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Best ways to secure a wig hair on your head

Fashion Blog Mon Apr 20 2020

Wearing a wig, sometimes you are worrying about how to keep it on your head that will not fall out easily. While we do some activities, it might fall out of your head anytime. To help you with this embarrassing situation, we will show you some useful ways to keep a wig on your head.

1. Wig grip

Wig grips are the most popular methods for securing a wig on your head. They are easy to take on and can be worn easily under your hats and also your wig. If you need to remove your wig throughout the day, then wig grips are the best the best choice for you. They are made of double-sided velvet, wig grips are designed with one side that grips your hair or skin and one side that grips your head cover or wig. Most wigs grips come with an adjustable strap at the back that allows you to adjust the size of the grip.

2. Wig tape

This type of tape is used for a bald head. The wig tape is attached to the underside of your wig. The wig tapes are the great choices that allows you to keep your wig in place and still having a natural movement. They also allow a daily wear dependent on temperature, humidity and body oils of the wig-wearer. The wig glue is different with normal glue that we use in daily life, they do not make our skin getting the allergy, so if you have a sensitive skin, there is no worry too!

3. Wig cap 

A wig cap is suitable with person who wear a capless wig. A wig cap can prevent your natural hair from breakage that is due to friction, creating a safe and sanitized barrier between the wig and scalp. They are the perfect tool to keep your wig in place. There are 3 main types of wig caps: they are the Nylon Wig Caps, Mesh Wig Caps, Wig Grip Caps. Nylon Wig Caps are best for women with shorter hair or no hair because they provide a smooth surface against the skin. The mesh wig caps Mesh Wig Caps are best for women with long hair because they’re good at flattening and collecting long hair. The wig Grip Caps are best for women who like the security of wig grips, but have sensitive skin and need a layer between their wig and their skin. 

4. Wig glue

A wig glue is suitable for person without hair. Wig glue is a roll-on adhesive that is clear and won't leave stains. It is easily removed with water and pliable. If you have a sensitive skin, please avoid wig glue, instead, you can choose a custom wig. There are many kinds of wig glue that are sold today. Depending on your skin and habits of activities that you should go for the strong adhesive glue products or the lighter one. They are the magical tool for you to keep your wig on your head.


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