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How can we distinguish the natural wig hair with the synthetic wig hair?

Fashion Blog Fri Apr 17 2020

For experienced people, sometimes they just need to look over the wig hair, then they can be able to guess which is the natural wig hair and which is the synthetic wig hair. But to the normal people like us, it really seems not easy at all. You can try these small experiments down here, which is very useful and help you distinguish which is the natural wig hair and which is the synthetic wig hair.

1. Smell the hair, if they have a chemical smell or smell like a potato chips, cereals, then it is not 100% natural hair.


2. Touch your finger on the strands, when pulling upwards you will feel obstructed but when pulled down in the same direction of the hair, there is no obstruction. By this method you will know the hair layers are intact and lying in one direction. And this is how to distinguish real hair and high quality synthetic wigs quite accurately.


3. Pay attention to the weight. The natural wig hair is normally heavier than the ordinary synthetic wig hair that looks like they have the same amount of hair. But when touching them, you will see that the synthetic hair is always lighter than the natural hair. Use your fingers to gently scratch your hair, you will see the hair loss naturally, with this test you do not have to be afraid to buy the "fake" hair.


4. Check the temperature carefully, using a heating clip machine to squeeze a small amount of hair in the middle and then spiral around it, if the hair easily curls and creates a very nice hairstyle, and if you wait a little bit longer, you will smell the burning smell, then it is definitely the natural wig hair.


5. With the complete hair, when styling is done, we can straighten it back easily, you will see that the hair is not tangled and deformed like the original.

6. Another test, soak your hair in warm water and you can determine if this is 100% pure, natural hair. Because the water will not change the color of the hair. If you don’t see the colors in the water, and don’t see the chemical products, and the water is still clear. Then this is the natural hair wig. This test is the most effective test from the past until now.


7. You can experiment with fire, you just need to cut a small hair with the moderate length and then burn it with fire. If it is the synthetic hair, the hair will melt and shrink and have a terrible smell of plastic. If it is a natural hair, it burned very quickly. We can use our hands to rub a broken hair and the synthetic hair doesn’t do the same.


8. Use comb to brush your hair, if your hair is not tangle at all or not in that messy condition, then they are the natural wig hair.

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