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5 Misunderstandings About Virgin Hair That You Probably Know

Fashion Blog Wed Jun 24 2020

100 Vietnamese hair is the hair comes from Vietnam, described as 100% human hair that has never been chemically processed by manufacturers. Chemically unprocessed means that the hair has not been dyed, bleached, or permed to change the color or texture. So we can also call it unprocessed virgin Vietnamese hair.

What is the Virgin Vietnamese hair?
Virgin hair refers to hair that is completely unprocessed, and intact. To qualify as virgin hair, it must meet rigorous standards including: not been permed, dyed, colored, bleached, and chemically processed in any way. This also means it comes from a single donor, and all the cuticles are intact, running in the same direction. Virgin hair can last up to a year with proper care and maintenance. When it comes to virgin Vietnamese hair, you have to care for your extensions just like your own natural hair.
What Are The 5 Misunderstandings About Virgin Vietnamese Hair?
Everything you thought you knew about virgin Vietnamese hair just might be wrong. Here are the most frequent misconceptions about Vietnamese virgin hair.
Vietnamese Virgin hair is Non-Remy hair
Vietnamese virgin hair and Remy hair are two completely different concepts. We have some terms: “Virgin hair” and “Non-virgin hair”; “Remy hair” and “Non-remy hair”. The defination of Virgin Vietnamese hair has been said above. Therefore, you can guess the meaning of the non-virign Vietnamese hair. Non-virgin Vietnamese hair can understood as a synthetic hair, Non-virgin hair has its cuticles stripped and is chemically treated. Cuticles are the natural protector of hair. Hair is much less healthy once the cuticles are stripped. Acid chemicals damage the hair even further and cause more shedding. Non virgin hair is not aligned same direction. What is about the Remy hair? The term virgin Remy hair means, the hair did not undergo any type of chemical processing for color, waves, and curls. The hair is present in its natural state. Depending upon origin, this hair is typically dark in colors and of highest quality. Remy Hair: The collection of Remy hair is done in similar manner like virgin Remy hair except the hair is gently gone through process for color, waves and curls. This hair is tangle free and can last for long time like virgin hair depending on personal maintenance and care for the hair. Finally, non-remy hair is in the contrast with the type of Remy hair. Non Remy hair is human hair that is collected from multiple sources. Non Remy is sold in its raw state and also as a finished product. In raw form the cuticles are intact but they flow in opposite directions. This can cause tangling and quality issues if not processed properly. Finished Non Remy selections have had the cuticles descaled and all hairs are similar in length giving each piece a thick luscious appearance.
Vietnamese Remy hair can be either Virgin or Non-virgin (meaning it is not natural hair or synthetic hair). Conversely, when it comes to Virgin hair, it could also be Remy hair or Non-remy hair. This means that the hair may grow in the same direction that it has the same root of hair. Or maybe it's Non-Remy hair, which means every hairstyle is arranged in a messy way, collected from different places to get one bundle Vietnamese hair. Please don’t confuse of these two concepts you guys.
It can not get damaged
Another misunderstanding is that: because the Vietnamese virgin hairs are not growing from your head so there is no need to take care of it carefully. In reality, it is necessary to shampoo and use conditioner to your Vietnamese human hair at least one or twice a week, if you don’t have time then it will be quite hard for you to wash them often. Just try to wash them once you want to wear them.
It is lightweight
Many people think that because the natural shape of Vietnamese hair is straight, it might be lightweight. But the truth come out, it is quite heavy and full. When you hold it on your hand, you can feel its weight. It is a misunderstanding that many people have. Anyway, each strand of Vietnamese hair is quite thick, so it affect the hair’s weight.
It can only blend well with the European women's hair
Many of us know that the Vietnamese hair’s texture is quite like the texture of European women’s hair, they are both delicate and shiny. What is about Vietnamese hair with black women hair? Because the natural hair color of Vietnamese hair is black, therefore, it can also blend well with African women’s hair. Normally, the hair texture of Vietnamese hair is soft, silky and very smooth, the African women hair texture is smooth and shiny too. The curl patterns can be made by final process of using hair styling machine. By doing this, the hair can blend well together.
It’s not needed to care for of your bundle of Vietnamese hair
Some human hair consumers think that just because it is not growing out of their head, they do not need to put in much effort when taking care of their human hair. But good Vietnamese hair is 100% human hair so it reacts to the environment similar to your hair and can collect dirt and buildup.
You do not have to wash it as often as you do your own natural hair but you should shampoo and condition your human hair to keep it at its best quality. You should also add products to tame frizz and to keep the natural shine. But if you wear it as a sew-in hair weave you should wash it more often than you would a wig or clip-ins hair extension.
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