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5 Tips For a Successful Hair Dropshipping Business

5 Tips For a Successful Hair Dropshipping Business

Fashion Blog Sat Aug 06 2022

If you plan to have a business of your own, there are many opportunities with hair. You can build a salon or, better yet, sell hair extensions. If you don't have a shop of your own or a place to store your products, consider hair dropshipping.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a retail method wherein you will no longer require on-hand items instead of storing the hair extensions ready to be delivered when a customer orders. Once the customer orders, your supplier will ship the items directly to them. 

In other words, dropshipping is like being a middleman between the client and the manufacturer. Having this as your business is more accessible as you will no longer need to worry about the shipments. All you need is to find customers that will buy the product that you are selling. There are also many benefits to hair dropshipping.

What are the advantages of dropshipping?

The capital you need is less than what you think. When you are in the standard retail business, you will have to pay for the products before you can sell them. It means that if no one buys it, it is a loss on your part. However, you will only pay for the product in this retail style after a customer orders it.

Furthermore, dropshipping is rent-free. You will not need a warehouse or a space to place your products. Since the manufacturer will make the shipment for you, you do not have to worry about the packaging.

You may be as adaptable as you like. Since you will not need an actual store, you can work anywhere, anytime. You can be out of town and still accommodate your clients' orders as long as you have a stable internet connection. You can also sell different products at once without being overwhelmed with orders.

Using an eCommerce website or app for your business will help you with dropshipping. There are sites available where they directly send the orders to the supplier. If you like to keep track of your sales, you may choose an eCommerce that has that feature. 

What are the disadvantages of hair dropshipping?

Of course, no business doesn't have a rain or shine moment. You must assess the drawbacks of your options regardless of what industry you decide. There are things that you must know before pursuing a hair dropshipping business.

Like the low capital and cost, your profit will also likely be low. Few orders will not be enough to keep a stable income. You will have to find ways to sell more, mainly if you use apps to manage your shop. Increasing your sales is difficult, especially when the market is competitive.

You cannot check the quality of each hair extension yourself before you sell it to the customers. One of the beauties of a typical retail shop is that you are confident with your products. You can quickly answer the queries of the customers and their concerns. However, with dropshipping, you blindly sell the items.

You must consider that you are not the only one who thought of this retail method. Learn how to keep up with other businesses to avoid sinking. Credibility is the key to gathering more clients and getting a deal with suppliers. Impress them with your edge and negotiation skills.

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How to earn a profit in hair dropshipping?

Despite the disadvantages of hair dropshipping, you can still have a successful business if you know the key. 

When you sell a hair extension, do not just give the basic information like price and brand. You must share everything you know about it, such as the texture, length, and material used for the hair. 

Providing the customers with helpful information about the available items will also help you gain more orders. For example, if you are selling closure and frontals, it would be nice to give them a brief explanation about the two. Some tips and guidelines will be great as well.

Since your market is online, try to raise your Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Increasing it will allow your online store to be visible on the first pages of the search engine. You will have many competitors, and people tend to stick with the first stores provided to them, so let them know about your business, too.

Do not just sell one kind of hair extension. There are wide varieties of wigs. Choose a supplier that can cater to a wide selection of products so that the customers may order more in your store. This strategy will also be an advantage in the market since some stores have few items to sell.

Aside from selling many items, you can also satisfy your clients by giving them excellent customer service. This advice applies to any business, not just hair dropshipping. You want them to recommend you to their family and friends. The better your rapport with your clients, the more items you can sell. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are hair extensions an excellent dropshipping business?

Hair extensions are excellent and have proven to be a successful business. Hair dropshipping allows you to sell various items at once. A lot of women and men wear hair extensions, may it be permanent or temporary. You can also sell fashion colors as these many businesses don't consider minorities.

2. Is the hair business profitable?

There are a lot of hair businesses that you can do, and all of them have high success rates. However, the capital can be pricey if you are considering starting one. Hair dropshipping is a great starting business since the capital and maintenance are low.

3. Can I be successful by doing dropshipping? 

Success depends on how you are going to run your business. Many competitors have an edge. But if you adhere to the suggestions and guidance for hair dropshipping, your success rate in this business will surely increase.


Now that you know more about hair dropshipping reassess whether this business is the perfect one for you. If you take this opportunity, do not forget the five tips to strengthen your online store.

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