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Frequent Questions About Dying Curly Hair Extensions

Frequent Questions About Dying Curly Hair Extensions

Fashion Blog Sat Jul 11 2020

Is it true that the curly hair extensions are needing more of our care than the straight hair extensions? Especially when we dye our curly hair extensions, there might come with many things go along with it. Keep it in mind first so that you will not be too surprised if you start to dye your curly hair extensions. We consulted to talk deeper about this subjects of curly hair extensions. Hope that it will help you a lot.

Dying your hair can kill your curl pattern: is that right?

This is really up to how strong your hair extensions are, if the hair texture of your hair extensions is strong, then the possibility of loosing curl pattern is quite low, on the opposite, if the hair texture of your hair extensions is weak, then you should not dye your hair extensions in this situation. This can kill your curl pattern, you should take a little bit more special care to your hair extensions. There are some people after dyeing their curly hair extensions, their curl is still fine, and there are aome people where the curls are losen a little bit. We always try to recommend our customers to don’t take it too serious when dyeing your hair extesnions if you want that, just remember to do it when the hair extensions are high quality.


Can people determine the strength of their curl?

That can be determined when you buy your hair extensions, the seller will tell you about the quality of the hair. If a person has a fine curly hair, it might become limper after dye, but not too much! It also depends on the products that you us, because if you’re not using the right products, you might not get as much curl as before.


Should people with curly hair stay away from anything specific? Like bleach, for example?

It just depends on their texture and the type of their hair. Curly hair should not be scared of bleach or what we use as a lightener, but it all depends on how the colorist is coloring their hair. They could completely damage it if they’re not using the high quality product or if they’re not doing it correctly.


Are there any red flags to look out for? 

I don’t think there’s anything that you should stay away from. I think you should go to someone who has comfortable coloring curly hair. And if you feel strong and have done your research on who you’re seeing, so that you can make sure they can give you the result that you want, then I don’t think you should be afraid. The colorist that’s coloring your hair should be able to determine what will look good and best for you, and you guys should have a consultation about what the best look is for you.


Should I dye my curly hair extensions at home?

Some customers may be tempted to keep adding more color to their hair to try to correct the hue at home by theirse hâves, but they'll risk making the problem and rendering their hair unmanageable. Adding more and more color on top of the problem will only confound things and make it more difficult to return to the hair’s original color. The last thing we want is for a customer to attempt fixing their hair on their own. So our suggestion will always be to go to hair salon and let the professional hair dressers do that for you!


How many time should I wash my curly hair extensions?

It’s important to keep hair clean and maintained for healthy growth, but you don’t want to overdo with your curly hair extensions. Washing curly hair too often will actually dry it out and strip it of the natural oils that it needs and especilly, will loose your curl that you always want to have. Instead of washing every day, you can do that every three or four days during a week to take a good care of your hair extensions. Depending on the general oiliness of your hair, you should invest in a good dry shampoo products to replace some of their usual showers. Those with oily hair, or those who tend to work up more of a sweat, should invest in a good dry shampoo to replace some of their usual showers.


Why should we maintain moisturize care schedule after dying?

While it’s always important to keep hair moisturized and in tip-top shape, color-treated hair needs that consideration tenfold. Be sure to recommend sulfate-free moisturizing shampoos and conditioners specifically formulated for distressed and damaged hair, and, if possible, throw in a once-a-week moisture mask. Try to avoid applying heat tools to their hair, as well as over-washing as this can strip the hair of essential oils and actually cause the color to fade more quickly.


What’s the biggest difference between dyeing curly and straight hair?

Say you wanted to color your hair dark and all one color; the thing with curly hair is it might look lighter on top and darker on the bottom because you have all of this curl down there, where it can start to look kind of like a black hole. You have no movement because you’re not seeing that curl, so that’s something different. Whereas with straight hair, you kind of get to see it a little bit more. When it comes to curly hair and wanting to go darker, I tend to put little pieces of something a few shades lighter just to give that hair down toward the end a little more reflection, so it doesn’t feel kind of like a black hole or like you can’t see your curl because it looks so dark.


After dyeing hair, what should you be doing for maintenance?

We always recommend using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner and then always using a product that benefits your curl completely. If you’re not using things that’s going to help your colors, then it could easily fade, but it also depends on your texture. If your hair is a little drier, then maybe we would just recommend a shampoo to give it something more moisturizing for your curl. But please remember to use a professional-grade product.


Hopefully this article will provide you with useful information on curly hair extensions and notes about dying curly hair extensions. Good luck in conquering the unique hair type of hair extensions!

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