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Everything You Want To Know About Hair Extensions

Everything You Want To Know About Hair Extensions

Fashion Blog Fri Nov 20 2020

The hair extension industry is growing at the peak, with the new hairstyles evolving every day. Ladies are more into tape-ins, clip-ins, or even fashion and pre-bonded extensions these days. Moreover, the wholesale human hair bundles trade is also progressing. The most crucial benefit of using the hair extension is to change the style of your look and personality anytime you want. You can opt for hair extensions for several hairstyles. Again, you can create different wig hairstyles with loose and natural human hair bundles. You may see the hair salon usually spend a lot on the fresh and best grade human hair bulks for their customer styling.

Classification OF Hair Extensions

The differentiation amongst the hair extensions depends on how it is prepared. Therefore, we will discuss it in this section;

Formation Of Hair Extension

When you see human hair extensions, they are already like real hair. It is mainly collected from a donor. The outer section of the cuticles of this hair remains real. Moreover, these hair strands run in one direction. Therefore, you will see no tangling or even frizzy and split ends in the entire hair extension.

Now, there is another method where the wholesale human hair bundles dealer focuses on is synthetic hair. Plastic fiber is blended with natural hair to create a synthetic hair extension. They are an imitation of human hair.

Quality Of Hair Extensions

If you look at the hair texture in the wholesale human hair bundles market, the extensions come in various styles and colors. However, when it comes to quality, the synthetic fiber extensions are a bit stiff compared to the natural ones. It is because while mixing with the real hair, the fiber may result in granules. The granules may cause stiffness in the synthetic hair extensions. You will not face this issue in case of real hair extension, as they are natural.


You may get the synthetic or the real hair extension in many colors and designs. However, the color is moiré natural in the real human hair extension than the other. While touching the real ones, you will feel smooth. The synthetic hair, as compared to the real human hair extension, will feel coarse or wiry.

How Will You Style Or Color Your Hair Extension?

The best advantage of using the human hair extension is that you can treat them like your own hair. By saying this, we mean you can curl or straighten and style according to your own choice. You can even blow dry or use global hair colors and streaks to maintain the style. 

Again, in the case of synthetic extension, you have to be a bit cautious. Real heat can cause damage. Therefore avoiding the straighteners and curlers for synthetic hair is also advised. You should also take care of the synthetic hair extension while going out in sun rays. Exposure to UV light for more time can cause melting of the hair strands.

Durability Of Hair Extension

Mostly salon experts suggest that natural human hair extension is smooth. Moreover, they can last till one to two years. The synthetic fiber hair has chemical content as well. Again, sun-exposed or heat may damage the hair strands. Therefore, they are cheap but last till six months on average. 

Types Of Hair Extensions With Hair Types

Yes, you can create beautiful hairstyles with hair extensions. Here, we are giving you a few tips on that;

Clip-In Method

With the silicon base, the clip-in extensions are built. Hence, it is the simplest form to give your hair a bouncy look. All you have to do is to clip the hair extension in between the hair partition. The benefit of using this extension is fast removal.

Again, you can use it in your own house without going to any salon. You can also use your natural shampoo and conditioner for maintaining this type of extension.

Tape-In Extensions

For this kind of extension, you may have to visit the parlor or take the help of someone. You have to put glue on the roots of your hair and align the hair extension. In this context, you should remember that while pulling out the hair extension, you have to remove the glue with a glue remover.

Weave Extension

The sew-in extensions are also known as weaving hair extensions. They are useful if you have thick hair. The sewing extension may take up to 1 hour. Generally, you will have to use the needle and sew the extension like a braid style. It is always recommended to use this extension with salon experts. You can also get wigs formed in sewing in style for your hair.

Always use thick protein-based shampoos for this kind of weaving extensions. Moreover, you should take care of your scalp well. Mostly the weaving braids result in a heavy head feeling after using it for some time. Hence, you should be careful while using it.

Pre-Bonding Or Fusion Style

Fusion hair extensions are semi-permanent strands. However, it stays for about five months, and their growth depends on your natural hair health. The process to adhere to this type of extension is to use glue and stick it. With the help of a glue gun, the hair salon experts align it with your natural hair. If you have dull and damaged hair, then it is not a good idea to opt for this style.


If you are dealing with baldness or hair loss, a wig is a superb way to style your hair. These days many people usually style with a wig too. They are simple coverings, including lace fronts. Your entire head can be covered safely with a wig.

You can style it in a ponytail or maybe a simple bun according to your choice. Maintaining a wig depends on the content of it. If the wig is made of real hair, then you can use your regular hair products.

With lace closures, the human hair bundles look fabulous. You can get a variety of options for these human hair bundles online and in the market. If you run your salon, then purchasing from the wholesale human hair bundles market is beneficial. If you are lucky, you might get some good deal discounts too. 

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