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Comprehensive Guide On How To Reduce The Volume Of Your Wigs To Make It Look More Natural?

Comprehensive Guide On How To Reduce The Volume Of Your Wigs To Make It Look More Natural?

Fashion Blog Sat Nov 07 2020

Wigs are the quick and easy solutions to hours of a long wait at your favorite salon for a hair-do appointment. As they come in innumerable shapes and sizes, and colors, they are considered extremely versatile as well as fun. When people try to add a wig to their natural hairline, it may look a little odd and fake if both the hairlines do not match. People often wonder how to thin out a wig to make it merge with the natural hair and look like it’s your own. At times you can approach the salon to help you, or you can do it by yourself. Let’s see how.

What Are The Ways Of Thinning The Wig?

The procedure is quite simple and easy, and there are two ways of doing it.

By a Professional

Suppose you have professional help and can go to a salon to fix the wig correctly according to your requirements. It’s also best if someone can help as you will not be able to figure out the back hair yourself. You have to spend some money, but it’s worth it.

By Yourself

When you decide to do it yourself, this can be a little tricky and challenging if you do not have prior experience. It can save you some money. You may want to read ahead to find out how to thin out a wig by yourself at home.

Items Requirement For Thinning The Wig At Home By Yourself? 

You will need a pair of thinning scissors, also known as thinning shears or tweezers. They may look like regular scissors, but they have one notched blade. In this case, regular scissors will not have that precision and can destroy the delicate wig. The tweezers have fine teeth, which can bring out a natural look in the wig. Besides this, you will need hairbrush and hair clips.

  • - Thinning Shears/Tweezers
  • - Hairbrush
  • - Hair clips
  • - Regular Scissors

The Step By Step Instruction To Do The Procedure At Home

1.    Determine The Location

The first thing you have to do is place the wig on your head and take a rough measurement. You may have to use mirrors from all the sides to see where and how much thinning is required. It’s best if you have someone with you to help you at this stage. You will have to take a rough estimate and move to the next step.

2.    Separate And Create A Partition

It is impossible to work on the entire wig at a time. You will have to mark a specific area, create a partition with the hairclips and start to work on a specific area. Like you have seen in salons, take the sharp tip of your comb and move it from front to back to create an exact partition. Secure both sides with the hairpins.

3.    Prep The Hair

Once you get a section of the hair firm between the fingers, try to squeeze in the thinning scissors in that section. You will have to hold the thinning scissors very close to the root to get the maximum strand out. You will have to continue to hold the part of the hair and squeeze the scissors down.

4.    Removal

Now is the fun part, you will have to comb through the portion of the hair that you have been holding in your hand to remove the extra hair strands. The comb will old hold a small quantity of hair that has been removed by thinning shears.5. Repeat

5.    Repeat

Depending on how to think or think you wish to get the wig, start repeating the procedure 2-3 times. Every time you remove the stands, comb the wig thoroughly to understand the volume.


We often come across a few very frequently asked questions about thinning out a wig.

1.    What is the need to thin out a wig?

In the case of hair, we have heard the more, the merrier. But for a few faces, the thick volume gives away a fake and unnatural look. They are often difficult to style and manage. So a moderate quantity seems perfect for many women.

2.    Will I be able to do it myself?

This can be subjective as most people do not prefer to do this at home by themselves. Once you pull out some extra strands or go heavy on the scissors, the wig, which must have cost you a lot, will be wrecked. And there is no way you can fix that. So our suggestion will be to take the wig to the professionals and get it done the 1st time. 

3.    Can this be carried out in all kinds of wigs?

There are two types of wigs available- the synthetic one, which is cheap, and the one is natural, which is slightly costlier. There are several styles of wigs that are available too- lace front wigs, 360 wigs, full lace wigs, etc. This procedure can be done over every kind of wig available in the market.

Expert Advice

Let’s keep in mind some of the expert tips on how to thin out a wig-

When you start thinning out the hair, you may want to start from the top and move toward the bottom and not otherwise. 

Always part your hair in equal strands so that you have a fair idea and equally remove the same quantity of strands. 

It’s imperative that you put the wig back on your head from time to time to see how the thinning is turning out to be. 

When you get a blunt looking layer, you can twist it up and cut at an angle of 45 degrees. 

Do not cut the hair very close to the root so that you do not end up with stubby hair sticking straight up. 


You must remember once you have taken out the strands, there is no way you can add them back in, so you will have to take extra care while doing the procedure at home without any help. I hope this has answered many questions about how to thin out a wig, and we look forward to your feedback.

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