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Black Hair Extensions - Best Selling Hair Of All Time | Hot Products

Black Hair Extensions - Best Selling Hair Of All Time | Hot Products

Fashion Blog Tue Sep 21 2021

If you ask about our best selling product. Yes, I can answer without hesitation, that product is definitely black hair extensions. Whether it's raw black hair or hair that's been treated like straightening, or or steam curling, they're always selling well at Mic Hair.

Why is black hair always the first choice?

1. Cost savings

The first and very important reason: The price of black hair extensions is always cheaper than other hair types.

Black hair is the original hair color of most Asians and Africans. They have high popularity, more abundant sources so the price is always more affordable.

It is very simple to prove this argument. When comparing 2 bundles of hair with the same raw hair, the same length and the same Vietnamese hair, it is certain that natural brown hair bundles will be more expensive even though their quality is similar.

2. Popular hair color

Whether you have dark skin tone, yellow skin tone and even white skin tone. Black hair can always compliment your skin tone perfectly.

3. High quality

Dyeing or bleaching are methods that are very harmful to the hair. Therefore, if you choose colored hair bundles, the quality of your hair may be drier. Especially with bleached hair, they can lose their natural shine.

4. Can change hair color

Black hair is too familiar and boring for you. It doesn't matter because you can completely change its hair color. There is nothing difficult if your hair is of good quality. If your budget is better, go to the beauty salon and they will help you get any hair color you want. If you want to save money, try dyeing them yourself at home. It's more interesting than you think. However, be careful with your precious black hair extensions!

What options are there for black hair extensions at Mic Hair?

1. Virgin black hair extensions

There is not much to say about this hair type anymore. Virgin black hair is sold in both bulk and weaves. Virgin black hair is of high quality, they are healthy, shiny, silky and have a long life span. At Mic Hair, we can supply virgin black lengths from 6 - 32 inches. 

2. Bone straight black hair weave extensions

Bone straight black hair is the best-selling product in the African market. They are easy to care for and maintain for a long time but also can give off a sexy and luxurious look.

3. Curly/wave black hair weave

You know, when bleached or dyed a light color, it is difficult for the hair to curl. But for black hair, you can create all your favorite curls from kinky curly, deep wave, loose wave, body wave...

All black hair extensions at Michair are made from 100% remy human hair with high quality. Visit Bulk hair and Weave hair to see more black hair types.

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