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Hair Extensions: Buying, And Maintaining Hair Wholesale

Hair Extensions: Buying, And Maintaining Hair Wholesale

Fashion Blog Mon Dec 28 2020

The hair extension market is booming nowadays. The ease of use and variable styling options make the extensions more attractive. Investing in the business at this point is a promising option for you. But how to buy hair wholesale? Where would you get cheap wholesale hair? What are the measures to be taken to provide adequate care to the hair? Well, I'm here to answer all these questions. If you are looking forward to purchasing your loved ones, or establish a business of hair extensions, read the full article below and get clarity about what you are stepping into.

How To Buy Hair Wholesale?

There are many steps involved in this affair. To avoid future toils, you will need to keep certain aspects in mind and enquire thoroughly. Here are some essential points you will need to pay attention to: 

1 - Understanding the target market

Before buying hair wholesale, pay a close check on the potential buyers you have. To make these customers buy hair extensions from you instead of a salon, you will have to know their needs and expectations. What colors and quality they prefer? Which extensions are in trend? Whether to buy natural hair extensions or synthetic ones? These are some of the questions you'll need to ponder over.

2 - Finding a trustworthy supplier

For the supply of the right quality extensions, you will have to search for a reputed supplier. I know it's quite understandable, but the list of such suppliers is long, and it's a strenuous task to find the one who provides decent and cheap wholesale hair. Generally, this is the most vital step in buying wholesale hair.

3 - Whether human hair or synthetic hair extensions?

Both these kinds of extensions have their advantages and disadvantages. Synthetic hair is cheaper than high-end natural extensions, but they look fake and might not last very long. The latter is much more smooth and natural-looking but needs lots of efforts in terms of caring. 

4 - Read feedbacks

It will be very beneficial if you read the customer’s feedback on the vendor's service before placing the order. It is a practical way of finding whether the supplier is reliable or not, based on the experiences of his previous customers. Don't show your confidence too early, and question everything before you finalize.

5 - Find a good Discount

You have numerous options for sellers to choose from. The main reason behind buying hair wholesale is the attractive discounts. With critical bargaining skills, you can land a good deal. But that's not it! With low prices comes the suspicion of quality. Pick a vendor who has a reliable name in the market and who provides ideal discount rates for wholesale hair.

6 - Shipping convenience

If you order the hair from an international supplier, the purchase becomes a little bit complicated as there are many kinds of inquiries you ought to make. The supplier, too, will need to make arrangements before confirming your order and initiating shipping. Having clear cut conversations with the placement of detailed information about the product will help. Try to find a supplier who is a little bit flexible with the shipping options. Payment after you receive the receipt of the shipment or on delivery would be great.

7 - Warranty

Finally, look up to the terms of the warranty. Usually, sellers give a limited warranty and specify the time until the product could be returned and replaced. If you don't want to be cheated and discover unethical behavior on the seller's part, dredge out the one who provides good terms. 

Maintenance Of Hair Extension

Whether you have bought the hair extension for personal use or business purpose, proper care is needed to retain its quality. Below are some tips you can make use of: 

Tip 1: First and foremost, never compromise with the quality of the hair. Many people, do buy cheap wholesale hair, turn a blind eye to the quality the supplier is providing. You are already getting a discounted deal, so don't grow greedy. 

Tip 2: Store in a safe, moisture-free space. The synthetic hair doesn't need much care but might lose its form in an unfavorable environment. Natural hair extensions, on the other hand, would require you to set your venue more cautiously. Don't let the product catch excessive moisture and a bad smell.

Tip 3: Spend a little extra on the packaging. Ask your supplier to ship the hair so that it doesn't get damaged in the shipping process. Upon arrival, add some extra layers if needed to protect the hair.

Tip 4: Separate the different kinds of hair extensions. There could be a few like clip-in, with lace, frontal weave, etc. Sorting the hair out of the entire bundle will also let you know the correct amount and help in building a further selling strategy.

Tip 5: If you have bought the wholesale hair for personal use, employ good cleaning techniques. Choose sulfate-free shampoos and suitable conditioners depending on the hair type and quality. Don't forget to apply heat protectants and other masks to seal the hydrating agents for a more natural look.

Tip 6: Read the instructions on the packaging carefully. You might be well-known to care techniques of wigs and extensions, but every product is different. Some might be safe for chemical treatments while others not. Consult a professional before treating your hair extensions with harsh chemicals and bleaching.   

Tip 7: Source out the appropriate tools. Keep the different hair styling devices handy. Even if you are running a business and planning to sell out the hair wholesale you have ordered, it would be sufficient for attracting customers. Provide a proper know-how and instruction manual with the necessary equipment needed for the styling of hair extensions. Usage of suitable hair-care products will prolong the life of the extensions and generate trust among the customers. 


Now that you know how to buy hair wholesale and maintain it, I hope your path will become a little smoother than before. With increasing demands for hair extensions among males and females today, the sky is the limit for your success. If the article has helped you out in even the tiniest bit, comment and let us know. 

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