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8 Unique And Trendy Hairstyles That Best Suit Round Face

8 Unique And Trendy Hairstyles That Best Suit Round Face

Fashion Blog Wed Nov 18 2020

Often women complain about their cheeks being chubby, and the lousy hairstyle enhances that. Beauty Gurus swear by the fact that to highlight the best parts of your face and hide or subside, you need the right hairstyle. Bob cut is best suited for round faces as it kind of hides the chubby cheeks. This hairstyle gives an elongated look to the face. When you choose the right style and combine it with useful techniques, the round face diminishes.

People often misunderstand Bob hairstyle to be short, but it can be medium and long as well. Long bobs are usually cut till the shoulders and is popularly known as Lob. If you are looking for a hairstyle that quickly slims down your face, you can ask your hairstylist to give you a bob cut and add a few bangs at the front and create a unique look for your round face. Let us find out a few such options of long bob hairstyles for round face.

Top Hairstyles That Best Suits Round Face

Although there are multiple and innumerable hairstyles that can be done on a round face, but we are going to list some of our top choices. I hope you draw some inspiration from it.

1 - Choppy Long Lob

Fun, modern, and feminine choppy long bob is our personal favorite. They are best suited for fine-textured hair. This quick and simple go-to hairstyle gives you a trendy and modern look in very little time. With sharp edges and a light wavy style, it tends to flatten out most round faces. It goes best with blonde hair.

2 - Sharp Long Angled Bob

Stylish and sleek, the sharp long angled bob is all about drama and the wow factor. This hairstyle is sharply angled and one of the top choices for celebrities these days. Styling long bobs at angles give the hair a dimension and character.

3 - Shoulder Length Bob

A stunning medium to long length bob, the shoulder-length Lob is always a trendsetter. It is considered the perfect hairstyle to flatten the round face. Since it has layers, it takes away the attention from the round and fullness of your symmetrical cheeks. To add volume, partition the hair from the side, give it a light wavy and slightly curly look. So, this is a great look for long bob hairstyles for a round face.  

4 - Layered Long Bob

The name suggests the kind of hairstyle the long layered bob is. This hairstyle is undone purposefully and let it live in. Just to achieve this look, the hair is cut shoulder length at the back and collarbone length in the front. This hairstyle gives away a soft yet edgy look. When you consider going for a lob, consult with your hairstylist about the texture. And depending on the texture, the hairstyle looks different on different faces.

5 - Adorable Asymmetric Lob

The sexy and adorable look known as adorable asymmetric lob gives a tousled beach wave. This hairstyle is most popular amongst girls who are edgy but want a very low maintenance haircut. There are a lot of ways of styling and not going deep into being asymmetric. It gives away an edgy, as well as a conservational look. Who does not like their hair to be versatile and do hair flip with a little sass.

6 - Long Lob With Front Fringes

Another great option of long bob hairstyles for round face is front fringes and is often considered the right combination. You can add a little bit of highlight to make the hair stand out. It requires a little bit of time to achieve this look and a hefty maintenance cost. But all that is worth the classic sweet but sexy look. Most yond girls experiment with this look, and it is a go-to school/college hairstyle.

7 - Long Bob With Side-Swept Bangs

A unique haircut for special occasions to make you feel extra special is the long bob side-swept bangs. A professional, along with a modern look, is customizable according to your choice. The versatility of this hairstyle gives an elegant, day-to-day look and feel. The best way of styling it is by adding a little bit of highlight to the fringes and side part of the hair to give a little contour to your face. The more hair you have towards the front, the feeling of thinning hairline diminishes.

8 - Beachy Wave Lob

The long beachy wavy look achieved in this hairstyle is done using a 1-inch long rod and sine sprays to hold the texture together. This hairstyle fits both experienced as well as young outgoing personalities. However, this hairstyle needs a lot of maintenance and a regular visit to the salon. If adding a little highlight, this beachy wave look attracts a lot of attention.

When Should You Be Getting A Lob Haircut?

  • - If you have been using too much heat and bleach on your hair, the ends have damaged.
  • - When you have a thick root and mid-length, but the roots are thin and dry.
  • - Despite having good volume, your hair lays flat and lifeless.
  • - You are looking for something cool and sexy at the same time.
  • - If you have a chubby round face, and you want to make it look elongated.
  • - When you are too bored with your regular hairstyle, you must explore long bob hairstyles for a round face. 
  • - If your hair is outgrown and weighs you down, you can chop off your hair to a bob.


Hairstyles on round faces are often tricky to perfect. And to balance a round face, you need to know the bob cut's length, adding some exciting angles and creating the perfect frame. Experts often advise that for a round face, no matter which hairstyle you choose or up to which length you want to go, add a face-framing layer or side-swept fringes to match the personality and complement the style. There are multiple hairstyles for all different face shapes. And hairstyles with a little bit of character makes it the best long bob hairstyle for a round face.

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