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Different Ways To Curl Your Straight Hair

Different Ways To Curl Your Straight Hair

Fashion Blog Tue Apr 20 2021

“The hair is the richest ornament of the women” - Martin Luther. Aren’t we all admire straight hair with a glossy shine and supple texture? Isn’t this a treat for women? Yes, it is! But according to our research women with straight hair want to enjoy the curls and waves as well. That's human nature. We get attracted to the things we don’t have. Every person has a right to enjoy all the perks of his life. So women with straight hair have a right to enjoy all the styles and textures of hair.

Curling your straight hair is not an easy task. The list of questions that come to their mind is how to curl their straight hair? How much effort will it take? How much time will I have to spend on them? Will they last longer? And many women get sad when they don’t get the curls of their dreams. That bouncy, fluffy, and voluminous curls. Don’t be sad babe! We are here to tell you how to curl your stubborn sleek straight hair with less effort and time. 

Add funky curls to your straight hair:

Make your effort worth it by following these steps of curling your hair. 

Say no to Shower:

Haha no! Don’t get offended! We are not saying to stop taking showers. Just skip the shower a day before getting curls to your hair. Because hair specialists say that silky hair is hard to style but dirty hair gets styled and shaped easily. Don’t wash your hair one day before curling. Leave your hair unwashed for two days and then try a perfect curler according to your hair texture.

Buy an amazing new hair curler:

Start saving money to get an amazing hair curler. Always buy a hair product according to the texture and nature of your hair. If you have a healthy volume of hair then try to get some thick rod curler with a high temperature setting so that you can get perfect curls. Some people have a very hard hair texture that takes a very high temperature to style. So If your hair has a hard texture, raise the temperature of your curler to get long-lasting curls. 

Spend some money on Moroccan clay:

Curls are very naughty. They don’t last longer If you don’t have a proper solution for it. Moroccan clay is perfect to add volume to your hair. Apply a moroccan clay before curling your hair to get bouncy and healthy curls with a long stay. Many women with silky straight hair complain about the naughty nature of their curls. They say that their curls become sleek and lose all the volume after sometime. So moroccan oil is the best solution for that kind of hair. 

Show some attitude to your conditioner:

It’s a time to show some attitude to your products by not using them at all. The main function of a conditioner is to condition our hair and make it silky, smooth. So if you want perfect curls with long-lasting nature, you should have to stop conditioning your hair three to four days before curling your hair. Because conditioner and curler have not a very good relationship, and it will affect your curls very badly. So here is some advice! Curl your hair with no conditioner. 

Give your duckbill clips a joy to handle your hair:

Aren’t the duckbill clips the cutest? They hold your hair with all the love without causing any damage to your hair style. Make four to five portions of your hair and then start curling each portion by taking a few hair strands. Try not to curl a bulk of hair at once because it will result in bad curls. Tie the curled hair portion with a duckbill clip because It does not destroy the curl shape and hold it properly.

Spray and slay:

Spray your hair after getting done with your curls. Tilt your head forward and add spray all over your curls. But keep in mind that don’t rush your hair with a lot of spray because It will result in sleek curls with no bounce and volume. Use a light-weight spray instead of a heavy spray, heavy sprays destroy the curls shape and your curls don’t last-longer.

Manage the temperature:

If you have thick textured hair, you need to raise the temperature of your curler high. Because hard textured hair needs high temperature for getting proper shape and style. If you have thin and soft hair, keep your curler temperature low because high temperature will damage your hair texture. 

Do a finger comb:

After curling your hair, don’t use a brush or a comb in your hair because It may lose your curls and make your hair frizzy. Do a finger comb to avoid loose curls and frizzy hair. Finger comb adds some volume to your hair and gives them a proper look.

How to curl your straight hair without heat:

Overnight braids:

This is an amazing way to curl your hair without using heat. Take a bath and make as many braids of your wet hair as you can. Sleep well with braided hair. And open the braids in the morning. When you see your amazing curls, you will be in Awe!

Hair Rollers:

Hair rollers are the old-fashioned way of curling your hair. When there was no hairdryer or no curlers, hair rollers were the hero of hair styling tools. Then hair curlers took their place. But still, some women like this because it prevents heat damage. Tie your hair with hair rollers when your hair is 20% wet and 80% dry. Sleep with hair rollers and untie your hair in the morning to see the magical results. 

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Change is a good thing and we really appreciate it. Changing hairstyles and looks give a new glow to your personality and joy to your nature. Straight hair women are trying curls and curly hair women are trying straight hair. Black hair women are getting brown hair dye and blonde girls are getting black hair dye. No matter what change you bring to your personality, you always look beautiful. Today we taught you how to curl your straight hair so that you can enjoy all the perks of life.

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