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Do You Know: Winter Hair Extension Care Tips!

Do You Know: Winter Hair Extension Care Tips!

Fashion Blog Mon Jul 20 2020

Winter is a season that we don’t see too much the sunshine, don’t go out too often. But that doesn’t mean that we are careless to both our real hair and hair extensions that we wear regardless of their type. Because in winter, our hair extensions tend to be rougher and drier, courser, therefore, having a detailed routine care tips for your hair extensions are necessary! Given the fact that you have invested in your hair extensions by opting for the high-quality hair extensions, it is natural that you would want to keep them in their best condition. It is time for treat your hair extensions effectively now.

These tips below will guarantee the health of your hair during winter, don’t miss out to follow them right now.


Limite your time of washing and brushing your hair extensions in one week


We all know that almost of people don’t like to comb their hair or wash their hair too often in winter, however, there are still some people have a habit that they can comb and wash their hair everyday or so many time in a week. This is not good for our hair and for our hair extensions too. Do not wash your hair more than 2-3 times a week and if possible keep it to once weekly. Be careful with the conditioner, especially with tape-in extensions. Avoid applying it in the roots as it may affect the tapes and cause a damage to your extensions.

When it comes to combing, note that it is good to comb your hair every day in the winter is very important. Make sure to use special extensions-friendly comb, especially near the bonds or tapes. The special extension comb have teeth which are not so tightly packed and are therefore ideal for the extensions. It is also advisable to hold the bonds or tapes while brushing. You can use a normal brush to detangle the ends.


Never go outside when your hair extensions are wet


Make sure that your hair extensions are dry before you go outside when the temperatures are quite low. If you expose your wet hair extensions to the coldness in winter, in can cause breakage and some different harms. Indeed, your hair could actually freeze and break off if climat is dure and frozen, so remember to usually do a blow dry to your hair and let it dry naturally before heading out the door.


It may seem obvious that it’s a good idea to wear a hat when you’re outside during the winter, but it’s also a good way to protect your hair, too. Choose a thick, warm beanie-style hat that will keep your head warm and your locks protected.


You can wear almost any type of hat you want, but the more insulating it is, the better. Try something made of soft cotton that won’t snag your hair, but that will also protect it from the harsh elements of winter’s cold. Wearing a hat is also a great idea on windy days since exposure to wind can cause frizziness and make your hair dry out faster.


Care for your hair extensions with hair care treatments


Your hair extensions will definitely need more moisture during the winter, so make sure you use a good, high-quality hair treatment. Hair extensions with various of almost gorgerous beautiful colors, different shapes and sizes with healthy texture will surely bring you a comfortable and happy emotion during the winter. Anything with oil is a good option since it will help replenish any lost moisture throughout the winter season.

Look for hair extensions treatment masks and conditioners that will give your hair extensions a jolt of much-needed moisture. Follow the directions carefully and make sure you let the treatment sit on the ends of your hair extensions for at least a few minutes before you rinse it out. Use a good moisturizing treatment at least once per week for the best results.


Comb your hair extensions in the proper way


Use a proper comb tool that is good for your hair extensions such as a loop comb. Here is how to do it in the proper way:

- Hold your hair roots to add support to the hair extensions and start combing below the bonds.

- Start from the ends and work your way up. 

- Brush your hair and hair extensions going in a downward direction following the natural direction of the hair. 


You need to comb your hair extensions the way you would do your natural hair – every day and with proper care. Combing helps distribute essential oils from the scalp down the hair and hair extension can benefit from the extra moisturizing in the drier air of the cold days. 


Always keep your hair moisturized 


To avoid extensive dryness which affects hair extension negatively, you need to keep your hair properly hydrated. It is necessary to condition deeply your hair extensions in winter to keep them in good condition.


In addition to your shampoo and conditioner routine, you need to add a few more procedures. Use a leave-in conditioner during the day for better hydration and less frizz. Once a week apply deep conditioning hair mask or hot oil treatment. This will nourish your hair and hair extensions and make them look fabulous. 


Please note: Whenever you apply a conditioner, hair mask or oil, make sure to stay them away from your hair extension bonds in order to avoid slippage or damage to the bond of your hair extensions. 


If you put a glass of water on your radiator, fireplace or heater, it will add moisture to the room. It is especially good at night while you sleep and is yet another way to provide more moisture for your hair. If you add scented oils to the water, you can also enjoy some aromatherapy at home. 


Purchase high-quality items for your hair extensions


Avoid hair shampoos and conditioners with sulfates or any active ingredient that will trigger your hair extensions to dry. Talk to your hair extensions specialists on the best products for your hair extensions.


Winter season is the ideal excuse for a spot of indulging, and what much better way to help take the ease off our long suffering locks than with a hair treatment? Hair masks fast yet highly potent, effective ways to provide your hair with tons of health advantages in less than 20 minutes. Think of hair masks like high powered hair conditioners, giving your hair advantages like softening and hydrating, increasing growth, including shine, and even fighting off scalp infections.


A simple, budget friendly over night treatment is coconut oil, which you can apply to your scalp and hair from root to tip. Be sure to use the oil to dry hair extensions, as the oil passes through the dry hair more quickly than damp hair. Put down a towel on your pillow prior to calling it a night to avoid a mess, then clean your hair extensions in the early morning. You should see immediate outcomes.


And you should also visit the Hair Salon one time a week. The specialist at the hair extensions beauty salon will play a crucial function in guaranteeing that your hair extensions are healthy. You will get advice on the very best items for your extension. A check-up will help evaluate and understand how finest to look after the extensions.


Switch your shampoo and conditioner


Consider switching your shampoo and conditioner for those better suited to meet hair extensions's winter needs. The cold dry winter air has a habit of draining the natural moisture from your hair extensions and from your extensions. If you don’t take the right steps to address it, it can result in your hair looking a bit peaked. It can also lead to your extensions degrading much faster than they would otherwise.

So, what can you do? Your lightweight summer haircare products should be switched out for those that offer your hair a hydration boost. Products that are chemical-laden are not necessarily the best choice. They have the potential to strip extensions of their natural colour. Instead, opt for moisture-rich shampoos and conditioners that have been designed to meet the needs of extensions and natural hair both.

Consider also using leave-in conditioners or products that contain Argan oil. They can help keep the frizz at bay. They can also help keep hair extensions moisturised when you’re out and about.


Avoid heating tools but dry hair and hair extensions properly 


Treating your hair with heating devices is not recommended at any moment but is especially worse in winter. Avoid any flat irons and use the blow dryer as rare as possible. It is better to use a diffuser to dry your hair and hair-styling tools with ceramic plates, in case you need to. Thus, you protect your hair and extensions from frizz.


On the other hand, it is extremely important to properly dry your hair before going out in the cold. Any water left in the hairs of both your hair and the extensions can freeze and cause damage. It is better to let your hair dry naturally at home but if you in a hurry better user a blow drier. 


Good care means longevity and healthy for your hair extensions. Following the guidances, you will be surprising by the results that you have on your hair extensions. We hope your hair and hair extensions will always look fresh and near perfect.


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