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Here Are Some Of The Top Hair Wig Vendors In Vietnam

Here Are Some Of The Top Hair Wig Vendors In Vietnam

Fashion Blog Wed Dec 23 2020

The demand for wigs had gained an increase over the years. The main reason for this is rising in hair loss problems and baldness irrespective of gender and age. Hair wigs are also used to enhance style and fashion. If you want a change in your hairstyle and hair color without damaging the natural hair, wigs are always the best option. Hair wigs are much convenient and can be styled in limitless ways maintaining a natural look. Vietnam is one of the top countries that exports wigs and hair extensions all over the world. There are many prominent wholesale, retail, and customized wig manufacturers in Vietnam. The article focuses mainly on the top wholesale wig suppliers in Vietnam.

Human Hair Wigs And Synthetic Hair Wigs

- Human Hair Wigs: As the name suggests, human hair wigs are made out of real or natural human hair. These wigs are more expansive and have more life span as compared to synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs can be easily styled and offer a realistic look. These wigs need to be appropriately managed, and it is more fragile in texture.

- Synthetic Hair Wigs: These wigs are made from human-made fibers such as acrylic fibers or plastic fibers using technologies. It is less expensive than human hair wigs, and the natural look it offers is also less compared to the others. Synthetic hair wigs are available in various styles and colors. There are heat-friendly synthetic wigs also available in the market which withstand the heating apparatuses used for styling. 

Peculiarities Of Vietnamese Human Hair Wigs

There are many factories and wholesale wig suppliers in Vietnam who supply good quality human hair wigs. Vietnamese hair is one of the best hair types in Asia because of its healthy texture, length, and durability. 

Hair plays a vital role in Vietnam’s culture. In Vietnam, long hair had become the symbol of identity and tradition from ancient times. In the early years, despite gender, Vietnamese men and women maintained long hair and maintained it properly. Today also Vietnamese hair is famous for its unique features.

Most of the human hair wigs made in Vietnam use human virgin hair. Virgin hair refers to untouched, pure hair in which no chemical treatments and products are used. Because of this reason, those hairs possess an original silky and strong texture. And a large percentage of hair is collected from female donors between the age of 18 to 25 who follow a healthy lifestyle. 

These collected hairs are processed by skillful workers and brought to the market for a reasonable price. So, the most striking peculiarity is the wholesale wig suppliers in Vietnam provide good quality natural hair wigs under an affordable price range.

Top Wholesale Wig Suppliers In Vietnam

Mic Hair Company

Mic hair company limited have about 10 years of experience. Mic Hair had a wide variety of products in the category of wigs and extensions. They supply natural human hair wigs made from Asian human hair. They had made prominent establishments in the international market with the help of their partners. They have partners from many countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Germany, Israel, etc.

Vietnam Remy Hair Company Limited

Vietnam Remy hair Company Limited is a wholesale wig supplier, actively rule in this field from the year 1999 onwards. They collect natural human hair for wigs from Vietnam and certain other countries. They export wigs at a reasonable price to many countries.


Laylahair is one of the leading hair vendors in Vietnam. They use natural, healthy, and real Vietnamese and Cambodian hair as their raw material. They offer different varieties of hair extensions and wigs as per the need of the customer. 


Lewigs hair vendor in Vietnam provides a solution to hair loss problems and baldness. They supply hair extensions and wigs to both men and women. Lewigs is one of the limited hair vendors in Vietnam that supplies wigs for men. They provide natural human hair wigs made from Vietnamese and Cambodian hair.


Hadahair company have about ten years of experience in this field. They use natural hairs from Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia for making wigs and hair extensions. They export their products to more than 30 countries across the world.


Beequeenhair company in Vietnam was started in the year 2013. They use soft and strong Remy hair to manufacture wigs and hair extensions. They export products to different countries and have branches in different countries. 


MCSARA hair company is a leading company in terms of wig production and exporting. They came to the field in the year 2014 and gained popularity in a limited period. The wigs and hair extensions made of real Vietnamese hair from this company are exported mainly to countries like Europe, the USA, etc.


Vietnam’s hair industry had attracted many countries. As a result, the hair industry of Vietnam experienced economic growth. Further, this gave to the rise of hair vendors in Vietnam, who supplies their products across the world. What makes Vietnam’s wigs and hair extensions stand superior and different is the use of natural Vietnamese hair and virgin hair. In contrast, many other countries are focused more on the manufacture of synthetic hair wigs.

This article included much fundamental information regarding Vietnam’s unique style of approach to the hair industry. The article also highlights the name and features of top wholesale wig suppliers in Vietnam, which will help you purchase good quality, fashionable wigs, and hair extensions. Most of the mentioned hair factories have online purchasing platforms, which are very helpful for the customers.  In the online platform, many wholesale wig dealers of Vietnam also offer a return policy. 

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