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Chocolate Human Hair In Nigeria - Prices, Quality & More!

Chocolate Human Hair In Nigeria - Prices, Quality & More!

Fashion Blog Wed Sep 16 2020

The use of hair extensions has recently gained a lot of popularity in today’s world. A lot of women want to experiment with textures, colors and lengths of their hair and this is where hair weaves come into action. They offer a variety of benefits apart from adding a unique touch to your personality.

The African wig market is growing by leaps and bounds and has become a multi-billion dollar business. Women in Nigeria are specifically interested in trying imported human hair. They are available in a wide variety of lengths and colors to suit the interests. In this post, we talk about the Chocolate human hair in Nigeria and discuss its price, quality and other aspects. 

Chocolate Human Hair in Nigeria – What You Should Know?

While both human and synthetic hair extensions are popular in Nigeria, weaves made of real human hair are more in demand by the Nigerian women. Chocolate human hair is a Remy hair which has an amazing quality just like raw human hair. 

The feature of this hair is that all the hair from the top to the bottom go in one direction. This means the cuticles are kept intact, giving a flawless, natural look. This quality is the reason for such a demand. 

Chocolate hair is also available in 100% human weaves which are processed and can have tangling and matting to some extent. This type of human hair is available in grades that decide the quality. However, the grading system differs with the brand producing the weaves. This is why it is important to buy only from trusted suppliers. This hair is less expensive as compared to Remy hair. 

Sometimes, the human hair is mixed with some synthetic fibres to create a blend hair which is cheaper. They look like human hair but can tangle after some time. The price and durability of this type of human hair can depend on the percentage of human hair used and the material mixed with it. The price also varies depending on the length you get. This type of hair can cost anywhere between 5000 to 30,000 Naira.

Chocolate Human Hair Price In Nigeria

Chocolate human hair is available in Nigeria in different types and sizes. You can get these options at different locations throughout the country and find various deals and discounts. The price can range from N4000 to up to N15000. The chocolate human hair 20 inches weave starts at N12,000. You can choose from other types and sizes and the prices can vary. 

The high-quality human hair weave is priced affordably and is made to last long, up to two years.  It is available in a great variety and comes at a pocket-friendly price in Nigeria. You can choose from 10 inch to up to 20 inches of length for the weave to suit your style. The price of the human hair varies according to the length. 

You can easily get a good quality weave of chocolate human hair in the average price range from any retailer or store. However, you can expect to spend more if you are looking for extraordinarily good quality of this human hair. 

Chocolate Human Hair Benefits

Hair extensions, no doubt, help add length and volume to natural hair. Human hair weaves are more expensive as compared to synthetic hair but they are more preferable. What makes chocolate human hair so popular in Nigeria is that it blends naturally with your own hair and makes it hard to differentiate. 

Natural human hair weaves in tape-in style provide you styling versatility that let you get your dream look with extensions. This type of hair facilitates a variety of hairstyles, cuts and colors without any problem. Natural hair can take color without any issue as they are human hair. Tape-in human hair extensions have thinner bases so it is easy to use them. there is less bulking at the scalp so it is easy to style them. 

Human hair extensions can last longer than synthetic weaves. They last up to 2-3 years. Though human hair is more expensive, they provide better value in the long run. They are durable and can last longer if cared properly. So, human hair weaves are perfect for those who love to have extensions almost always. This is because their quality, ease and convenience make them perfect. 

Chocolate human hair is one of the popular options for natural hair weaves among Nigerian women and for a good reason. It comes in a variety and size options to help you blend perfectly with your style and your own hair. It is also quite affordable and easily available in Nigeria.

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