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A 2022 Guide: 4x4 Closure VS 6x6 Closure

Fashion Blog Fri Apr 15 2022

In an ever-changing world comes never-ending demands for beauty. Making your synthetic hair look natural is a big deal for everyone who prefers hair extensions or wigs. There is a lot of stuff to help you achieve your dream hair, but it has a wide range of choices. How will you know it all? Let's start with Closure.

What is a Closure?

Closure/s refers to hairpieces that are designed to match your skin tone, creating a little deception of hair growing from the scalp. You wouldn't doubt that it is a hair extension or wig. The Closure allows you to quickly change your hairstyle without actually compromising your natural hair and scalp from heat, pressure, and damage.

4 Kinds of Closure

The Closure varies on size and material used. Want to try one but are not sure what kind of Closure to get? We got you. Here are the different types of closures.

The Lace Closure

This kind of Closure is very much an off-circle-shaped piece of lace with hair fastened into the lace. The lace closure/s is pretty small, with an approximate size of 4×4. This Closure is frequently worn at the crown of the head, giving you a somewhat more natural appearance, which is really crucial.

If you are wearing a full-on sew-in hair extension, lace closure gives you the choice of having a leave out.

There are three divided sections in lace closures :

One-Part or Middle Section

This section in lace closure is the only non-versatile one, as it can be styled on the middle or one side only.


From the name itself, you can do all hairstyles you want without compromising the natural hair look. 


Three-part is a pretty versatile section in lace closure. It allows you to do more hairstyles as you can part it on either side of your head and even in the middle.

The Lace Frontal

Also known as lace front closure, it is one of the most versatile Closures. It stretches from ear to ear, making it cover the entire top of your hair. Most prefer this kind of Closure as it is possible to create a new hairline if you want.

Not only that it is versatile, but it is also natural-looking. This is perfect for those people that have a wide forehead. Creating a new hairline with natural-looking might be the best solution to that wide forehead.

The lace frontal closure is typically larger than the lace closure, as it covers from ear to ear, having a standard size of 13x4.

Since lace frontal is versatile in nature, it won't limit you in styling your hair, unlike many other closures. It can also be divided into several sections, including the center, side, and three-part styles.

We all know that there is a wide range of hairstyles. Express yourself and make your own signature hairstyle.

The Silk-Base Closure

With this one-of-a-kind closure, you may create beautiful and natural-looking synthetic hair while pampering your scalp with satin. Yes, this Closure is satin-based. It consists of natural hair strands placed in a neutral-colored silk fabric that has been bonded with lace to provide the appearance of skin.

Closures made of silk are mostly available in a 4x4 size. However, although this Closure often does not lay flat, they provide an appearance comparable to a real scalp. It has been proven that silk-base closures outlast lace closures even with maximum aftercare.

The 360 Frontal

From the name itself, it is a lace headband-like Closure with natural hair attached to the 360 frontal. This completely replicates the hairline that allows you to wear practically any hairdo you like without worrying that others might notice your Closure.

If you think about it, most women would love to have a closure that looks completely natural, without much effort of having it at the same time. And if you also live to have this kind of Closure, you should take a look at our video below. Not only that it is the most natural-looking Closure, but it also goes perfectly with sew-in.

4x4 Closure VS 6x6 Closure

What is 4x4 Closure?

This is the weave style that has been used for centuries. This is the first-ever Closure that was available in the market. With 4x4 Closure, it allows you to achieve a much more natural-looking. As you may tell by the name, this is 4x4 inches in width and length. As a result, the natural hair is hand-stitched to the lace.

Additionally, you may pick between a free-part, center-part, and a three-part closure to make managing your hairstyle easier. Then you can separate it whatever you want, mainly because the closure core makes its use as a scalp-like closure that looks natural.

What about the 6x6 Closure? 

Most of you probably realized that the only difference between 4x4 and 6x6 Closure is the width and length. With 6x6 Closure, it allows an ever-larger coverage in your head. Like 4x4 Closure, 6x6 Closure is easy to style and gives you more hairstyles to choose from since it is wider than 4x4 Closure. 

4x4 Closure VS 6x6 Closure: Which Costs More?

When it comes to price, there is a big difference depending on what size of Closure you have chosen. The price is a bit higher if you choose a bigger closure. Whenever you're ready to buy one, do some digging, compare the costs to the shops, and weigh whether the ones you want to buy have appropriate pricing. 

4x4 Closure VS 6x6 Closure Aftercare

Even though these closures create a realistic scalp, you must use caution when installing and removing them. Because every strand of lace is tied with a knot, the lace is far more sensitive than usual. When cleaning the Closure, be cautious to sud the shampoo or conditioner downwards, rubbing the lace lightly as you the lather. 

If your Closure has tangles, do not freak out. Gradually finger-comb or brush the synthetic hair from the tip to the roots. While doing this, make sure to hold hair near the lace to avoid tugging the strands. Being careless and not paying enough attention to your Closure might result in unwanted hair fall, breakage, and lace tearing.

Now, we're going to see how 4x4 and 6x6 look to understand better:

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So, 4x4 Closure vs. 6x6 Closure, which is the best? Both Closure will give you a full experience and achieve natural-looking hair while protecting your natural hair and scalp from getting damaged. The best Closure will be the ones that actually serve its purpose in your daily activities without compromising the natural hair appearance.

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