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Blending Hair Extensions With Your Curly Hair With Easy Methods

Blending Hair Extensions With Your Curly Hair With Easy Methods

Fashion Blog Wed Jul 08 2020

If you are a girl with curly hair, you might wonder how you can make your hair extensions match well with your curly hair. There are two ways to help you solve this problem. Not only it will help your hair extensions blend well with your real hair but it can also prevent your hair extensions from getting damages. Why are these methods so effective? What are these two methods? Join us now to find out how you can own an amazing glamorous hair.

Method 1: The Curling Method

Step 1: 

As you will need some extra care for your curls, don’t forget to wash your hair by hands and be sure to moisturize carefully. One characteristic of this heating method is it will make your hair dry easily. Therefore, you need to moisturize your hair to protect it from the heat of the curling iron and keep your hair always healthy and do not let it dry out.


Step 2:

Make sure to choose a barrel for your curling iron that is the same size as your own natural hair curls and set it to a medium-high position. Then, you can brush your hair extensions gently to remove tangles and prepare it up for the curls. This is an important step that can’t be missed out.


Step 3: 

After achieving a steady base for your hair extensions, you can either start to curl each lock of hair extensions independently and then apply them to your hair, or you can curl all of the hair extensions together and put the hair extensions set in beforehand. This definitely depends on you. Anyway, we advice you the best way is to hang it on a hair hanger if you decide to curl the wefts before putting them in.


Step 4: 

After curling your hair extensions and attaching it to your natural mane, rake your fingers gently through your locks. You can also use a comb to remove tangles and ensure each wave curl up naturally - whether you're going for soft, large curls for a feminine, night-out vibe or a tighter set.

If you still need more time to let the curls of your hair extensions drop to a more relaxed texture, you can use a hanger to leave them hanging overnight to let gravity do the work for you.

The next step is to just start styling your curly hair as you wish - leave it cascading on your back or try an amazing updo.


Method 2: The Heat-Free Method

Step 1: 

The first essential step is to wash and condition your hair to ensure it is at the best state when applying for the extensions. Let it dry out completely. Then next step is to spray the hair extensions with some water combined with moisturizing oil.


Step 2:    

After drying out your hair extensions, you can now spritz water on your hair extensions and add some oil to keep it as moisturized as your locks.


Step 3: 

Lay out all the wefts and braid it into three small strands. If your natural curls are tight, braid the wefts in small strands; if your curls are loose, braid them in larger strands, so that they will match your natural texture once they dry. Of course, it should match your curls, so if you have kinkier locks, you can go for a smaller strand braid. Meanwhile, loose curls should have larger strands.


Step 4:

Leave your wafts to dry overnight, but you can speed up the process by blow-drying them gently. Just be sure to apply some heat protectant spray to protect your hair extensions.


Step 5: 

Check the braids and when they are completely dry, start undoing them with the help of a rat tail comb or even your fingers, until the braid is completely undone. At the end of this process, you will have gorgeous wavy wefts, ready to clip in your natural hair!


Pro Tips

If you choose the heat-free method or if you decide to curl your hair extensions separately from your hair, use a hanger to suspend your clip-ins as curling will become so much easier. This is also a great way to store extensions when you aren't wearing them!

Before applying each weft to your hair, be sure to tease your hair a bit at the roots, so that the clip-ins have a stronger hold and a more lasting grip.


Always use heat protecting products when working with hot tools, as high heat and repeated heat might damage your human natural hair.

Take good care of your hair extensions after styling them and be sure to wash them and use extra conditioning to keep them in good shape!

In short, these are the great ways for you to match your curly hair with hair extensions. If you choose the heat-free method, don’t forget to braid your hair extensions into small strands of hair; if you choose the curling method, just make sure that you will use the hair heat protectant products before apply heat to your hair extensions. No matter which types of methods you choose, we can be sure that you will be satisfied with the result and you will have a glamorous hair styles as you had always expected.



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