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7 Best Reviewed Hair Vendors in Vietnam

7 Best Reviewed Hair Vendors in Vietnam

Fashion Blog Mon Dec 14 2020

People in the fashion and beauty industry usually prefer Vietnamese hair extensions and wigs. It has been recognized to be one of the best quality hair due to its shine, texture, and overall health of the hair. If you are planning to get your hands on Vietnamese hair extensions or wigs, we have curated the seven best hair vendors that you will find helpful. Each brand sells a variety of products like- clip-in-hair, hair weave, wigs, etc. These vendors are authentic and do not sell low-quality or duplicate products and, therefore, have made it to our list. Let’s look into the details.

How to Find Good Quality Vietnamese Hair vendors?

Now that we are in the age of technology, we can easily search and find good hair vendors online.  It doesn't matter if you are looking for the best hair vendors or the top virgin hair vendors. Everything will pop up in a snap once you start to hit the enter key.
You can also pull up some hair manufacturers and wholesalers in just a few clicks! Key keywords like top wholesale hair vendors, best virgin hair vendors wholesale, or best wholesale virgin hair vendors, and google will give you a good list to check.
That's the easiest way to find top quality hair vendors. 
But for those new to this industry, we have prepared a step-by-step guide on finding great hair vendors. Follow the steps below to find your future business partners!

Find Good Quality Vietnamese Hair vendors

Step 1. Check Alibaba's website. 

Because of their online reach and presence, Vietnamese top hair vendors who can handle local and international transactions are flocking to their site. So, whether you are looking for synthetic hair or the best human hair vendors, Alibaba is the place to go.

Step 2. Connect with your future business partner. 

Communication is important in business, but at the same time, it is one of the primary causes of misunderstandings. 
If you can't visit the best hair vendor's physical stores, you need to be as detailed but respectful as possible when you start contacting them. 

Step 3. Request for a sample. 

The best hair vendor always provides a sample. However, some hair sellers do not practice this.
What you can do is request a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). Most of the time, good quality hair vendors will agree to your request. 
Once you have the samples handy, test their quality to see if it is worth it. If it is not, check another vendor. 
Try searching for the best human hair vendors instead. Human hair is known for its quality and works well with dyes. 

Step 4. Look for less than 2 years contract. 

The hair trading industry is a big market, so big players compete for the best hair vendor spot. This competition will change the industry's rules, and your hair supplier might not cope with the changes. 
If this happens, your money and your business will suffer. Thus, to avoid this keep your contracts for less than two years and start putting your research skills into practice.

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Your Own Research is necessary!

Your Own Research is necessary!

Five-star ratings and good reviews on a hair seller's page are convincing enough that you might want to sign up for the packages immediately. However, their products might work with those customers, but they might not work with you. 

This is where you should start honing your research skills to help you decide on finding the best hair vendor and not end up wildly misled. 
You may find some that look like good hair vendors, but the product qualities can barely reach the standard. To avoid being scammed, gather all those top quality hair vendors. 
Prioritize those that fall under the wholesaler category. Usually, the vendors in this group have already established a good trust rating. That's an indication that they are great hair vendors. 
To give you a head start, here’s Vietnam's top quality hair vendors. Check the top wholesale hair vendors below that can help you with your hair trading business.

Top 7 Best Wholesale Hair Vendors in Vietnam

We have listed the vendors in order of popularity and customer reviews. 

1 - Mic Hair

The brand MICVIET Investment Company limited or popularly known as Mic Hair, is one of the best hair vendors in Vietnam. They have been selling and exporting 100% natural raw and virgin hair for ten years and have established themselves in the international markets. The hair is collected from Vietnamese women's velvety tresses and is therefore healthy, soft, and burnished. 

The website is simple to navigate and has all the step-by-step instructions to choose the right product. They provide a great variety of hair products in multiple colors, textures, and styles. The products are quite affordable and competitive. 

They have flexible payment options like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc. The delivery time is 3-5 days after your final confirmation of product quality over WhatsApp, and the payment is received. They also have 24 hours of professional customer support and a 30 days easy return policy. You can always refer to the considerable FAQ inventory to get quick answers to your questions about the product. 

2 - Beequeenhair 

A growing brand aspiring to grow in the international markets, Beequeenhair offers various products in different lengths, colors, textures, and thicknesses. The brand stresses delivering 100% Remy hair of 100% Vietnamese women. Generally, this means that there will be no compromise on quality. 

When you visit the website, it takes you through several steps to better understand your requirements and also with clear instructions. They have individual as well as hair extensions in a pack. Each product is available in a variety of textures and styles. There is a price range on every product, depending on the length, several strands, and color. To get better pricing, you will have to place a bulk order. They have strong customer support and contact center. 

