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4 Things To Consider Before You Buy Hair Weave Online

Fashion Blog Thu Jun 11 2020

Have you ever bought weave hair online before? If your answer is “Yes”, then buying weave hair online is not the strange thing to you. If your answer is “No”, then this topic is made for you. Don’t be stressful and we are here to guide you through the frequently asked questions and give you some criteria to help you buying your weave hair online, so that you can confidently purchase them online and get the perfect set of weave hair every time.

1. Determining your hairstyle


Because your hairstyle is your style them knowing your hairstyle will help you save a lot of time when purchasing weave hair, whether you buy online or buy at factory. Just like shopping around at the supermarket, if you already had a handy list for purchasing things at first, you will not be worry too much about what we should buy when you are at supermarket. It can save a lot of time when you don’t have to wander around at the supermarket. Instead of doing so, you will save a lot of time and money, therefore, when you already have your own hairstyle, you will know exactly what you would go for when you are buying your new sew-in weave hair online. 

2. Choosing a style for your hair depending on the cost and the quality of your hair weave


The cost and quality of your hair extensions are of primary consideration when buying weave hair online.


These two things work hand-in-hand. If you opt for more economical options, you can find pieces within the $30 to $100 range. But we bet you already know what you will get from that. You will be limited in how you can style them, and you will have to work harder at making them look natural, which is near impossible. Like they say, “Cheaper isn’t always better.” You are always better off doing some research on the price of weave hair from various suppliers, and even using methods such as After pay in order to get the best set for your lifestyle the first time.


The demand for human hair is very high. So make sure the weave hair that your are you're getting will deliver on what they promise. Get them from a company with a very good reputation and that specialize in delivering top quality products online. We totally understand the value of ethically-sourced weave hair, so you should, too!


3. Choosing the color for your weave hair


Before you consider purchasing weave hair online, you're going to want to match the color to your own hair, making sure they blend seamlessly. Being off even by two shades is a downright giveaway that you're wearing fake hair.


Color-matching with the ends of your hair, not the roots, and going with the most prominent color in your natural hair will do the trick. If you don't mind taking a risk, getting a tone darker or lighter can exude a beautiful, highlighted effect. A very subtle difference in color between your own hair and the weave hair can be a safe thing as it can add another dimension to your hair.


We often recommend sending a picture through to the prospective weave hair company and asking them to do the color matching otherwise, getting a weave hair color chart may also be helpful.


4. Knowing exactly your exchange policy before buying your weave hair


Any decent online supplier should have an exchange policy that works well for its customers and a helpful staff that is willing to accommodate your requests in finding the perfect set and color match. Making an informed decision to purchase weave hair on the internet entails that you read all of the terms and conditions carefully. This way, you can return the product and ask for exchange in a hassle-free way, just in case you receive it in questionable quality. Spend as much time as you can searching for a supplier that offers easy return policies.


We hope that our blog can help you weigh your things out prior to buying weave hair online. If you need to help in making the right decision, just contact us instantly at the email info: sale@michair.vn

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