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Faux Locs 101: The Road to Getting Locs

Faux Locs 101: The Road to Getting Locs

Fashion Blog Mon Aug 22 2022

Dreadlock is a famous hairstyle for black men and women. However, it is a big commitment as it will be hard to detangle. If you want a dreadlock but are not ready for the significant change, try Faux Locs or fake Locs instead.

What is Faux Locs?

Faux Locs are just as fun as dreadlocks but last shorter than dreads. You can wear dreads for more than a year but only up to 6 months for these Locs. Furthermore, it does not damage your hair like the other hairstyles. Many people try this for many reasons.

Just like braids, this hairstyle is low-maintenance and can be a great protective hairstyle. Many women love the looks of dreads, and so, with Faux Locs, they can have a look without making a permanent decision. It is easy to do and faster than the other braids. 

You can also experiment with your Locs. You can make it thicker or thinner, in a different color, longer than your natural hair, and wear it in different hairstyles. Anything you make with it will look fashionable. A lot of celebrities rock this hair in films or red carpet. 

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What should you know about Faux Locs?

Before you decide to put your hair into Faux Locs, there are things that you must put in mind. Since they act as dreadlocks, many people think it is okay to do what they do with dreads. One of these is retwisting the newly grown hair. Doing this with fake Locs will cause damage.

When deciding the thickness of your Locs, you must consider the weight you can carry. The smaller the strands, the heavier your hair will be. Smaller dreads may look pretty, but they can also lead to damage. If you want it light, choose thicker dreads. 

These Locs do not need frequent washing since it is their job to protect your scalp and hair from damage and heat. However, you might feel icky after a long while without washing it. Apple cider vinegar and sulfate-free shampoo will help remove the buildup of oils in your scalp.

On the other hand, if you feel like your hair is dry, you can keep it moisturized with oils or leave-in conditioners. They are popular products to use with any protective hairstyle. Applying them to your scalp will keep your hair wet, allow the hair growth to be healthy, and fight frizz.

Another way to keep the frizz away is sleeping on silk. Bring out your fancy silk pillowcases, which will help you avoid flyaways. If you do not have one at home, you may instead wrap a silk or satin scarf around your hair before you sleep. It will lessen the friction in your hair and keep its moisture.

What is the quickest way to do Faux Locs?

Now that you have decided that you want to try Faux Locs, there are different ways you can make them. This first method is the quickest way. Although it is fast, it takes approximately 6 hours to do the overall hair.

  1. 1. Put your hair into a box braid. 
  2. 2. Start at the bottom braid. Weave a wavy hair extension and a Cuban twist hair through the roots. 
  3. 3. As you wrap the Cuban hair extension, ensure it is tight and overlaps the first wrap. It will prevent gaps between the Locs and make them snug.
  4. 4. As you reach the end, you may use a lighter to seal the ends together or use shoe glue.

The result will look like the dreads naturally grow out of your scalp. To make the ends look natural, do not choose a wavy hair extension that is much longer than the Cuban.

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How to do Faux Locs alone?

Doing even box braids is complex and requires help. If you are by yourself and still want to achieve the dreads, this method will make your life easier. The braids are not even, but it is perfect for a street and swag look.

Gather pieces of your hair and braid. Since this is not a box braid, all you need to ensure is that the braids have an equal amount of strands. 

Once you have all your braids, start braiding a Kanekalon hair extension with your natural hair.

After you braid the first hair extension, gather some Cuban hair extension and start wrapping it around your braids. Make sure that the hair overlaps each other.

To seal the ends, have boiling water ready and dip the stops for a few seconds.

Apply leave-in conditioner to keep the moisture.

It is pretty easy, especially for something to do alone. However, it will take half a day to finish your hair, depending on how thin you want your dreads. The thicker you braid, the lesser the time it will take. Either way, this method will give you an edgy look that you can rock with a hip-hop outfit. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Faux Locs safe for your hair?

The tension may cause damage to your hair, so having False Locs instead of dreadlocks is safer as you can detangle it after a few weeks. The skinnier your Locs are, the less tugging there'll be. After putting your hair into this hairstyle, let your scalp rest for a while.

2. How long can Faux Locs last?

Faux Locs can last from 4 weeks to 6 weeks. You can take it off earlier but not past the maximum time. Enjoy your hair to the fullest, as it will take about nine hours to complete the look, depending on how long and skinny you want your locks.

3. Is there a required hair extension for this hairstyle?

There are many options that you may use. A Marley Synthetic hair is one of the popular hair extensions in this Locs. However, some reported that their hair is stiff. If you want a more malleable Locs, try Cuban hair extension.


Faux Locs is a fun replacement for braids, but you must not do it frequently. Take notes of the dos and don'ts to ensure your hair is healthy beneath the lovely Locs. If you are unsure how to do your hair, professionals will always be happy to serve you.

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