead to some bigger problems such as: shorten the life of a weave hair or maybe we will think of a solution of getting them away. In this category, we will show you some tips to prevent your tangled weave hair by following some advices of the hair specialists!


Tip 1: Avoid of making more knots
situation of messy hair is caused by a great amount of hair which is twisted and intertwined together. It always dues to the texture of your weave hairafter washing the hair, we need to let it dry naturally. All of the dry bundles of weave hair is easily to be tangled, especially, with the thick bundle of weave hair, it will happen more often.The other reason for making more knots of our hair is because we do not comb it appropriately. Just by overcoming this issue, then we can improve our messy hair condition.
Tip 2: Start to brush your hair from the endings of your hair
One of the most frequent reasons that the specialists give us is to comb your hair from the endings first. Unfortunately, many people do it the upside down. We make this mistake often in our daily life. We start to comb our weave hair from the roots to the endings of our weave hair. This will inadvertently move the knots in your hair towards your ends.
Tip 3: Deep condition your weave hair
Deep condition is very important and easy way to untangle your weave hair. Firstly, applying shampoo to your weave hair, then you can go to apply the deep conditioner to your hair. With your dry weave hair, using your hand to detangle your hair. It will help not to loose more of our hair, remember to detangle from the body to the endings of your weave hair and please remember to avoid to comb them from the root. Secondly, after letting the hair dry naturally, we can use wide-tooth comb to split out the hair that is twisted together. Then finally, getting your hair wet by rinsing it into the cool water. The pressure of the water will separate all of your strands of hair from each other. This will help moisturize your hair. Your weave hair will have a stunning and smoothy and shiny look that you have expected.
We hope that with this article, you will have the beautiful weave hair that you always want. All of the girls will find it not that hard to take care and detangle our weave hair. Keeping your hair always smoothy, no tangles or breaks, is the best way to start your good day!

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