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Flaunting The Lace Front Wig Like Its Natural- Information Guide

Flaunting The Lace Front Wig Like Its Natural- Information Guide

Fashion Blog Wed Nov 11 2020

Wondering how to wear a lace front wig like a pro and feel more like a celebrity? Since wigs took over the beauty industry, there have been ways floating on the internet on how to wear and not wear a wig. Beauty gurus at times swear by the usage of wigs in place of natural hair to style, as the repeated use of chemicals and heat can easily damage the natural texture of the hair.

However, wigs can be used for thinning hairlines to add volume and texture to the hair. Believe us when we say this, there is a wide range of wigs available- frontals, full-lace, and synthetic wigs are broad classifications. Since wigs are incredibly versatile, you can use them whenever and however you are feeling that day. It gives you a temporary solution to your hairstyle without doing permanent damage.

As mentioned, in this article, we will concentrate on how to wear lace front wig. 

What Is Lace Front Wig? 

They can be of different types – lace cap, lace 360, full lace, and the most popular lace front wigs. The difference between front lace wigs and regular wigs is the lace cap, which is breathable and well ventilated. They have a lace attached to the crown, and a proper attachment should be how to make lace front wig look so natural and blend into the skin so easily. They come in an affordable price range depending on quality, length, and hair type.

How To Wear The Lace Front Wig?

With wigs, there is the right way and a wrong way to wear wigs. If you do it wrong, not only does it look bad, it also damages the scalp and overall hair quality. The glues can be quite infectious if not done correctly. It is always advisable to get the first lace front wig fixed by professionals in a salon, as it can go wrong in every way. Let us find out how to wear lace front wigs without any harm to the natural hair.

Secure The Natural Hair

You must adequately secure the natural hair and make way for the wig. If you have long hair, you can braid it and wrap around your scalp, and if you have short hair, you can just use some hairpins to wrap the hair to create an even flat surface. You need to make sure that every strand is adequately secured before adding the adhesive or glue. Generally, this is the first and the most crucial step because if the base is not correct, the wig will mess up. The wig sits best on an even-layered flat surface. 

Use The Correct Glue

For any kind of wig, using the right type of glue is very important. How to wear lace front wigs is by choosing the specially formulated glue to keeps the lace fronts secured. This glue is not the regular art, and craft glue or the glue used to pull out eyelashes. For every new make-up product, you must do a patch test before applying it on. 

You need to sure that you do not have an allergic reaction to the glue. If you have the chance of the wig to get in touch with water, you will need a water-proof glue. And you have plans of wearing it for days or weeks; you will need a double-sided tape to secure the wig properly.

Take Good Care

Those who wish to wear it just once or twice a week can skip doing a shampoo or conditioner until you remove it. But for those who wish to wear for more extended periods, they need to take care of their natural hair to prevent it from drying and being brittle. Once you have cleaned the hair and scalp, you must dry the long locks and scalp thoroughly to prevent bacterial growth. Try to have a good hair care regime to keep your wigs in good condition.

Do Not Wear It For Long

Experts often advise not to wear the wigs for too long. There are a few types of glue that are meant to be for short term usage. So it depends on the adhesive on how long you can keep wearing the long front wig. So, this means that you should use glue to be used for a short while to wear your wig for longer. 

The maximum you can keep your wig on is for 6-weeks, but you can remove it earlier. After 6-weeks, you must remove it and give full attention to your natural hair through deep nourishment, cleansing, moisturizing, and hair treatment.

Remove Gently

You must not remove the wig in haste. There are dermatologically tested adhesive removers available, which should be used to remove the front lace wig. Use a generous amount of it to loosen to glue and gently remove the wig. When you feel the need or any resistance, keep applying the remover and wait for some time for the glue to loosen up. You must have the patience to prevent any damage to your hair and scalp.

Advantage Of Lace Front Wig

  • - They are breathable and allow air to flow into the scalp. Further, this avoids rashes and infections.
  • - Lace front wigs are trendy amongst people with a bald hairline.
  • - How to make a lace front wig look natural is by giving it a simple messy bun look.
  • - They last long with proper maintenance and care, over up to 1 year.
  • - When you use a lace front wig, you can use all kinds of styling like heat, color without worrying about damaging your real hair. 

It is relatively easy to wear and remove the front lace wig. All you have to do is make the right choices in terms of adhesive, and the longer you wish to keep wearing them. They are versatile and give away a natural look and feel. People often like experimenting with the hairstyles and colors in this wig without harming the natural hair. If you have sew-ins attached to the scalp, that’s how to make a lace front wig look natural. We hope you have got everything you wanted to know.

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