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AMAZING Different Weave Hairstyles To Make Heads Turn - UPDATED 2020

AMAZING Different Weave Hairstyles To Make Heads Turn

Fashion Blog Tue Sep 01 2020

Life is too short to go round the town with the same hair look all your life! Vibrant colors, afro locks, pin straight strands are all the fun hair weaves you can try to completely transform your personality. That being said, hair weaves aren't a one-time thing that you try in order to glam up your IG feed, hair weaves also create great protective styles to save you on bad hair days. Here are a few glamorous weave hairstyle ideas that will demand attention everywhere you go.

1. Soft, Loose Curls Weave

Timeless and elegant, big, soft curls are a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. If you are looking for longer hair weaves, you'll fall in love with these feminine and sophisticated curls.

2. Tight Corkscrew Curls Weave

If hair volume is high up on your wishlist, curly weaves like these corkscrew curls can give you the look straight out of your dreams. 

These weaves feature heavily textured layers of strong, tight curls that fall beautifully over your back and deliver tons of volume.

3. Red Or Burgundy Weave Hairstyle

Rich- colored weaves highlight your bold personality and send out a strong message of power and ambition. 

It is also a memorable choice of color that is sure to cast a lasting impression on the onlookers.

4. Pixie Cut Weave Hairstyle

Designed for the contemporary women on the go, pixie cuts are a fuss-free hairstyle that can bring out a woman’s feminine features like no other haircut can. 

Just like bob cut hair weaves, pixie cut weaves can also be short or long depending on what you feel you can rock the best. Pixie cuts can also be customized by your stylist based on how to cut layers to best flatter your face shape.

5. Wavy Weave Hairstyle

Another hairstyle for women looking for longer hair weaves. Wavy hairstyle flatters every face shape, hair length and texture. 

They are both luscious and playful and you can opt for different colors to accentuate the waves and create an easy-going hairstyle perfect for dates or office.

6. Classic Bob - Short Weave Hairstyle

Two words for a classic bob - classy and flattering. Your stylist can customize your look and add layers to add volume while keeping the modernity of the cut intact. 

You can choose the thickness of the weave depending on how voluminous you want your bob cut to be. One thing is for sure, the resultant look will be fresh, modern and badass.

7. Pin Straight Weave Hairstyle

You aren’t the only one who feels a solid pang of jealousy every time a woman with naturally straight hair walks by. Sleek, manageable and smooth hair is the ultimate hair look only a few are blessed with. 

For the rest of us, there are straight hair weaves that lay flat and are easy to blend in with any other hairstyle.

8. Side-Swept Weave Hairstyle

A voluminous side-swept part weave creates the most youthful and vibrant look. 

You can combine the weave with soft, loose curls at the bottom and a side braid on the top to create a look worth dying for!

9. Half-Up Weave Hairstyle

You can spend hours styling a weave and be creative with it. If you hit a roadblock, you can always resort to the half up and half down hairstyle for a look that screams elegance out of every strand.

10. High Ponytail Weave Hairstyle

Tight, slick back ponytails that look classy add a definitive edge to your personality. It makes you look bold and fierce. 

Women with pin straight weaves or long and straight hair extensions are encouraged to try out this enrapturing hairstyle.

11. Braid Weave Hairstyle

From box braids to Ghana braids, you can try a plethora of diverse braid hairstyles with your weave. Braided hairstyles are cute and elegant, and are a hit in every season.

12. Low Ponytail Weave Hairstyle

If we mentioned the high ponytail a while back, it wouldn’t be fair to leave out the chicest ponytail hairstyle in town. 

Sleek and classy, low ponytails give out a semi-formal, business casual vibe. However, it even works as a cute high school hairstyle.

13. Asymmetrical Weave Hairstyle

An undeniably cool haircut, asymmetrical hairstyle is defined by varied lengths and layered blunt cuts. A bold pop of color such as blue or green brightens your face and gives a fiercer look.

14. Multicolor Weave Hairstyle

A mix of subtle pastels and bright hue makes for an amazing experimental look. 

You can mix and match with your entire weave or you can stick to just highlighting your weave with multicolor to create a daring weave hairstyle.

15. Ombre Weave Hairstyle

When you can’t decide between two gorgeous colors, ombre can save the day. Start with the darker tone of the color at the top and work your way down with the lighter tone. 

Let your hair gradually transition from one shade to another to create a dynamic ombre hairstyle.

16. Pink Weave Hairstyle

Along with red and burgundy, pastel pink, magenta and other variants of pink, have been just as popular as any other color. 

Women who want to go for an outgoing, feminine and delicate look usually opt for these tones for their hair weaves.

17. Outgrown Pixie Hairstyle

If you are having a tough time deciding if you want to keep your hair short at a bob cut length or long at a pixie cut length, you can meet both the cuts halfway in this outgrown pixie hairstyle. This weave hairstyle gives you the best of both worlds in the most glamorous way.

18. Headband Or Scarf Weave Hairstyle

On a more lazy and laid back day when you don’t want to indulge in styling your weave, you can pick a simple headband or bandana to complement your weave. 

This hairstyle suits especially well for women with tight curls or medium length super curly weaves.

19. Ponytail With Braids

If you can’t get enough of the classy look that a high ponytail brings, you would love to add a personal touch by braiding your high ponytail in several different ways. 

From a simple three-strand braid to the delicate French braid, you will never run out of ideas and you will always have something unique to create with your look.

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