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Essential & Must Known Things About Hair Coloring

Essential & Must Known Things About Hair Coloring

Fashion Blog Sat Dec 19 2020

If you are planning to do a hair makeover or thinking of giving a new look to your face, hair coloring is the best option. Coloring your hair instantly adds a cool and vibrant look to your style and brightens your face. When thinking of coloring your hair, the first thought which strikes your mind will be, what color should I dye my hair? When you consult a stylist, you will understand that choosing the color is never an arduous task. But you should have specific knowledge about hair coloring before you dye your hair.

Types Of Hair Colors Based On Their Durability 

- Reversible hair colors: These are temporary or wash out hair colors. These types of hair colors can be simply spared into your hair. For example, when you are going to a party, and you need an instant makeover, you can try this type of hair color. It will stay till you wash your hair and disappear after the wash.

- Semi-Permanent Hair Colors: If you are looking to give a short time makeover for your hair, semi-permanent hair colors are the best. These hair colors last about six weeks or about eight washes. And the color will fade over the weeks, and hair washes.

- Permanent Hair Colors: These are the ones that last about 28-30 washes. Such hair color usually contains ammonia, which is not suitable for your hair. So before doing permanent hair color, enquire about the ingredients present in the hair color to the stylist.

Essential Things You Should Know Before Coloring Your Hair

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind before dyeing your hair is that only a professional and experienced stylist can give you proper guidance regarding hair coloring. You should do a lot of research before going into a salon to dye your hair. You can browse the latest trends, references, and narrow down your options. You can save the reference pictures from being easy to discuss and explain your needs with the stylist.

You should be completely conscious of what you want to see in your hair and what not to see. Make sure that you get an allergy test done before your color. Be ready to switch to safe color products after your color. The brighter color tones tend to fade away more quickly compared to other colors. Clear all your doubts about hair coloring with the help of your stylist and be confident before coloring. 

What Color Should I Dye My Hair?

Choosing a hair color is more like choosing the color of your dress. Just like particular dresses won’t suit you, specific hair colors also may not suit you. Keep in mind, what suits other’s skin tones may not suit yours. 

The answer to the question: What color should I dye my hair? Simply, you have to choose a color that looks good for your skin tone. You should be aware of your skin tone and your skin's undertone for selecting the right color. If you are not sure of your skin tone and undertone, there is no need to worry. A stylist can easily guide you in this process.

You can show the stylist the reference pictures you had saved beforehand; from that, he will choose the right colors that match your skin tone. The colors matching your skin tone can only give you a vibrant look. If you select a color that is not suited for your skin tone, it may make your face look dull.

Do’s And Don’ts After Hair Coloring

Your hair requires special care after coloring. It is a fact that hair colors will fade over time, but proper maintenance can slow down the fading process. After the coloring, the whole process of maintenance is in your hands.

You can discuss your lifestyle and mode of hair wash with your stylist so that he will let you know about what all should be avoided for maintaining your hair color. The advice from an expert stylist will help you in this process.

After coloring, you can try a color lock treatment, which is also to be done in a salon. Further, this will increase the lasting power of the hair color. You should start using color protectant shampoos and conditioners and avoid washing your hair frequently. 

Do not use boiling water for washing your hair, as extreme hot water will open up the cuticles, and the color will fade faster. Using lukewarm water for hair wash is okay. If you use heating equipment to style your hair, remember to use a heat protectant spray before styling. You should trim your hair once in three months.

What If The Hair Color Goes Wrong?

There is always a chance that you might not get the hair color that you wanted on your first try. Or there is a chance that you won’t feel confident after coloring is done. There is no need to get tense or disappointed. If there is a problem, there will be a solution. 

You can consult your stylist to help you out with this problem. The stylist will do a process called hair color correction with the help of toners and dyes. This process will help to tone out unwanted brassiness, lighten the bright color which you had dyed, and also can darken the light shade. The process differs for different hair colors.

Being aware of this process will provide much easiness to many. Especially to those afraid and meditating on the questions like what color should I dye my hair? What if my hair color goes wrong?


This article mainly focused on the fundamental ideas and the aspects noted before going for hair dyeing. Does it provide an answer to the frequently ruminating queries like how long will my hair color last? What color should I dye my hair? How to maintain the dyed hair?

Hair coloring is not at all a challenging task. If you have proper knowledge regarding this process, you can get into this process with a relaxed mind and welcome the change with a joyful mind.

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