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5 Things You Consider Before Buying Short Hair Extensions

5 Things You Consider Before Buying Short Hair Extensions

Fashion Blog Wed Aug 17 2022

Hair extensions are common for people who love to have their hair done and match it with their outfits without damaging their hair. However, not all types of hair extensions are getting the spotlight. The underrated short hair extensions are one of these types that most people leave unmentioned. Don't worry! We got you covered. Keep reading and learn more about short hair extensions!

How to Choose the Right Short Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are also known as the get-up real deal maker. They play a vital part in your final look. Thus, you must choose the proper short hair extension onset. Here are the five things you must consider before buying short hair extensions. 

Number 1. Look for Short Hair Extensions Quality

You can look aesthetically beautiful with your short hair extensions. However, the real question is whether the hair extensions that you are using can withstand the wild party, the extreme weather conditions, or can it simply last a day.

Thus, you must choose quality short hair extensions. You may opt to get short hair extensions made up of natural human hair over synthetic hair. Human hairs are known as better than synthetic hairs.

Brands also have roles in short hair extension qualities. You may have found perfect natural human hair for short hair extensions, but do top brands make them? I am not saying that you must not buy products from not-so-famous brands but what I am trying to say is you must choose a brand with proven and tested short hair extensions.

Number 2. Choose the Best Short Hair Extensions Type

The next thing that you need to consider is the type of hair extension that you will use. Some of the best short hair extensions you may use include tape-ins, clip-ins, and halos. But, remember, these short hair extension types depend on how short your hair is.

For instance, most tape-ins width have around 1 to 1.5 inches per tape which will be attached to your natural hair. Thus, your hair cut must not be too short to hold the tape-in hair extension.

Number 3. Check the Short Hair Extensions Length

Before you buy the short hair extensions that best fit your look, check first how long the hair extension should be. There is nothing wrong with buying the 30 inches though you only need 12 inches short hair extensions.

The problem arises if you need the length to be 12 inches sharp. What would you do with the 30 inch hair extension? Are you going to cut it? Or will you buy another short hair extension?

Number 4. Compare the Short Hair Extensions Thickness to Your Hair.

To achieve a natural look, you must have a hair extension with the same volume or thickness as your natural hair. Well, you can choose a thinner hair extension, but that will not look good on you. It might look a damaged hair instead. Also, do not choose those hair extensions that are thicker than your hair. It might not look natural.

Number 5. Choose the Right Color

Some people might think that the color of short hair extensions is not as important as the quality, length, and thickness. Little did they know that your hair extension color also contributes to your look. Plus, you need the right color to blend smoothly with your natural hair. Otherwise, it will look obvious that you are wearing a hair extension.

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Tips on How to Wear Short Hair Extensions

1. Clean your hair. 

Before you put on your hair extension, make sure that you will clean your hair. Wash and condition it to remove the dust or any debris, if there are any. Always remember it is easier to work on clean hair than oily hair. With the latter, you may have issues attaching the short hair extensions to it.

2. Tie the top half of your natural hair.

You must secure the top half to easily and quickly work on your hair extensions. Tying the top half gives you easy access to the middle and bottom part of your hair, where you can clip or attach the hair extensions.

Attaching the short hair extensions to the inner half of your hair allows the extensions to naturally blend into your hair.

3. Trim the tip of the hair extensions.

This tip is only necessary if your short hair extensions look too blunt and unnatural. Trim the end part to achieve a more natural look. If you are uncomfortable doing this, ask someone to trim it, or you may go to the nearest salon.

4. Apply a shine serum to your hair extension.

Hair shine serum blends your short hair extensions to your natural hair. You can apply the serum to your hair if your hair is a little bit duller than the hair extension. Or, if it's the other way around, you can apply the serum to hair extension to match the shininess of your natural hair. 

5. Add style to your hair.

Another way to blend perfectly the hair extension into your natural hair is by styling it. If you have curly hair, curl the hair extension a little bit more to match the curl of your hair. You may also iron your hair along with the hair extension to have a uniform, straight look.

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How to Maintain Short Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are only attached to the hair, not to the roots of your hair or the scalp itself. So, your short hair extensions must look similar to your natural hair. For you to achieve this, you need the following:

Dry Shampoo

The dry shampoo will help your hair and hair extension be oil-free for the tape to hold the bond and the extension not to slip.

Extension Brush

While it is OK to use a regular brush, we suggest you get or use an extension brush. Extension brushes are specifically made for hair extensions. It can untangle your hair without damaging its natural and short hair extensions.

Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Sulfate-free shampoos make noise in the hair care industry as one of the best hair cleaning agents due to their cleansing properties that are not present in other hair care shampoos. These properties maintain your hair and hair extensions' quality and shine.


A good conditioner can also help maintain your hair extensions, especially if you are a swimmer. It adds extra protection to your hair and short hair extensions from getting damaged, breakage, or dryness.


Short hair extensions work exactly like regular-length hair extensions. However, these types of extensions may need extra hair care, especially since they will be attached to a shorter hair length. 

May this article give you additional insights on how to choose the right short hair extensions and how to take good care of them.

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