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Advantages of having a new sew-in weave hair

Fashion Blog Wed Apr 15 2020

Having a sew-in weave hair to have dream look is now not difficult for everyone. Owning your completely new and beautiful weaves hairs but do you surely know all of their advantages that they can bring to us in your daily life? I will put a handy list of their advantages to help you firgue out the great things that your sew-in weaves hairs have.

Sew-in weaves hairs add a fullness look to your hair

When putting on a sewn-in weave hair that covers your whole head, the users can solve the shortcomings that we often encounter such as: thinning hair, short hair, damaged hair, or even bald head and many other causes. For half-wig, they can add tons of volume to your current hairstyle. Sew-in weaves hairs are various in their types where you can choose whether a single weave hair or double; super double weave hair to give your hairstyle a thickness as you have always expected. They are ideal for people who want to have a thick hair which will definitely bring you a dynamique style. When talking about the fullness look, we were meant to say a wide range of beautiful shapes and colors that sew-in weaves hairs have. They can match your natural hair colour exactly. There are so many different colours options available on the market, but normally there are 3 shades of colours: natural hair colours, ombre colours and piano colours.

Sew-in weaves hairs come in many beautiful shapes for you, while the straight weave hair can build a natural look, the curly or wavy one can create a more energetic hairstyle for you. So, depending on the purpose of the use that you can choose the appropriate shape that fit you the most.


Sew-in weaves hairs will not damage your natural hair

Just like our natural real hair, if you are not caring your hair properly, it can lead to many problems. The problems of itself can be breakage, loose its frizz, loose its colours,... but they don't do any harms to your natural hair. Try to keep your sew-in weave hair no more longer than 24 hours because they can cause pain to our head when wearing them too long, especially with double and super double weave hair. Nowadays, most of weave hair is prefered by a lot of people is virgin weave hair, a virgin weave hair is 100% human natural hair. They might be more expensive than the non-virgin weave hair - which is normally made from various man-made polymers and plastics, however, they can ensure you the best quality that is safe for your health and more convenient to put on. They are just like your natural hair so they can not damage your hair.


Sew-in weaves hairs are long lasting and easy to maintain

There are some few things that you need to remember for keeping your weaves hairs clean. First is wash your hair regularly and co-wash at least one in 2 or 3 weeks. Co-washing is only to condition the hair, no usage of shampoo is involved. Try always to use a moisturizing conditioner. Avoid having to use any other grooming products between washes. By following these notes, you can lengthen your weaves hairs life as much as it can be. A sew-in weave hair can last up to 1.5 years or more. Maintaining them is like doing with your real hair: Shampoo, blow-dry curl or straighten as you would with your real hair; and change into the style you want. Anyway, please bear in minds to avoid over styling, the heat of styling machines will break our hair and reduce its durability after a long time using.


And the last but not least, sew-in weaves hairs are fashionable

A sew-in weave hair give you an absolutely dreaming outside for your special occasion. Not worrying about spending much time on changing your new hairstyle by getting some advices from the hairdressers at many hair salons and spending much money for getting a new look. Otherwise, a weave hair helps us saving our time while still catching up the new trend of hairstyles easily and instantly. Say goodbye to the anxiety comes before every special occasion, having a weave hair is easy and funny! It helps you to catch up the hot trend fastly and also give your real hair a rest! In addition, if you know how to harmoniously combine hair, costumes, and accessories together, you will look much more feminine and stylish!


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