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Everything You Need to Know About Your Lace Closure

Fashion Blog Mon May 25 2020

Lace closure is preferred by a lot of African American women. It is a new hair trend among fashion women today. Some women who care about the human hair may have known much about lace closure, some of you may wonder what it is actually! So I am going to answer all of your questions about the lace closure in this article.


What is a Lace Closure?


A lace closure is an unique hairpiece in which each hair strand are hand-tied onto a piece of lace. The lace includes beige or dark brown. Lace closure is thinner than silk closure, which make it can lay flatter and last longer.


The hair closure can be placed at the center or side of your head’s front. It can be glued or sewn-in. There are various types of lace closures according to parts, sizes, colors and volume. Normally, there are free part closure, middle part and three part closure. There are also the transparent color and the colorful colors.


A lace closure usually has a size of 4’’x4’’ piece, around temple to temple size. It is like a square of 4 inches long and 4 inches wide. Except for 4’’x4’’ inches size lace closure, there are also other sizes for you to choose: 2’’x6’’, 5’’x 5’’ and 6’’x6’’ lace closure.


Benefits of Using a Closure


There are several benefits of using the lace closure. 1st benefit, it doesn’t bring stress to your natural hair. It will leave your natural hair alone. For example, traditional hair attaching methods involve the use of hot irons to fuse the tips of hair to the extensions, or to weave them into your current hair. These methods can put much strain on your natural hair and may result in hair loss.


2rd benefit, it looks natural. Using non-closure hair extensions, you may have to deal with some problems: your natural hair might be seen poking through the extensions. Thereby, rulling out hairstyles that can require you to part your hair. Lace closure look s like your natural scalp when you wearing a lace closure.


Maintaining and Adjusting Your Closure



If you have a lace closure with a versatile part, it can be a great challenge for you to get the hair stay in place. To conquer this, you can make your hair wet and readjust the part and then dry it with a blow dryer. Making hair wet will make it easier to adjust.

You can also part the hair, hairspray it and use a flat iron to hold the hair down into place. Although merely combing the hair into the part you want may seem like the easier option these techniques make it easier to adjust.

When it comes to versatile closures, there are also three-part closures that already come with various parts. The hair is pre-trained, so the parts are already parted within the closure. This makes it a bit easier to adjust, but you can also still create the same effect with a regular versatile closure by using the previously mentioned methods.



While frontals can be very versatile in the way they are worn, they require a lot of maintenance. Closures require less maintenance can be ideal for athletes and those who are into sports. You can wash and condition your closure yet we recommend allowing it to air dry.

When taking care of your closure, you want to make sure that you are not rough with it. Stay away from excessive brushing and pulling the hair to avoid balding. This will help ensure that your closure can be re-used in the future for other styles.



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