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Body Wave Weave Hair: All You Need To Know

Body Wave Weave Hair: All You Need To Know

Fashion Blog Thu Jun 18 2020

Weave hair apppeared as an essential hair accessory in recent years. One of the most charming and attractive weave hair that can bring so much beauty and confidence to everyone of us is: Body wave weave hair! A lot of girls want to install a body wave weave hair for plenty of reasons. The reason is because of its versatility and beauty. Do you want to know more about the body wave hair? In this blog, we will put some knowledge about this attractive products. Hope that it can answer your curious questions about the body wave weave hair.

How do we know about body wave weave hair?

Body wave weave hair is one of the most popular weave hair types. The pattern of the body wave weave hair is a natural beachy wave. Body wave weave hair helps to create a soft and natural-looking wave. It has a big “S” shape around the entire body wave hairstyles with the natural luster, looks fluffy and fashionable. The curls of body wave hair is relaxed. The reason why the body wave weave hair is one of the most common weave hair types that can be seen wearing a lot by African American women is: it blends well with any types of hair texture and can be weared in many situations. Also, it can be colored or bleached to any color with proper care. One thing about the body wave hair: the cost of maintenace is also not very high.


Characteristics of the body wave weave hair

Because the body wave weave hair is common medium between straight and curly. Therefore, they have a combination of characteristics between straight and curly weave hair. Body wave weave is versatile, including full body, various texture, and luxurious bounce. Moreover, the various textures are sought after throughout the world, including wavy, curly, and straight although brazilian hair is not “bone straight”, is always has light curves and or waves  throughout them. The hair also holds and maintains curls well while being soft and smooth with minimum frizz. This hair is thick, allowing women with thinner hair to achieve fuller looks, by adding texture, waves, and volume to your hair.


The S shape

You can mostly describe what you can see. Thus, since we have the different wave hair types, its best to specifically know which type we are using here. Body wave hair assumes the S shape and it has the defined turns. This is why the hair is different from the other types.


It appears thick

Even though the density of the hair may be the same as the straight texture, body wave hair is often voluminous. If you are after the enhanced volume without too much definition, you may consider this style. Although the hair is mostly single drawn, they will have the body being voluminous and good looking.


It’s stylish

Depending on the hair type you like this is one of the types you could use to achieve all the different styles. Whether you want to make a bun a ponytail or just let the hair flow, you have the hair taking care of your needs.


It blends well

Although it’s wavy and would blend better with wavy hair, it does bend well with any other hair type. Whether you have straight or curly hair, something in the middle will be an easy change for you.


It straightens up over time

Well, remember the waves are loose. This waves will straighten up when you wash it. But that’s an expected occurrence because the hair has waves that are very loose.


It’s easy to maintain

Of all other styles, this is the easiest one to maintain. If you wear straight hair, you will have trouble getting rid of the knots and making sure it flows. Curly hair, on the other hand, tangles a lot. Not only do you have to remove the tangles, but you also have to use some tools to maintain the curls.

Body wave is partly straight and partly curly. This is why it easier to maintain than the other styles.


Why should you choose the body wave weave hair?

We mostly enjoy women with natural body wave hair. Now, since most women don’t have natural hair that grows that long, we may use the hair extensions. The wavy hair is the go-to style for most women for the following reasons.


The hair is versatile

It’s every woman’s dream to be ever-evolving. To catch up with the everchanging hairstyles, you must be versatile too and this can be challenging. If you are going to have the edgy cuts and colors you will need to be fun-loving and ready to try out any style. If you aren’t careful though some of the styles you choose may not work for certain occasions. The good thing about this wavy style is that it will work for every occasion you can dream of.


It doesn’t shed

You will have the thick and strong strands and such types of strands don’t break easily. This means that it’s one of the hair types that you will buy, wear and discard them with the volume still intact. Either way, remember to take care of the hair by brushing it to place. Always use the right combs to maintain the gentleness when you comb the hair.


It looks natural

Some other textures may look unnatural especially if they aren’t close in texture to your natural textures. For example, if say you have bone straight hair, then you use the kinky curly one, people will tell that you aren’t using your natural hair and vice versa. Body wave hair is in the middle of all the hair textures and this is why you can use it and pass for a natural look. With the texture, you will receive all the fantastic outcomes.


It’s a beautiful style

I have never seen wavy hair not being beautiful regardless of whether its natural or hair extension. If you will keep the hair neat then it must maintain its beautiful waves.  The good thing is that the waves are resistant to damage.


It features the use of soft and sleek hair

Take a look at the different types of body wave styles, you will notice something in common. They have these soft and sleek hairstyles. For this reason, you can wear hair types for different occasions. From celebrities to the girl next door you will always find some girl wearing the hairstyle at some point.


You can quickly straighten it

Unlike when you are using the wavy hair, curly hair can take you so much time to straighten. Such wavy hair will allow you to easily straighten it. Depending on the hair type, you can use a flat iron to straighten the hair. Nevertheless, if you want it to be wavy again, you can let it air dry as opposed to using blowdry.


How to take care of your wavy hair?

Properly caring for your wavy hair determines how long it is going to serve you. The process outlined below is a simplified version and should help you have clean, refreshed hair at the end. For optimum results, it is recommended that the process is completed before going to bed. This allows your hair to air-dry overnight, allowing you to style it as you please the next morning.


1.     Regularly wash it using a sulfate-free, moisturizing shampoo and deep conditioner. This helps in preventing product build-up, which leaves the hair looking dull. Before starting the washing process, comb out any knots that may be present using a wide-tooth comb.

2.     Apply a natural oil such as olive or coconut oil to both your natural hair and scalp. All portions of hair left out should be covered in this oi.

3.     Damped your extension using water in a spray bottle. Once all the hair is damp and wet, comb through it once again.

4.     Generously apply your deep conditioning treatment to both your leave out and your hair extension. Clip your hair in place and put on a shower cap.

5.     Let the shower cap sit for at least one hour before thoroughly rinsing off the products using warm water and a sulfate-free shampoo.

6.     Gently towel dries your hair and applies a natural oil or straightening balm. Ensure the product is uniformly distributed in your hair.

7.     Set your blow drier on the low and start the blow drying process. Ensure the tracks are completely dry and the hair fully detangled.

8.     Gently brush through the hair to ensure there are no tangles at all. Apply your leave-in conditioner and lightly go over your hair again.

9.     Add your desired natural oil and style as desired.




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