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Best Four Ways To Style Side Bangs

Best Four Ways To Style Side Bangs

Fashion Blog Fri Jun 18 2021

Bangs add a dash of innocence and beauty to your face. Gone are the days when bangs were only used for hiding a big forehead. Bangs have gone mainstream, and they are being flaunted by many of our beloved celebrities every day. These little strands of hair add glamour to your look and can be a great addition to your existing hairstyle. If straight-cut bangs make you feel too childish, then you can go for the more mature and elegant-looking side-swept bangs that go well with any hairstyle. Once you learn how to style side bangs, it will become effortless to get ready in minutes. And if you think that there is a dearth of options for styling bangs, you couldn't be more wrong. They are very easy to style as well and provide you tremendous flexibility. There are so many different types of hairstyles that go well with bangs. So let's learn how to style side bangs.

Style One: Classy And Easy

First off, you need to blow dry your hair to add some sexy fullness. To generate this full and fabulous hairstyle, take a ceramic hair brush and blow-dry your hair. The hair will have soft curls. 

To create the same effect for your side bangs, take a small ceramic hairbrush that is suitable for the size of your bangs. Grab the hair from your bangs and wrap it around the ceramic hairbrush, holding the brush away from your face. While holding the brush in this position, blow dry it for about 10 to 20 seconds on medium to high heat. 

Once you are done, switch off the blow dryer and hold your hair in the same position and let your ceramic iron brush do the work as it gets heated because of the blow-dry. You could have used hot iron rollers for this, but it will not give the soft curls required for this hairstyle, so this is the best way to do it. 

After 20 minutes, you can unwrap your hair and see the immediate effect! You will have stunning side bangs to complement your voluminous hair. Use hairspray to set your newly styled beautiful locks.

Style 2: Formal And Stylish

The advantage of having longer bangs as opposed to shorter bangs is the variability in styling. The long bangs are much more flexible as you can style them however you want to. This style will come to your rescue when you are not in the mood for going for a full-blown hair wash and heat styling. It is especially good for those days when your hair feels greasy; you know, those not-so-good-hair days. So let's see how to style these side bangs.

Just brush your hair, along with your bangs, or use a straightener if you want to. Take your bangs and pull them towards the back of your head. Secure the hair with a clip. 

Slightly adjust your bangs by pulling them a little in the upwards and the sideways direction to give it signature "puff". Remember to do this extra step; otherwise, your hair might look slightly flat. 

With this "puff," your hair will look gorgeous and voluminous. It's incredible for those hot summer days when you don't want hairs all over your face. You can let the rest of your hair loose or tie it up in a ponytail or a braid— whatever way you like.

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Style 3: Chic And Comfortable

Another hairstyle to avoid getting hair on your face all the time; it especially comes handy when you don't want to keep your bangs on your forehead all the time but still want to flaunt it. 

Brush your hair and your bangs. Straighten them with a heated straightener for an even look. Take a part of your bang from one side of the hair, leaving a few strands loose, and clip the bunch of hairs. Letting a few hair strands loose will make this look cuter, and you are still going to have a secure hairstyle that does not bother you.

Style 4: Trendy And Hot

As we discuss how to style side bangs, it is only reasonable to add this trendy style to our tale. This style works well with a certain type of long bangs. If your bangs are cut in 2 layers: once shorter and one longer layer, then this style is for you! This will help you style your hair, especially the longer bangs so that it makes it look ample due to the short bangs pushing against the long banks.

You can use a blow dryer and a ceramic brush. Brush your bangs and put them in the ceramic brush. Do not wrap them around the brush like in style 1. Instead, take the hair into the brush and hold the brush at one side of the forehead so that the bangs will cover one side of your face, and use the blow dryer. 

After blow-drying for 10 to 20 seconds, let them lose and notice the effect. If your hair is not straight and in shape, repeat the process one more time until your hair gets the desired look. The bangs will cover one side of your forehead and may also slightly cover a part of your eyes, which is likely to exhibit a mysterious vibe. This kind of hairstyle goes well with a casual look.

Do's and Don’ts

  • - Do not get bangs if you have extremely curly hair, as it might curl up in front of your hairline and look weird.
  • - While doing these hairstyles, start with your bangs, especially when working on wet hair, as the bangs dry up quickly and become curly or frizzy.


So these were some of the different ways of styling your side bangs. We hope you learned a fair bit about how to style side bangs. Longer bangs leave a lot of room for experimentation with hair styling. Straighten it, curl it or clip it—do whatever you like! You should choose a look depending on the occasion and your purpose. Bangs look good even with ponytails and braids.

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