3 - Apohair

APO Import Export Joint Stock Company was established in the year 2011, and since then, they have been growing in the international market. Within a small span, they have expanded substantially, and their business slogan is “Reputation is more valuable than gold.” The products listed on the website are 100% virgin hair of Vietnamese human and are not chemically treated. They are one of the best hair vendors to provide superior quality customer service. 

Once you are at the website, there are step-by-step instructions to take you to your desired product. They have a wide variety of products and a range of textures and styles. Each product has a detailed description and video for your understanding. The prices are incredibly reasonable and flexible. They have round a clock support center and an easy seven days return policy. 

4 - Lewigs hair

Wholesale Hair Vendors in Vietnam

Another popular name in the human hair enhancement and replacement business is Lewigs. They help people overcome the fear of hair loss by providing high-quality tailor-made hair extensions and hairpieces. They also believe in providing employment opportunities to the rural population that struggles to earn and make a living. 

The brand sells products for both men and women, making it one of the best hair vendors in terms of variety and inclusion. Besides what is available in the catalog, the brand provides you an option to order custom-made products as per your requirements. The website has many articles that will give you information about hair care, tips and tricks, and styling ideas. 

5 - Ankahair

Anka Hair JSC is a wholesale hair vendor that provides 100% Remy and Yaki hair of Vietnamese human. They promise to deliver excellent quality products that are natural and unprocessed. Their main products include machine weft hair, double drawn bulk hair, hair wigs, etc. They also sell synthetic hair bulk in different colors and textures.

The website is quite informative in terms of product details. And the best part is, every product has a list of pros and cons mentioned in the description for your understanding. The unique feature is their multilingual customer support that resolves queries of customers across the globe. They have a seven days return/exchange or refund policy. 

6 - McSara

McSara is another leading brand in the human hair extension business. It was established in 2014 and had been growing ever since. Their main clients are in the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa. The brand promises to deliver good quality hair within a budget. The hair products are 100% human and not chemically treated or dyed. 

The video gallery on the website gives you quick access to all hair care and hair products related information. The hair extensions are weaved in machines for better quality and uniformity. They have a good range of hair textures and lengths of hair. They can be found in physical stores, and to place orders online, you can visit the website. 

7 - Laylahair

Founded by women, Laylahair is a unique brand that not only provided top-notch hair products to its customers worldwide but also empowers women in the local community to earn a living. They also support and collaborate with other hair vendors across the globe to support their local businesses. Therefore, this brand, according to us, is one of the best hair vendors that creates an impact on society. 

The products are 100% raw and virgin human hair, sourced from Cambodian and Vietnamese women. Besides having a wide range of hair extensions and wigs, they have heavy discount offers for regular customers. Before receiving the order, you will be sent many pictures and videos for your approval and confirmation of delivery. They, too, have 24/7 customer support and two days return/exchange policy. This is one brand you must visit. 

8 Consecutive Questions to Ask Your Online hair vendor

Do you have the best hair vendor in mind now? If you do, run through these questions to see if your partnership with them is feasible. 

8 Consecutive Questions to Ask Your Online hair vendor

1. How long has your company been in the hair trading business?

Prioritize those companies who have solidly established their names in the hair industry. Only consider those good quality vendors with at least ten years of hair trading experience. 

2. What is your edge over other companies?

All hair companies have the same common denominator, but the best hair vendors have unique selling points that set them apart. It could be customer service, discounts, or their policy itself. 

3. Do you have a factory that we video call around?

Top hair vendors have factories. They do not resell nor buy from top wholesale hair vendors. If that happens, the selling price might be higher than those who manufacture their products. 

4. What are the different types of hair your company sells?

Most hair sellers have an area of specialization. Some are part of the best human hair vendors list, while others fall among to top virgin hair vendors. Only choose the hair sellers that are in line with your desired specialization.

5. How do you maintain the hair's quality?

Quality is what people are paying for, not the brand's name. So, to give value to your customer's money, you must ensure that the great hair vendors on your list have specific techniques to maintain their products to last longer. 

6. Do you send raw pictures and sample products?

This is only applicable if you can't visit their factory or stores. You may skip this if you have access and have an opportunity to test their products before purchasing them in bulk. 

7. What is your shipping process?

Before deciding that a company is the best hair vendor, ask them about their shipping process. Ask them when they usually ship the products, what courier handles the shipping, and what they do when there are delays.

8. Can you tell me your return policy?

One way to protect yourself from undesirable events is through the vendor's return policy. This covers shipping the wrong and defective products. Ask them how they go about it. 


Each of these best hair vendors mentioned above has some unique features to grab your attention. In our opinion, these brands have some great customer reviews and provide excellent customer support. 

The easy return policy gives you time to try it out and then return. The FAQs section has a considerable number of questions answered for your better understanding. We therefore highly recommend you to go through all websites, spending some time before you make a move ahead. 

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