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How Black Woman Can Rock Their Sew In Looks

How Black Woman Can Rock Their Sew In Looks

Fashion Blog Wed May 05 2021

Black women always look more attractive and bossy due to their black hair and brown skin tone. But they feel sad sometimes due to fewer options for hairstyling. The reason is that black women have the thick and hard textures of hair that is not really smooth and silky. Along with this texture, the growth phase of black women's hair is also slow, which means they cannot enjoy long and silky hair. But in this world of development and technology, nothing is impossible. Experts in every field are trying their best to make their people happy as much as they can. So they developed the idea of sew in hairstyles to let women enjoy every kind of hairstyle. Let’s discuss the cute sew-in hairstyles for black people and understand what actually is sew-in weave:

What are Sew In Hairstyles?

Sew-in weaves are mostly loved by black women due to their less damage causing quality and versatility of hairstyles. Sew In weaves can be clearly understood by their names. Sew-in weaves come in different colors, textures, and styles. Sew-in weaves are the process in which your natural hair is braided into thin cornrows, then these natural hair braids are sewed in with hair extensions with the help of a thread and needle. This process of fitting sew-in hair extensions is very time taking but it causes very little damage to your hair and provides a variety of hairstyles. Black women feel very happy with sew-in hair extensions because sew-in extensions provide cute hairstyles for black women. Let’s check the variety of hairstyles in sew-in hair extensions:

Cute Sew In Hairstyles for Black Women:

Cherish the beauty of hair with different textures and colors. Sew-in hair extensions have the versatility of colors, textures, and styles. Let’s discuss all types separately based on texture: 

Straight Hair Sew-in Extensions:

The silky and sleek texture of straight hair is one of the best traits of straight hair. The reason why people like this texture the most is because straight hair makes your face look thin and slim. Black women don’t have silky and straight hair by birth. That's why the desire for straight hair in black women is higher than white women. Let’s check how many cute sew-in hairstyles for black women are offered by straight hair weaves:

  • - Straight Bob Sew-in:

Bobs are the age rewinder and that’s the biggest gift for women. With straight bob hair, you look younger and bossy. Straight bob hair makes you look elegant. bobs are trendy these days with heavy side bangs or curtain bangs to enhance the look of bob hair. Bob slays the look in both ways whether it's with bangs or without bangs.

  • - Straight long layers:

Layers are the best trick to make your hair look fuller and bouncy. Whenever you get tired of your thin hair volume, just get a heavy layered haircut to enjoy the thickness. Layers look amazing on black women. Layers look so hot with curtain bangs. It gives a perfect boundary shape to your face.

  • - Straight hair shoulder cut:

Shoulder cuts and bob are just slightly different but both are amazing in their way. A Shoulder haircut is for those women who are shy of getting a bob due to its extremely short length. Many women like to get shoulder hair cut due to its natural and simple look. You can add bangs with this cut to make it look stylish.

  • - Sleek long length extensions:

Black women are suckers for long-length hair because their natural hair locks are unable to grow much longer. To fulfill this desire, many black women get sleek full-length hair extensions to flaunt hair strands in the summer winds. 

Curly Hair Sew-in Extensions:

  •   - Curly Bob:

There is no doubt that curly hair looks super cute and adds a bouncy texture to your hair. Bob with curly hair texture? Woah! What a deadly combination it is. Curly bobs are one of the most favorite hairstyles of black women as it gives them some natural yet different looks. 

  •   - Full-length curly hair:

Every girl wishes for long hair in their childhood to look like a heroine. Haha! Yeah, I remember that Cinderella feels. So to fulfill those little wishes and dreams, many girls get long curly hair sew-in extensions to live a Cinderella life.

Wavy Hair Sew-in Extensions:

Wavy hair texture looks sexy and classy. Hairstylists also call them beachy waves due to their dramatic looks and texture. Not every girl likes the sleek look of straight hair. Some want spices in their hair so they choose wavy hair sew-in extensions. Let’s check how many styles of wavy hair sew-in extensions offer:

  • - Long wavy hair:

Waves are always the fancy hairstyle that is mostly loved on formal occasions. Girls enjoy this hairstyle with the middle part or side part depending on their face shape. Beads or flowers with waves make a perfect combination.

  • - Wavy bob hair:

A sleek bob cannot beat the elegance of a messy wavy bob. Wavy bob spreads happy yet messy vibes that you can have on your normal days. Bob hair with waves is mostly followed with a middle part hairstyle. 

  • - Heavy layered wavy hair:

Heavy layers and wavy hair! What else do you want girls? This heavenly combination warms up your look with bouncy, voluptuous hair that floats in the autumn winds freely.


Let your summer be sweet and bubbly with amazing hairstyles and floral dresses. Sad ladies with sad hair, this is the time to cherish yourself! To cherish your presence in this world. So get up, have some coffee, and go to the salon for getting some amazing sew-in hair extensions. Hair extensions, especially sew-in extensions are the most comfortable ones in the scorchy summer heat. Michair is offering cute sew-in hairstyles for black women to give a smiley summer to them. So where are my black women? Have some fun with your new hairstyle and spread that fun all around you.

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