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3 Things That We Should Know About The Keratin Hair Extensions

Fashion Blog Thu May 14 2020

Having a thinning hair or bad hair condition affect your mood and confidence, but with the help of Keratin hair extensions, this problem will be solved. Here is the Pros and Cons of Keratin hair extensions.

What are the Keratin hair extensions?


Keratin-bond individual hair extensions are tiny strands of actual, unprocessed (or virgin) human hair. Instead of being fastened with tape or glue, keratin extensions have tiny beads of keratin adhesive at the tip of every strand. 

Keratin extensions look like your own hair, only with the keratin-based glue dried onto one end. The awesome thing about keratin extensions is that they can be dyed, curled, straightened, and styled using heat - basically everything you might do with your real hair.

The extensions are applied one by one, using either heat or ultrasonic waves to fuse the keratin bond with your own hair. The extensions are laid down in rows so that they will always be carefully covered by another section of hair, even when you’re wearing a ponytail.

Advantages of the keratin hair extensions

They are very instant to use

Instant gratification is the most important advantage of investing in a keratin hair extension. That means you don’t have to wait for months and months for your hair to regrow. Your hair becomes long in an instance with a quality extension.


They are very verticle to use

A keratin hair extension comes in different lengths, colors, and textures. If you have straight hair, you can try an extension with curly hair. On the other hand, if you have short hair, you may opt for an extension with long hair. You may choose any color or texture combinations to choose the occasion.


They have a low maintenance

A quality extension will easily last for more than three months. You can style your hair just as you need it with such as a keratin extension. In some cases, the extension might be easier to style than your natural hair.


Disadvantages of the keratin hair extensions

They can damage your scalp easily

Your scalp can support a lot of hair since it is quite resilient. Since it takes several months for hair to grow, your scalp has enough time to adjust to accept the added weight due to hair growth. But when the scalp has an instant expansion of hair through a hair extension, it pulls on your scalp – causing damage and irritation to it. On the other hand, an extension can damage your hair, too – which may depend on how you attach the extension to the natural hair. A tight braid will break the roots of the hair. The glue may weaken the hair or burn it. When natural hair oils get trapped in the braid, you will experience scalp irritations such as dandruff and other problems.


The price is quite high comparing with other types of hair extensions

A good keratin hair extension is not cheap. A quality extension is natural looking and comes with the least amount of damage. But such an extension is not cheap. You may have to approach a professional stylist for such an extension. In fact, a keratin extension may cost anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to a thousand dollars. The cost of the product may depend on the method of attachment, market in the area, and how much hair you require.


It takes a lot of time to install the keratin hair extensions

It may take a couple of hours to apply an extension depending on the length and number of extension you need. You may have to hold your head in an awkward position spending hours in a salon to apply for an extension most of the time.


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